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Is the Aston Martin AM-RB-001 the Fastest Car Ever Built?


The Aston Martin road car recently unveiled to the public at the auto maker’s headquarters, Gayson, is set to debut in 2018.  Aston Martin is partnering with Red Bull Racing, to make Adrian Newey’s dream come true. Although Aston Martin is not new to making hyper cars, the AM-RB-001 is set to be the ultimate road car, edging out its recently launched Vulcan from that title. But Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer maintains that this road car will only have 100 to 150 units made when productions begins in 2018.

Brains behind the AM-RB-001 Road Car

This road beast is unique, considering that it is a partnership between British luxury brand, Aston Martin and Red Bull F1 team, which brings its vision and skills in creating a number of fast racing units for different grand prix. AM-RB-001's chief designer, Adrian Newey, is tasked with ensuring that the car has unprecedented high levels of down force in a street legal car. This is through ensuring that the car’s aerodynamics are achieved by realizing that the car’s body panels are reshaped.

Newey boasts; and rightfully so, of being among the most successful engineers working in Formula 1 in the world today. His innovative designs in Formula 1 have won him 10 World Drivers Championships and 10 World Constructors Championships since 1991 when he worked for first at Williams, then McLaren, and now with Red Bull Racing. But Formula 1 is getting boring for Newey, making him seek some creative freedom outside the sport.

He is also working with Matrek Reichman, who is Aston Martin’s design chief. Reichman is tasked with styling the AM-RB-001, promising to offer the best form and beauty on the car without compromising the car's efficient engineering solutions. Also in this formidable alliance, is David King, Aston Martin’s Chief Special Operations Officer charged with overseeing the production of the road car in the purpose-built facility at Gayson.

Aston Martin

What AM-RB-001 Will Look Like

Some of the things to pay attention to include the following:

  • Engine- The creators of this road car intend to have a high revving V-12 non-turbocharging engine mounted behind the passenger compartment. This will in turn help in producing a horsepower of around 1,000bhp in order to attain more lap times rather than the outright speeds. In addition, this car will start at an advantage, thanks to this powerful V-12 engine, making it more efficient in attaining lap time compared the McLaren P1 and La Ferrari. Its exhaust will exit upwards behind the tiny tear drop cockpit canopy.
  • Power-To-Weight Ratio- Newey confirmed that the power to weight ratio of this road car will be 1:1, making it similar to the LMP1 car. The estimated weight of AM-RB-001 is expected to be 1,000 kg, and with an engine with 1,000bph as total power output, this car is next to Bugatti’s Chiron of 1,500hp.
  • Interior Compartment- Although the driver-passenger compartment looks small, it is enough to accommodate up to two persons. The cabin has two reclined seats, where both the driver and passenger adopt a feet up driving position just like in F1 car’s. The gullwing doors make entry and exit from the cabin easy in the first place. In addition, the car’s dashboard will come with a monitor that will work with the rear facing cameras that have replaced door mirrors.
  • Advanced Aerodynamic- This element helps in trimming AM-RB-001 road car to adopt high speeds as well have a significant down force for efficient grip when cornering. Aerodynamics will also work hand in hand with electronic driver-assist technology such as traction and stability control. Advanced aerodynamics will be fully switchable, for any owner who wants to take full control without the assists.
  • Energy Recovery System (ERS) - This components is similar to that in F1, vital in harvesting kinetic energy from braking. This power will be used to help in augmenting the V12’s output, but this car will not have no reverse gear. The ERS will be used for reversing, thanks to the power it will have harvested for the said purpose.
  • Small Adjustable Two-Plane Rear Spoiler- This is an active element in the AM-RB-001, used in controlling the air off the top surfaces of the car. Palmer emphasizes that the rear airfoil helps in cutting the laminar flow, hence minimizing drag on this road beast.

Aston Martin Red Bull

Two Versions of the AM-RB-001

Track Car- This version will have wide front wings, big rear aero foil and big tires. Moreover, it will have switchable driver mode.  For example, extreme track mode with an adjustable suspension. There will be some major adjustments on its carbon fiber suspension and running gear.

Street Car- Since it will be designed from the racing car design, this version will come with driver aids. Road car will be used in unfamiliar roads hence the need to make the car more friendly with Reichman promising of having a more simpler design of this car than just having a normal Aston Martin.

Potential Competitors

Bugatti Chiron- This car is the next most epic unit in the auto industry after its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron. It has four enlarged turbochargers, giving a total output of up to 1,500hp. Each unit is expected to go for 2.4 million euros with the company promising 500 Chirons by 2017.

Koenigsegg The One: 1 – This mega car was introduced in 2014, built by the Swedish based auto maker Koenigsegg. It has an output of 1,360hp with an astonishing weight ratio of 1:1, running on E85 biofuel, gasoline and race fuel.

Debut in 2018

The AM-RB-001 will be available towards the end of 2018. Plans are underway to start the testing of the first prototype of this car in 2017. More than 500 consumers from different parts of the world have expressed interest in the car, many being F1 superstars and Aston enthusiasts. The car’s price has been set to be between 2 to 3 million sterling pounds. A deposit of 500,000 Sterling pounds is required to be settled, with previous customers of the Vulcan and One-77 limited edition cars being given the first priority in the AM-RB-001 waiting list.

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