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Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? Yes, but Not Everywhere

Amazon delivery

Amazon is among the largest online retailers in the world, and it offers fast shipping in many countries. In many places in the U.S.A., fast means delivering on all days of the week, including Sundays. However, some homeowners in some areas of the country do not receive Sunday deliveries, and there is a reason for that. Read on to find out why Amazon delivers packages in some places on Sundays but not in others.

About Amazon’s Sunday deliveries

Unlike conventional mail, Amazon makes package deliveries weekly. It offers Sunday deliveries to all consumers where the service is available, even if one does not have an Amazon Prime membership. You can opt to have your package sent to an Amazon Locker. In that case, there is a chance that it will be delivered there, even on Sunday.

Amazon achieves this by partnering with the US Postal Service, the United Parcel Service, and independent couriers and carriers. These delivery service providers receive packages from Amazon and make the final delivery to the customer’s doorstep. However, according to Africa Business Insider, some restrictions exist.

Therefore, Amazon does not make Sunday deliveries in all areas. USPS and UPS launched Sunday delivery some years ago, and it is still not available everywhere in the U.S.A. Thus, if you reside in some areas, such as rural areas, you cannot expect Sunday delivery to be an option.

Areas for Delivery

Amazon does not keep a list of the areas where it offers Sunday delivery. When an Amazon spokesman was requested for a comment, he said it is available in areas where their carrier network and delivery partner support Sunday delivery service. If you proceed to checkout an order and see Sunday is an option under Review shipping and items, it’s available in your area. Yet, to be sure that you are living in the right area for Sunday deliveries, contact the USPS and UPS directly at USPS Info.

If you call a representative and provide them with your address, you can know if the firms deliver ordered products on Sunday in your area. Amazon can charge additional fees for speedier deliveries. The firm’s basic Prime service includes unlimited 2-day shipping and other services like streaming music, which often guarantees delivery within 2 business days.

Therefore, the company cannot guarantee Sunday delivery. However, Amazon can deliver products on Sunday with the typical Prime guarantee for some products in certain areas.

How to use Prime on Sundays

At times, Prime provides free or same-day delivery within 2 hours. The former is provided through a service known as Prime Now, which is available every day, including Sunday. However, Amazon does not make deliveries in certain zip codes and for certain items.

In certain places, Prime Now offers delivery for groceries such as meals and Whole Foods from various restaurants nearby on Sundays. Prime members can enjoy free next-day or same-day delivery on certain items for orders higher than $35.

As a Prime member, you can pay additional fees to enjoy same-day delivery services on the same day you ordered them. If you are not in the Prime program, you can pay Amazon to deliver your orders faster, such as the next day or the same day.

How to use Amazon lockers

Most people wish to have their items delivered during the weekend because someone is likely to be at home to receive them. If an item cannot be delivered because no one is at home, you can receive your package at an Amazon Locker at a close-by business, like a drug or grocery store.

Amazon will inform you when you get the package and provide you with a combination number to access the locker. You might receive packages at an Amazon Locker for 3 or more days if the store containing the locker is open, even if it is on a Sunday. As Small Business Chron reports, Amazon’s Release Date Delivery option delivers items on the days when they are released. The site provides the service on most items that consumers highly anticipate, such as a hot new book or game.

However, the popular items can be anything, including those that a business can utilize to remain ahead of the competition. Amazon Lockers are usually located at convenience stores and several easily accessible locations. Many customers say that if you request delivery to a locker, it is more likely that you will receive your package on a Sunday.

After requesting delivery on a locker, you will get a one-time code that you will use to open the locker. You will receive a notification from Amazon once your package gets to the locker. Do not forget about it if you place an order and plan to receive it in a locker. The company will return the item within 3 calendar days, and you will receive a refund.


Amazon does its best to make deliveries on time, but it lacks control over the whole process. When Amazon gets an order with release date delivery shipping, it ships it overnight from the nearest supply center.

The carriers then take the product and deliver it. At this stage, problems might occur because of carrier errors, traffic, or weather delays. If Amazon encounters an issue and does not ship the item during its release date, you will get a refund and an email for shipping fees.

Placing an order during the holidays

People tend to place many orders during the holidays. If Amazon expects many orders, it hires its own drivers. The drivers can make deliveries on Sundays, but the specific arrangements and routes are a different story. If you plan to place your order during the holiday season, you can expect that your package will arrive on time.

Amazon also hires seasonal employees during this time to meet the high demand for timely deliveries across the world. Amazon considers customer service to be paramount, and it is its highest priority. In some parts of the nation, customers can get free same-day delivery even on Sundays.

The catch is that this limitation applies to certain branded products and household goods. If you order items on Amazon, use the app. The company will provide you with full tracking details on every order you make. If Saturday or Sunday delivery is available to you, it will be specified during the product page and checkout.

On the delivery date, the company can even inform you how many stops away your package is. The company delivers items on Sunday in most major cities.

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