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How Anthony Joshua Achieved a Net Worth of $80 Million

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is a professional boxer who has an estimated net worth of $80 million. This is a massive fortune, and some fans are wondering if he made all of his money in the sport of boxing or if he has made other investments or side ventures. We looked into his career and business activities to learn the answer to this question. Here is what we learned about Anthony Joshua.

His early years

Joshua was born in October of 1980 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. He spent the early years of his childhood at a Nigerian boarding school, but he returned home to England at the age of 12 when his parents divorced. He participated in track and football and excelled at these sports. He is a British citizen Who began his boxing career as an amateur in 2011. He earned the title of amateur Boxer of the year. Joshua represented his home country in the sport of Boxing at the 2012 Olympics. He won the silver medal at the 2011 World Championships and he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

His career

Anthony started boxing in 2007 at the age of 18. The was a senior ABA champion in 2010. He was offered $60,000 to become professional, but he turned it down so he could remain in amateur standing and compete in the Olympics in the Heavyweight division. After taking the gold medal it was time for his to turn professional. His debut in pro boxing happened in October of 2014 when he beat Emanuele Leo. Just two months later he was named as a member of the Order of the British Empire. He went on the following year to take a win over Denis Bakhtov earning the WBC International Heavyweight title as well as the Commonwealth Heavyweight title. He continued his streak of winning beating Gary Cornish the next year retaining both titles and earning the British Heavyweight title in 2015. He achieved an amazing record of 19-0 in 2017 and he accomplished this with 19 knockouts which is nothing short of phenomenal. The fight with Wladimir Klitschko, which he won earned him the WBA Super and IBO heavyweight titles. He was paid $17 million for the fight and $12 million for the Carlos Takam fight.

Climbing in the ranks

Soon, Joshua was guaranteed figures in the millions just for showing up to a fight. He has become one of the best-paid athletes in the world with an average of between $50-$60 million per year. His fight with Ruiz alone brought in a paycheck of $54 million. According to Forbes, Anthony Joshua is one of the richest boxers in the world. His popularity in the boxing industry has also risen to make him a big drawing card for fans of the sport. He was previously listed as the 11th richest boxer in the world in March of 2019 but has since risen in the ranks with an estimated net worth of $80 million.

Other ventures

In addition to the millions that Joshua has made in the ring, he also has substantial endorsements that bring in additional streams of revenue. Gauging net worth is a tricky business because of the high degree of fluctuation that takes place. Much depends upon the outcome of each fight. Joshua has a lot of charisma and popularity and this makes him a powerful influencer for high-profile brands. Most boxers are not actively involved with brand endorsements but Joshua currently represents a minimum of twelve known companies that are all listed on his personal website. Some of them include Jaguar, Beat, and Under Armour, among others. He has brought in an estimated $7 million in endorsements from teh brands that he represents and he actually wears Under Armour gear in his personal life so it's obvious that he's taking his job as a representative seriously. Joshua has a strong relationship with a number of popular brands and it is a situation that works out to everyone's advantage.

Multiple revenue streams

When we pose the question of how Anthony Joshua has built a fortune that amounts to a staggering $80 million, it's safe to say that the bulk of his fortune has been earned through his phenomenal career as a professional British boxer. Business Insider reports that he along with his team have ventured into other areas as well. The group has established an athlete management firm that brings in additional revenue. He has money streaming in from a variety of different sources including the management firm, a merchandising venture that has also been established, the endorsement contracts which are also lucrative, and a gym. All of these business activities take place under a company that is called the AJ Boxing and Commercial Company. Anthony also has sponsors that include StubHub, Dre, Lynx, and Jaguar Land Rover. He represents brands within a broad scope of industries and they are willing to pay him well for his endorsement.


Anthony Joshua has earned the bulk of his fortune through his boxing career. He has been astute in developing sideline ventures that ensure streams of additional revenue beyond his career as a boxer. If something should happen to cause his decline in the sport or even retirement, there would still be other business activities taking place. He is still at the peak of his career and continuing to pack in the crowds for the competitions he engages in and there is always a guarantee of payment in the millions for him. Joshua has become a very wealthy athlete because of his skill in the boxing ring, and he has been wise in making investments in other areas should things change. We anticipate his net worth to continue to skyrocket over the next few years as he continues to compete and to add new sponsors to his growing list of big-name brands.

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