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The Best Places to Go Apple Picking in Southern California

Apple Orchard

Fall may be the best season of the year. The weather usually comfortable, and it's a great time of the year to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and explore. It's also apple picking season. There are many orchards in southern California. The areas of Oak Glen in Yucaipa and Julian near San Diego are known for their apple orchards, many established during the nineteenth century. Enjoy a family day out picking apples at one of these great orchards. Most offer fresh pressed cider and other fall treats. Many of the southern California apple orchards offer fun events including petting zoos and tours.

10. Calico Ranch Orchard - Julien

Calico Ranch Orchard is located at 4200 Highway 78 in Julien. The orchard was planted i the 1930's and is one of the oldest orchards in Julien. All apples are certified organic. There's a large variety of apples and some pears too. Visitors can pick their apples from the trees or take them from an easy pick stand. There is also house made warm cider made with apples from the orchard and a native yeast. Visitors are welcome to explore the family owned 30 acre farm.

9. Hudson's Snow-Line - Yucaipa

Hudson's Snow-Line is located at 39400 Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa. Located at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, the orchards were established by Isaac Ford in 1898. Today, Visitors have fun apple picking and pressing and enjoying fresh apple cider, apple cider slushies, and apple cider donuts. There's also an antique store, the original packing house, and the original cider mill to explore. Hudson's Snow-Line has a winery and cider house. Guests can enjoy snacks and drinks in the picnic area. Hudson's is open for raspberry picking in the summer.

8. Slo Creek Farms - San Luis Obispo

Slo Creek Farms is located at 6455 Monte Road in San Luis Obispo. The family run farm has 44 acres of organic apples to pick. The farm also has 3 acres of organic herbs, flowers, vegetables and pumpkins for guests to pick. There's an additional community organic farm where locals can rent space to plant. Apple picking season runs from the end of August through November. Slo Creek Farms hosts farmers markets as well. During apple picking season adult guests can purchase fresh hard cider and apple brandy.

7. Volcan Valley Apple Farm - Julien

Volcan Valley Apple Farm is located at 1284 Julian Orchard Drive near San Diego. There are 10 acres of orchard of trees with 7 types of red and green apples including Empire, Jonathan, and Red Delicious. There are also dwarf trees, the perfect height for young children to pick from. Visitors can purchase bags for $12 each and pick their favorite apples. Bags hold about 6 to 7 pounds of apples. Leashed dogs are welcome to join the family as they pick delicious apples. There are several picnic tables and visitors are welcome to bring their own lunch to enjoy among the apple trees.

6. Willowbrook Apple Farrm - Yucaipa

Willowbrook Apple Farm's orchard was planted in 1910 with Staymon Winesap apple trees. It's a great place to enjoy the fall season with apple picking and activities for the whole family. Along with picking apples and snacking on caramel apples and apple cider, kids will love the petting farm at Willowbrook. The farm has several friendly animals including Star a mini-donkey, Comet a mini-horse, Delilah, a mini-pig, and a hen, a giant Flemish bunny, farm cats, and Maple, Willowbrook's resident farm dog. Adults can enjoy events including "Wine Tasting and S'mores. Summer is also fun at Willowbrook. The farm hosts summer camps and U-Pick raspberries and blackberries. Willowbrook Apple Farm is located at 12099 Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa.

5. Parrish Pioneer Ranch -Yucaipa

Parrish Pioneer Ranch offers apple picking fro August through December, weather permitting. The large farm was purchased in 1866 by Enoch Kidder Parrish. There are 22 acres of orchards which was the first full scale orchard in the Yucaipa area. Today visitors can enjoy picking a variety of organic apples. The Farm has several shops including Granny's Attic ad Parrish House Antiques. There's a snack bar and McCurdy's Angus Restaurant which is located in an 1867 horse barn. Visitors won't want to leave the ranch without fresh apple cider and apple butter. Parrish Pioneer Ranch is located at 38561 Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa..

4. Stone Soup Farm and Heritage Orchard - Oak Glen

Stone Soup Farm is located at 1213 South Oak Glen Road. Apple picking season begins October 1. The orchard features heirloom Stayman Winesap Trees. Visitors can also pick pumpkins, press cider, take an orchard tour, and enjoy lunch at The Box Social. Stone Soup Farm and Heritage Orchards offers educational events. These include a kitchen workshop and other educational events. The farm hosts an Apple Butter Festival, a Pick n' Treat Halloween Festival, and a Christmas Market. All are fun for the whole family. Stone Soup Farm has a working family owned micro farm and seasonal gardens that guests are welcome to explore.

3. Riley's Apple Farm - Yucaipa

Riley's Apple Farm is not only an apple orchard farm but also a live history farm. The farm expands over 700 acres through San Bernardino and Riverside counties. They host several adventures for guests and field trips including Revolutionary War, Civil War, Gold Rush, and Colonial Farms Adventures. There's also an Old Joe Homestead Tour and an overnight Revolutionary War Adventure. You can also stay overnight at the farm in one of the property's historically themed guest rooms. During apple picking season in the fall, visitors can pick apples in the 55 acres of orchards open to the public. There is archery and a restaurant and bakery. Riley's hosts dinner events too. The farm is located at 12201 Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa.

2. Julian Farm and Orchard - Santa Ysabel

Julian Farm and Orchard is located at 4381 Highway 78 in Santa Ysabel near San Diego. Apple and pumpkin picking season goes from September through October and is open Wednesday through Sunday. The working agricultural farm is a great place to explore. There are private guest cabins if you'd like to stay overnight. Leashed dogs are welcome on the Farm. Fall activities include tomahawk throwing, gem sluicing, gold panning, and pit digging. Julian Farm is open through the summer for U-Pick raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. The Farm and Orchard is also open to events including weddings.

1. Los Rios Rancho - Yucaipa

Apple picking at Los Rios Rancho in Yucaipa is fun for the whole family. The orchards at Los Rios Rancho were planted over 100 years ago. Since 1978, the Riley family has run the ranch. Today it's managed by Jim Riley. Apple picking season runs from September through November. There's the option of U-Pick or buying apples in bulk. There are many varieties of apples to choose at the Yucaipa Ranch including Macintash, Gala, and Spartan. During apple picking season, guests to the ranch can enjoy a petting zoo, hayrides, packing house tours, and live music. Indulge in a steak sandwich and enjoy coffee or fresh pressed cider at Wilshire's Apple Shed. Los Rios Rancho is located at 39611 Oak Glen Road.

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