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How Zion Williamson Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

NBA superstars come off as the biggest superstars in today’s pop culture, garnering up impressive mass numbers for each game. The basketball game has, over the years, evolved into a lucrative business that youngsters dream off. Industry legends, such as Michael Jordan, have further propelled the sport into what it is today. Zion Williamson is described as one of the youngest yet extravagantly gifted talents to grace the basket ball court. At a tender age of 19, the teenager has mastered a skill art that only players in their prime years could achieve. His outstanding performance has and continues to secure his reputation as NBA’s youngest most successful entrepreneur. Being a popular figure, fans have questions relating to his net worth and how he managed to stack up an exemplary 8 million dollar asset base. We take a look at his background and ventures that have pushed him past the million mark.

Zion Williamson’s Background

He was on Born the 6th July 2000 in Salisbury, North Carolina to an athletic family. His mother Sharonda Sampson and step father Lee Anderson, a former basket ball player (representing Clemson Univeristy), began training him at an early age. At 9, Zion woke up daily at 5 am to sharpen his court skills which soon refined him as a point guard - granting the youngster capacity to take on opponents 4 years older than his age. According to The Famous people, Zion joined the Johnakin basket ball team in middle school losing only 3 matches in 2 years. He tried a hand in soccer, football and track before finally settling for basket ball.

High School and College Profile

His early school life was perhaps the most vital baby steps to his millions today. Zion led his school to several state championship games, all the while perfecting his highlighted dunk slams by freshman year. Having averaged 36.4 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game by senior year, the adolescent won title as “Most Valuable Player” thus landing him a life changing scholarship from Duke University. His college phase was short lived but a remarkable one. Zion led his team into several wins racking up even more accolades in the sport. In 2019 he won the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for two more times and set up a rookie record in the Duke Blue Devils history. Zion’s skill set him up as a top NBA prospect for the 2019-20 seasons.

Professional Career

His hard work paid off after signing a 2 year guaranteed contract with the National Basket ball Association. The 6 foot 7, 285 pound athlete made a hyped entrance in to the league under the New Orleans Pelicans playing power forward position. He was rated as the second heaviest NBA player after Boban Marjanovic, and was able to reach a vertical leap of up to 40 inches, just as good as his icon Jordan. Zion’s effortless balance of talent, speed and size explains why NBA had to match up with a fat check. According to the Fox Business, the agreement secured him roughly a 20 million dollar salary base, with the value likely to multiply to nearly 45 million dollars into his third and fourth season. His pay sizes up a good deal to that of long time professional players.

Sneaker Deal Contracts

While Zion makes a descent coin from his skill set the real earning potential lies in off court exploits. His dominance in the court has paved the way for auxiliary endorsements, the top most being shoe offers. With top brands bidding for his image, the growing star was projected to easily surpass a lucrative 100 million dollar sneaker deal. According to The NBA website, he signed with the Jordan brand, a product under the Nike umbrella, a 5 year 75 million dollar contract that posed him as the second richest shoe player after Lebron James. The latter made 87 million dollars with Nike in 2003 but was significantly past his youthful years, unlike Zion. Reports say that the rookie would have made much more had he gone with competitor brands. However, he opted to go with Jordan’s footwear proving his undying loyalty to the brand. In honor, Nike is currently working on a signature shoe for the player which may further boost his already strong asset.

Extensive list of Endorsements

Through the help of NBA, Zion has fruitfully signed a multi-year partnerships with various corporations further establishing his brand. Some of the organizations he ambassador’s for include Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Mercedes- Benz, Panini America, 2K, Beats by Dyre, Fanatics amongst others. Although the exact income figures are vaguely known, it is evident that the investors are taking serious interest in the player’s presence with generous sponsorships. According to a press released sourced from The SB Nation, Panini America’s CEO says “He’s a transcendent talent and a must-have presence in all of our NBA and collegiate basketball products for this season and beyond.” This shows that the star’s association should last a long time.

Various appearances

The seasoned player equally has ample TV time, infomercial appearances and numerous social media fans working to his advantage. Zion appears in several shows where he is an attraction to many that follow him. These appearances have worked to secure his position as one of the top 4 off court earners. Judging from his early success, Zion could soon be launching his very own charity Foundation similar to that of legends Lebron James and Kevin Durant. This move potentially will pool in heavy weight funds and establish his all star level career.

Final Word;

Zion is one athlete to watch out for. His ambidextrous talent (ability to use both his hands with ease) thrusts him far ahead of his peers. Economists forecast that, in the long course of his career, he should hit the 1 billion dollar mark, a figure that only 3 players have accumulated in all NBA history. Anchored by determination and strong will, Zion’s work towards a legacy seems very close a feasible project. He continues to inspire youngsters globally proving that hard work coupled with passion, will get you anywhere. You can catch him on Fox channel for more of his jaw dropping moves and generational talent.

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