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How Andy Frisella Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella is the American CEO of 1st Phorm International, a successful supplements company. According to Techie Gamers, the company makes $175 million annually. Interestingly, he has founded other businesses that we will discuss later. Besides being an entrepreneur, he is a speaker, author, and podcaster. Andy did not always have the spirit of an entrepreneur. In school, he was unmotivated since he wasn’t strong academically. However, he always had his father’s support. His father taught him how to succeed in life. He encouraged Andy to be aggressive and competitive, which are necessary traits to succeed in entrepreneurship. Thanks to listening to his father, he established businesses and achieved his net worth. To understand how he achieved his net worth, let us describe his journey to entrepreneurship. Also, we will highlight his assets. Tag along, here is how Andy became wealthy.

He Started His First Supplements Store; Supplement Superstores in 1999

Andy co-founded this company with Chris Klein, as soon as he left college. Since this business was still expanding, he would rely on funds from his father. Although the company was small and young, he was making sufficient money from it. According to Online Biz Booster, the company made $200 a day for eight months. Soon, Andy did not want to rely on his father’s money to expand the company. He decided to raise more money by doing summer employment which included painting parking lot stripes. As a result, he raised $12,000 and rented a store for their goods.

He Opened a Second Store and Acquired Stores in 2006

Now that Supplement Superstores was doing well, he decided to open a second store, 1st Phorm International. Andy then came across a company that was on the brink of closing down. He decided to acquire the company, which had been operating for 4 years. After the acquisition, he now had six stores in total. The other four stores he became in charge of, include Alpine Sports Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise Distribution, and 44Seven Media. Andy decided to roll Supplement Superstores into 1st Phorm International to form a single unit. The other four were left to run independently. Today, all these companies generate a lot of money. According to All American Speakers, the six companies collectively generate more than $200 million.

He Runs a Group for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Ones Called Arete Syndicate

Entrepreneurship entails a lot. When you first start your business, it will be small. You will need to expand it, but some entrepreneurs may not know how to do that. If you want to perfect your business skills, you can be a part of Arete Syndicate. Arete Syndicate is a place to learn everything involved with running a business. Various successful millionaires will teach you. It does not cost anything to join. However, you will be charged a $50,000 fee if you join an accelerator group. When you join the group, you will get three calls a month from Andy.

He Has a Podcast Called MFCEO Project Podcast

This successful podcast educates the listener on business-related matters. Also, you will learn the inner thoughts of leaders like champions, kings, and queens. By learning their inner thoughts, you will demonstrate leadership in your business. Andy also invites guests on his show so that you learn from different entrepreneurs. You can keep up with his podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Over 1.5 million people listen to his podcast. As a result, he earns about $100,000 from it.

He Has Written Some Bestseller Books

He has written a book series aimed at children called “Ortiz and Charley’s Hardworking Tails.” This book aims to challenge children to have a good mindset about success from an early age. As you recall, his father taught him this principle from childhood. He likely wrote this book to instill the same teachings his father taught him. Besides having a proper mindset, the series challenges children to have a work ethic. Having a work ethic helps children do their assignments on time. As the child grows up, he will apply this very skill at work. Another book he has written is 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself. The book describes how you can manage your life within 75 days. This is the book to get if you wish to create your success story. It aims to change how people think by promoting mental toughness, confidence, and grittiness.

He is a Social Media Influencer

Since he has a podcast that teaches about entrepreneurship, it makes sense for him to have social media handles. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. By being part of the three major websites, he earns through making sponsored posts or based on his views.


Andy purchased the Andy Frisella House in California with his wife for $1.79 million. The house has living rooms, a modern kitchen, and an expensive yard. You may be wondering how the house got its name. It turns out that the house was named after Andy. He has a house in Missouri called 12932 Sunset Bluff Court. This is where he lives with his family. The house is spacious, particularly the kitchen. It is ideal for parties and out-of-town visitors since it has a guesthouse and many bedrooms. Lastly, it has a pool and waterfall, which enables you to relax. This house also costs about $1.79 million.


Andy purchased a Ford GT in 2017 for $527,000. His car has an off-palate color, which is a $30-60,000 option depending on the paint. The car has a full-on active suspension and a lot of torque thanks to the anti-lag feature in Sport mode. Besides this car, he owns a GT3 RS and an Aventador SV.


Andy’s success story is what happens when you have a parent’s support. It is quite common for parents to chide their children for failing academically. Such a parent usually fails to encourage you to do better. Once Andy was encouraged by his father, he began to start his first store. Still, he received some support, and this helped him build several businesses. Support from people is thus key to being a successful entrepreneur.

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