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An Unforgettable Trip to Amstelveen: Amsterdam's Hidden Gem

Amsterdam is a beautiful city to visit for a vacation, but did you know that quite close is Amstelveen, a lovely town that’s rustic, filled with countryside beauty, warm hospitality, and rich Dutch heritage? The vibrant culture of this scenic place will make you want to explore it in depth. Its stunning natural beauty has been photographed extensively, and it is showcased in so many tourist books and blogs as a typical Dutch landscape.

How do I explore the many facets of Amstelveen?

Take time to explore this fascinating place, where you can get involved in the huge tapestry of Dutch culture by exploring Amstelveen. It was once a traditional Dth village known largely for ties, peat cutters, and agriculture, but is now known for being a vibrant suburb.

Get an app audio guide and follow through with it to visit key places that give insight into the essence of this beautiful town. Do a KLM booking and arrive in this country to enjoy a fine family vacation exploring its scenic vistas and scenic natural locations. Here is a guide on how to go about discovering this hidden treasure:

  • One fascinating quality of Amstelveen town is its greenery. It is so fabulously beautiful, and you can explore its natural beauty by cycling or walking. It’s the perfect place for sailing, and enthusiasts of this sport come here regularly to indulge in it. It’s also quite famous for bird watching, where you can see so many exotic varieties flying about. It’s known for its very special puppet theatre shows and also for its many sports areas, where you can see young people involving themselves in different types of
  • When you want to shop, head out to A Stadshart, a beautiful place filled with many modern brands such as Zara, S. Douglas, etc. There are lots of cafes where you can enjoy delicious coffee with some snacks. As you explore Amstelveen, you will find it to be quite a charming place, one that is devoid of the hostel and bustle and humongous crowds that are seen in Amsterdam. The colourful local markets sell some beautiful handmade items, while you can see so many quiet shops and outlets in the many shopping districts where you can spend hours exploring.
  • If you are keen on exploring natural spots, then visit the amazing Japanese garden. It’s a vibrant place, full of plants and trees that are based on Japanese methods of gardening and horticulture. As you explore, you can see some really interesting and unique plants, flowers, and trees. A scenic place that you must visit is the Amstel River, which is quite majestic and surrounded by luscious greenery. Take a boat ride on it to enjoy its beauty even further.
  • Get into the local history and heritage by visiting important museums in this place. Visit the Amstelveen Museum, where you can find out about its history and culture. Check out the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, where you can see a stunning collection of beautiful artworks. You can also check out the Schouwburg Amstelveen, where you are treated to stunning performing arts.
  • You will find Amstelveen to be a town with many De Jonge Dikkert facets that are quite interesting to explore. For example, you can find some very charming Dutch houses lining up the streets. It is an unusual mix of city life and countryside beauty. Did you know that it is a water sports hub, one that attracts water spot enthusiasts from all over the world? Take a look at indigenous Dutch plants and trees by visiting Him Sparks, or botanical gardens.

How to reach Amstelveen?

Amstelveen's convenient proximity to Amsterdam's city centre makes getting there fast and easy by both public transport and car. While scenic, travelling by bike from central Amsterdam is inadvisable as the ride will take upwards of an hour and a half.

If using public transportation, the quickest route is taking metro lines 50, 51 or 54 from Amsterdam Centraal train station towards the direction of Amstelveen Stadshart. You can plan to arrive at the Amstelveen Centrum stop in under 30 minutes. From there, the town square and shopping areas are a few minutes' walk or a quick bus transfer away.

Driving to Amstelveen takes even less time than taking the metro. Depending on traffic, expect a driving trip to take roughly 25 to 30 minutes. Central Amsterdam has numerous car rental and car share points, so arranging your own transportation is straightforward. Take highway A10 heading south, then follow A9 southeast towards Amstelveen. Exit at junction nr.4 for the city centre or continue further to reach other Amstelveen neighbourhoods. Remember to purchase a parking voucher if planning to stay longer than 2 hours.

With simple highway access and frequent, speedy public transport connections, Amstelveen proves very easy to access from central Amsterdam. So take your choice - metro, car rental, or rideshare - and make your way to explore this charming tree-lined suburb in half an hour.

Amstelveen via Public Transportation

  • Bus: You can get to Amstelveen via bus. The City Centre is home to a state-of-the-art bus station that serves as a terminal for the majority of bus routes. From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you may take the regular Connexxion 300 bus service, which runs continuously around the clock.
  • Tram: The tram is another option for getting from Amsterdam to Amstelveen. Just twenty-five minutes on tram line 5 will get you from Amsterdam's Leidseplein to Amstelveen City Centre.

Final Words

Experience the richness of Dutch cuisine by visiting any restaurant, such as Lute Else, where you can experience traditional Dutch food or the latest international dishes whipped up by today's experienced chefs. The best way to arrive here is by bus or tram from Amsterdam central station, which can also be easily reached by car. With a KLM booking, you can land comfortably in Amsterdam and take any of the available travel options to arrive in Amstelveen. Once you come here, travel by local bus to key tourist spots and explore them, taking photos or making a video of your time here.

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