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How Jeff Hardy Achieved a Net Worth of $12 Million

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is one of the most successful individuals in American professional wrestling. Still, he has other interests, as shown by his rock band PeroxWhy?  Celebrity Net Worth estimates Hardy has a net worth of $8 million. It seems safe to say he made most of his money through his wrestling in one way or another. However, his future is uncertain because he is currently under an indefinite suspension from All Elite Wrestling after a DUI arrest, as reported by Deadline Hollywood.

What Is Jeff Hardy's Background?

Wikipedia says Hardy was born on August 31 of 1977. He acquired his interests in his childhood. For example, he became interested in motocross at the age of 12. Similarly, he enjoyed both art and U.S. history when he was in school. Unsurprisingly, Hardy was very athletic. He was both a wrestler and a football player when he was in school. Eventually, he had to choose between the two, so he went with wrestling. On top of this, Hardy even played baseball, though that ended because he hurt his arm in a motocross race.

How Did Jeff Hardy Get Started?

It is no exaggeration to say that Hardy was a real go-getter. For instance, he and his brother started the Trampoline Wrestling Federation with some friends. It wasn't a huge success, but it was successful enough to be incorporated into a North Carolina county fair. Subsequently, Hardy and the others started working for various independent companies throughout the U.S. East Coast. Eventually, they formed the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), which proved to be a more successful version of the Trampoline Wrestling Federation before it.

Hardy wrestled there until he and his brother started wrestling for what was still called the WWF in those times. Initially, he was a jobber, meaning his job was to make the other wrestler look good. Still, he and his brother caught WWF management's interest over time, thus enabling them to secure contracts in 1998. That was Hardy's path to success because he became famous as half of the Hardy Boyz.

How Did Jeff Hardy Become One of the Most Famous Names in American Professional Wrestling?

From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Hardy did well in the WWE. He participated in high-profile events. Furthermore, he won championships. That period came to a close in April of 2003. The WWE claims Hardy refused to go to rehab despite his drug use, which was bad enough that his performance in and out of the ring was deteriorating. Hardy himself claims he was burned out, meaning he needed some time apart from the WWE.

Soon enough, Hardy went to other wrestling promotions. In 2003, he appeared in both an OMEGA match and a Ring of Honor match. Then, he signed up with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where he worked from 2004 to 2006.

By August of 2006, Hardy was back with the WWE. This time around, he lasted from 2006 to 2009. Like before, Hardy did well, as shown by his championships. Unfortunately, he eventually had to leave so that he could heal his injuries from his work. One example was a neck injury. Another example consisted of a couple of herniated disks in his lower back.

Hardy didn't remain inactive for too long. In 2010, he returned to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where he remained for most of the decade. His brother joined him in 2014, thus enabling them to reform their partnership. There, they were very successful. For proof, look no further than the fact that the Hardy brothers vacated the tag team championship when they left because of a breakdown in contract negotiations.

For a time, the Hardy brothers wrestled in Ring of Honor. There, they won the tag team championship and then lost the tag team championship. In 2017, the Hardy brothers returned to the WWE where they became prominent once more. Hardy himself remained there longer than his brother. He didn't leave the WWE until 2022, whereas his brother left in 2020. Once he left, he was quick to join his brother at All Elite Wrestling.

How Is Jeff Hardy Doing Now?

As mentioned earlier, Hardy is under an indefinite suspension from All Elite Wrestling. His issues are well-known, so this wasn't a huge surprise. Indeed, this was his third arrest in a bit more than a decade. Still, All Elite Wrestling has released a statement that Hardy is open to rehab. Thanks to that, he will be able to return once he becomes sober and remains sober. Time will tell what happens in this case.

Besides wrestling, Hardy is famous for his artistic pursuits. He makes art. Furthermore, he plays in a rock band. The latter seems serious enough. After all, Hardy and his rock band have released three studio albums and four EPs, which is a fair amount of output over about a decade. Still, it seems likely that Hardy's artistic pursuits are also disrupted by his arrest for DUI, if only because rehab is a major commitment.

How Did Jeff Hardy Make His Money?

The source of Jeff Hardy's money seems straightforward. He started wrestling in the mid-1990s. It took Hardy some time to build up his profile. Even so, he was a star by the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, Hardy's career has seen multiple interruptions. Despite that, he has been consistently prominent in the ring, which presumably means he has been consistently paid well in one form or another.

It seems likely that Hardy has been investing at least some of his earnings. There are places where that wouldn't make sense. However, the United States has one of the most reliable investing environments in the entire world, not least because the U.S. economy is one of the linchpins of the world economy. As such, it would be very strange if Hardy hasn't been investing at least some of his earnings like just about everyone else in a position to do so. Other than these two things, it seems reasonable to speculate that he has made some of his money through other channels, though those are likely to be minor in comparison.

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