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How Mandy Rose Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

If you've heard of Mandy Rose, you're likely a viewer of the professional wrestling world. Mandy Rose, born Amanda Saccomanno, is a professional wrestler and television personality who has made a name for herself in the wrestling industry.

She competes in the WWE under the ring name Mandy Rose and is a former NXT Women's Champion. Mandy now has a high net worth and is estimated to have over $5 million. If you want to know more about her, keep reading!

Who is Mandy Rose?

"My real name is Amanda Rose Saccomanno, so a lot of people don't know that, but Rose is kind of special in my family as my grandma's name is Rosemary, my mom's name is Mary Rose, I'm Amanda Rose, my niece is Demi Rose." - Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is an American professional wrestler and television personality who currently stars on the WWE's Monday Night Raw. She has recently crowned Miss Money in the Bank, becoming the first woman to do so.

Her accomplishments include being one-half of the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions with Sonya Deville and participating in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble.

She is most known for her match against Asuka at WrestleMania 35, considered one of the greatest women's matches in wrestling history.

Mandy Rose's Early Career

Before joining the WWE, Mandy was a fitness model and competed in bodybuilding competitions. She began her career in wrestling by competing on Tough Enough. In this reality show, hopefuls compete to win a WWE contract. She was eliminated in the fifth episode but was offered a developmental contract anyway.

Her training was done in the WWE Performance Center in Florida, where Sara Amato and Bill DeMott trained her. In 2015, Mandy debuted alongside her tag team partner, Sonya Deville, on NXT as part of the "Absolution" faction. She participated in several feuds and matches before being called to the main roster in 2018.

How Did Mandy Rose Become Famous?

Mandy Rose became famous through her wrestling career. She is a highly-accomplished wrestler and has succeeded in the WWE, becoming a two-time Women's Tag Team Champion. She participated in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble and was crowned Miss Money in the Bank.

Her fame was further solidified when she took on Asuka at WrestleMania 35, which has gone down in wrestling history as one of the most outstanding women's matches. She has also appeared on other WWE events, such as Raw and SmackDown, and has been featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers.

What Shows Was Mandy Rose On?

Mandy Rose has appeared on several shows besides her appearances for the WWE. Rose was featured on Total Divas and MTV's The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros, in which she took on the challenge of competing against professional athletes. She also appeared on The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

She also participated in Fox Nation's "Legends & Heroes," where she spoke about her journey to the top of the wrestling world. Other guest appearances include ESPN's SportsCenter and WWE Backstage.

What is Mandy Rose's Net Worth?

Mandy Rose's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. She has earned significant money through her career in the WWE and her other endeavors, including modeling and appearing on various shows. She also has several lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as MuscleTech and WWE Shop.

In addition, she owns her own merchandise line, "Tough Love," that sells apparel and accessories. She also runs her own website, selling signed posters and autographed photos.

Mandy Rose's net worth will grow as her career advances. She makes appearances on shows, wrestles in the WWE, and adds endorsement deals. She has proven to be a formidable wrestler, and her fanbase will continue growing.

What Was Mandy Rose's Net Worth Over Time?

Mandy Rose's net worth has grown significantly over time, starting with her appearance on Tough Enough in 2015. Since then, she has made appearances on several shows, won championships in the WWE, and signed lucrative endorsement deals.

Her net worth was estimated to be $1 million in 2018 when she first arrived on the main roster. In 2020, it was estimated to be around $3 million. By 2022, it had grown to approximately $5 million.

Mandy Rose's net worth continues to grow as her career advances. She makes appearances on shows, wrestles in the WWE, and adds endorsement deals. She has proven to be a formidable wrestler, and her fanbase will continue to grow.

What is Mandy Rose's Salary?

Mandy Rose's salary is estimated to be around $500,000 a year. This figure includes her base salary from appearing on WWE programming and any bonuses or incentives she earns from winning matches and championships.

It also includes money from her endorsement deals and appearances on other shows. Her total earnings for 2020 were estimated to be around $1 million.

Mandy Rose's salary will continue to increase as her career advances. She makes appearances on shows, wrestles in the WWE, and adds endorsement deals. She has proven to be a formidable wrestler, and her fanbase will continue to grow.

What Endorsement Deals Does Mandy Rose Have?

Mandy Rose has endorsement deals with companies such as MuscleTech, WWE Shop, and She also partnered with Bumblebee Clothing for an apparel line called "Tough Love."

She has also appeared in several commercials for brands such as Wix, KFC, and Sony Playstation. Additionally, she is featured in a music video for the band Krewella's song "Alive."

Did Mandy Rose Do Any Charity Work?

"With consistency and reps and routine you're going to achieve your goals and get where you want to be." - Mandy Rose

Yes, Mandy Rose has done charity work. She supports the Special Olympics and created her own team called "Mandy Rose's Rose All Stars" to raise money for the organization.

She is also involved with Bumblebee Clothing, a charity providing clothing to needy people. Additionally, she has been involved in various WWE initiatives, such as the WrestleMania Reading Challenge and Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign.

Mandy Rose has proven to be a great role model and an advocate for charity work, showing her commitment to making a positive difference.

Mandy Rose Net Worth FAQs

What is Mandy Rose's Relationship Status?

Mandy Rose is currently in a relationship with Sabatino Piscitelli, a professional wrestler. He was a previous NXT wrestler but now competed on the independent circuit. They have been together since late 2018 and often post pictures of each other on their social media accounts. In September 2022, they got engaged.

What is Mandy Rose's Ethnicity?

Mandy Rose is of Italian descent and was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Her parents are of Italian descent, and she has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. She was raised in a Catholic household and is a practicing Catholic.

What Is Mandy Rose's Height?

Mandy Rose is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has a slim and toned physique, which she maintains with extensive training sessions.

What Is Mandy Rose's Age?

Mandy Rose is currently 32 years old. She was born on November 15, 1990, in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Mandy Rose?

Mandy Rose is a one-time Women's Money in the Bank winner, making her the first woman ever to win the match. She is also a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion.

Mandy Rose has appeared on several television shows, including E! 's Total Divas, Celebrity Family Feud, and MTV's Ridiculousness. Rose is also a part of the Fox Nation series "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures."

She has been a competitor in several fitness competitions, including the 2011 NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships and the 2012 Fitness America Weekend. She is also a certified personal trainer.

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