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10 Things You Didn't Know About Apache CEO John J. Christmann IV

John J. Christmann IV

John J. Christmann IV is the current president, Chief Executive officer, and director of the giant Apache Corporation. Apache Corporation, an energy company, that is responsible for exploring, developing as well as producing natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil, and. John is 52 years old and until his rise to the peak of the corporation's management back in 2015, he had been with Apaches for a long time since back in 1997, serving and rising through the ranks. His career is an epitome of pure hard work and dedication. Here is a collection of facts on the Apache's president that you probably do not know.

1. His personal life

According to the Avalanche Online Journal, John Christmann was born and grew up in Lubbock, West Texas. He attended the Lubbock Christian School from the sixth grade until his graduation back in 1984. There is not much mention of his parents, but he grew up under the guidance of his grandfather, who he claims had a massive influence on his career path.

2. He has a bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines

According to Wallmine, after his high school education, Mr. Christmann qualified to attend Colorado school of mines where he pursued a bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering. He worked hard and graduated accordingly, but his education quest did not stop there.

3. He has a master of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University

After graduating from Colorado school of mines, John Christmann sort to extend his education. He went forth to pursue a master of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University. Such a combination of knowledge armed him well for success in the oil business.

4. He worked for Vastar Resources/ARCO Oil and Gas Company

Following his success in education, Mr. Christmann joined the job market. He was employed by Vastar Resources/ARCO Oil Company where he served as a business developer and in crude oil marketing. He also oversaw various production and operations as well as serving on reservoir engineering assignments out in the oil fields. He left the company in 1997 to explore greener pastures at Apache Corporation.

5. His Board Membership

John Christmann is a respectable and admired figure in society. As such boards are willing to bring him on board to benefit from his vast knowledge in business. Mr. Christmann sits on the Apache Corp board as the president of the corporation. Moreover, as revealed by Bloomberg, he sits on two other external boards. Mr. Christmann serves in the Midland Chamber of Commerce as well as the Texas Tech University Petroleum Engineering Academy board. Those that work alongside him in these boards claim that on top of offering his cash for their wellbeing, Christmann also commits his time and manpower.

6. He has been inducted in the Texas Technology University Academy of Petroleum Engineers

Despite not having graduated from the Texas Technology University, Mr. Christmann has served religiously on its board as revealed by the Lubbock journal. It has consequently earned him the respect of the university which honored him through indictment into the prestigious Texas University Academy of Petroleum Engineers. The academy consists of a group of individuals that have helped the university and have shown exceptional leadership skills in the field of petroleum.

7. His previous positions at Apache Corporation

Following his ascension to the helm of the Apache Corporation, Mr. Christmann can be described as an ambitious man determined to climb the ladder of success. Hard work has seen him progress from one level to the next until his ultimate current position. According to the Apache website, Mr. Christmann served as the company's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, North America since 2014. Moreover, between January 2010 and December 2013, he served as the Regional Vice President, Permian Region. Mr. Christmann served as the Vice President, Business Development, between 2004 and 2009 and before that was the Production Manager for the Gulf Coast Region from April to December 2003. Occupation of such high caliber position within the corporation armed John Christmann with enough experience to occupy the highest office within the corporation and run it accordingly to greater heights.

8. His leadership proficiency

John Christmann has 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Moreover, having worked at Apache corporation for over 20 years since 1997, and holding multiple and diverse positions within the organization, Mr. Christmann is a match for his job. He has to lead both operational and staff functions within the corporation giving him enough depth of the corporation. His extensive experience gives him an understanding of successful execution and operational management in the oil fields. He further perfectly knows and understands all the company's assets and unique operations. His strengths are bound to help him run the corporation accordingly and help it recover from its current troubles.

9. His Contribution to Research

John Christmann believes research is the key to solving most problems in the oil and gas industry and beyond. As such, under his leadership, Apache Corporation has made considerable donations to research programs. Mr. Christmann authorized a whopping $2million donation to the Texas University Fuller Petroleum Engineering Research. Moreover, the corporation, under his leadership donated about $ 1 million to Tech for Research Program, which helps incorporates technology in research.

10. His Earnings and Net Worth

Occupying the top spot of the pyramid in such a huge corporation, Mr. Christmann is a rich man. His hard work established him in the world of millionaires. According to Wallmine, John Christmann earns compensation of $15,201,400 as of the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Apache Corporation and is above every other employee. Furthermore, Mr. Christmann has heavily invested in the company's stock. He is alleged to have made about six trades since 2017. He has a history of exercising of up to $613,821 worth of stock over this period. Moreover, Mr. Christmann owns over 10,284 units of Apache stock worth over $ 2,128,696. Conclusively, the Apache C.E.O was worth at least a whopping $17.3 million as of 2017. His worth must have significantly increased over the years since then.

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