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10 Things You Didn't Know about Andrew Conrad

Andrew Conrad

Since March 2013, Andrew Conrad has served the somewhat mysterious research facility known as Verily, which is an umbrella corporation answering to Alphabet Inc. Originally known as Google Life Sciences Research, Verily is considered mysterious due to the seemingly unlimited resources to financial support, as well as the various umbrella companies that belong to the conglomerate known as Google X. Andrew Conrad presides over Verily which caters to its "mother" company, Alphabet Inc. Alphabet Inc. was spun out by Google X as its own company in August 2015 with Andrew Conrad as its CEO. This ultimately resulted in the name of Google Life Sciences Research change to Verily as of December 2015.

1. Truly Californian

Raised in Malibu, California, Andrew Conrad demonstrates how Californian he truly is as he admits he loves to surf. Even at 57 years young (as of 2021), he continues to hit the beach, then the waves, and enjoy the ride.

2. UCLA Graduate

Before becoming the tycoon he is today, Andrew Conrad first attended UCLA where he earned his Ph.D. in cell biology, as well as his Bachelor's Degree in neurobiology. This is where he goes from the shining promise of a college graduate to becoming the CEO for Verily of Silicon Valley.

3. National Genetics Institute

In 1991, Andrew Conrad pairs up with Mike Aicher in the founding of the National Genetics Institute. As NGI's chief scientist, Conrad helped grow the company into one of the largest genetic laboratories in the world before it was sold to LabCorp in the year 2000 for $65 million. While with NGI, Conrad and his team are responsible for the FDA product license for an automated device for the detection of HIV-1, HIV-2, and HCV in plasma from a large number of donors. The primary focus of Conrad's research has been on the effects of chronic viral illnesses as measured by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). He had also conducted research on the role of gene expression in cancer, which had him contribute over 85 publications in scientific journals.

4. Lanai Island & Dole

Andrew Conrad used the $65 million he earned from the sale of his National Genetic Institute company to purchase a vacation home on Hawaii's Lanai Island. It would be at an auction at Lanai where Conrad would meet the chairman and owner of the Dole Food Company, David H. Murdock. The friendship between the two awarded Conrad with a spot on Dole's board of directors. This also included board membership with Castle & Cooke and NovaRx. Also as a board member, Conrad invested in the companies alongside Murdoch and his son. When Murdock started the process to turn the Dole Company private in June 2013, Conrad was appointed head of the four-person committee of independent directors to approve a deal. Murdoch offered $12 a share in cash, which the committee felt was too low. Even when he settled to pay at $13.50 per share, the shareholders sued anyway. When the 2015 judgment came about that saw the shareholders awarded $148 million, it was agreed Conrad acted with integrity and was not held liable.

5. Courtney Thorne-Smith

Albeit it brief, Andrew Conrad was once upon a time married to the actress known as Courtney Thorne-Smith. Fans of the actress would know her best from the various TV roles she's played, namely in the series of Melrose Place, Ally McBeal, According to Jim, and Two and a Half Men. Conrad admitted their June 2, 2000 wedding was a stunt he and Thorne-Smith committed on impulse but they split on good terms seven months later.

6. National Carolina Research Campus

In 2005, a life sciences research center (NCRS) receives help from Andrew Conrad as its chief scientific advisor and a $700 million investment to its founder. Conrad's influence brought an impressive collection of scientists and companies to the NCRS' Kannapolis, North Carolina location. It is where they develop products focused on agriculture, food, health, and nutrition.

7. California Health and Longevity Institute

Andrew Conrad founded the California Longevity Institute as of November 2006, which is located inside the Four Seasons Westlake Village, California. This was achieved with his partner David Murdock and the health insurance company known as Wellpoint.

8. Top 25 Most Influential People

In 2015, according to FierceBiotech, Andrew Conrad was voted among the Top 25 Most Influential People in BoPharma. This is due to more than 85 publications in medical and scientific journals, as well as his involvement with the founding, development, and expansions in the world of business and finance.

9. Fashion Model Wife

Andrew Conrad is long married to Victoria's Secret model known as Haylynn Cohen. Together, the couple has two children. As a family, they own several homes worldwide, including their Cape Cod-style oceanfront house by the exclusive guard-gated Malibu Colony and a large estate on Hawaii's Lanai Island.

10. Malibu Sundance Equestrian Ranch

Andrew Conrad made big news when he bought the famed Malibu Sundance Equestrian Ranch for $10.5 million, which is located in the highly coveted region of Paradise Cove, California. This is considerably lower than the original asking price of $18 million when it was listed two years prior. Despite its location, just a short distance from the Pacific Coast Highway, the 10.8-acre two-parcel property is considered idyllically quiet. The first parcel of the property measures 7.3 acres while the other parcel is at 3.45 acres. The first parcel features the stable barn featuring 14 showhorse-quality stalls, tack rooms, staff quarters, and a world-class grooming station. The equestrian center area also features a large riding arena, as well as a secondary barn that has ten stalls, covered hay storage, and another grooming station. The single-story ranch house is also situated on this first parcel, which measures 2,100 square feet in size and features five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and several fireplaces. Just outside the house is a large firepit, as well as a saltwater swimming pool. This is the same ranch that was used to film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as well as The Sting.

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