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Does Aston Martin Make an SUV?

Aston Martin

While sports cars are great, SUVs are more practical and tend to have a larger market. Auto manufacturers popular for their high-performance GT and sports cars have been over the years producing luxury SUVs to increase their sales. Fans of Aston Martin might wonder whether the company has followed suit. In fact, many buyers ask Does Aston Martin Make an SUV? The good news is, yes. Aston Martin, maker of beautiful sports cars, has applied its renowned technical and engineering ability to produce a world-class 4x4 Aston Martin SUV – the Aston Martin DBX. Read on to learn more.

The Aston Martin DBX

The 2022 Aston Martin DBX stands out from other cars produced by the automaker, which is no surprise since Aston Martin is known for its sports cars. This high-riding model has towing capability and SUV proportions that rival some of the best names in the game. On the inside, the DBX offers both practicality and beauty with plenty of usable cargo space, an adult-friendly back seat, and a wide range of rich material and cool color options. With a starting MSRP of $176,900, this car better be worth every dollar – and it is. The DBX is a stylish 5-door SUV with a 700Nm torque 4.0-liter petrol V8 power plant from Mercedes-AMG and 542bhp. Even better, the car is equipped with all the tech features that Aston Martin die-hards love. In fact, it is just as capable as many modern sports cars in the market today!

2022 Updates

The previous version of the Aston Martin DBX only offered 22-inch wheels. In the 2022 update, the size has been increased to a 23-inch maximum wheel size. The SUV now comes with four updated interior trim environments: Inspire, Impulse, Create, and Accelerate. Additionally, the Sports Plus seats, which are part of the optional package, have additional bolstering to ensure better stability during cornering. The DBX is a five-seater vehicle that weighs over two tonnes. Despite these measurements, however, it is highly deft, offering effortless power and direction change in all terrains. The car out handles many big names in the industry, including Porsche, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

Engine, Performance, and Transmission

The Aston Martin DBX is powered by a Mercedes-AMG V8 4-liter twin turbo engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission from the same company. The engine produces 516 lb-ft of torque and 542 horsepower. Although the SUV is technically a rear-wheel drive, its center transfer transmits torque to the front axle when it detects slippage in the rear. The DBX has a 5940-pound towing capacity and comes with a limited-slip rear differential. Off-road drivers will love the height-adjustable air springs and adaptive dampers that are part of the standard Aston package. While rivals like the Lamborghini Urus are ultimately quicker than the DBX, it can clear 60mph in 3.9 seconds, which is very impressive for an SUV. Aston has fitted the DBX with a wide range of drive modes which give the chassis various demeanors, including playful, responsive, and relaxed. A Forbes reviewer was particularly impressed by the way the DBX engine sounds. He called the default GT mode “quit and refined” and the Sport mode as producing “a rumbling V8 soundtrack.” Generally, the sound hits the sweet spot – not too loud to be antisocial but loud enough to keep an Aston-loyal driver smiling.

Cargo, Interior, and Comfort

Most of the switchgear in the Aston Martin DBX is similar to those in other cars from the automaker. The cabin consists of a microseude headliner, soft-touch surfaces, and a stitched leather interior. Additionally, drivers can customize the ambient lighting, enjoy heated seats (both front and rear), and adjust the temperature through 3-zone climate control. Optional comfort features include fancy material options for the cabin, a heated steering wheel, and ventilated front seats. As mentioned, the rear seat is adult-friendly, offering a lot of head and knee room. If you fold the seats, you get 54 cubic feet of cargo space and 22 with the rear seats up.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Although the infotainment screen is sufficiently large – at 10.2 inches – it is based on an outdated Mercedes interface and is not touch input responsive. You have to use the rotary knob on the console, the buttons on the steering wheel, or get an optional integrated touchpad. That aside, the SUV has several charging and USB outlets, a 14-speaker stereo, built-in navigation, and Apple CarPlay integration.

Driver-Assistance Features and Safety

Aston Martin has included several driver-assistance and safety features in the DBX, like standard automatic high beams, a 360-degree camera system, and front and rear parking systems. However, the SUV is missing other standard technology, such as lane-keeping assist. The NHTSA website has published DBX’s crash-test results and more safety details.

Fuel Economy

In line with the methodology used by EPA, the Aston Martin DBX earns 18 mpg and 14 mpg on the highway and in the city, respectively.

Prices and Options

The DBX comes with a wide range of customization options that you can access through the company's Q customization service. You can also use Aston Martin's online configurator to view different theme packages. If you like to listen to music while driving, consider the Sports Exhaust system. The power tailgate and tow package are also great choices. In terms of appearance, the Minotaur Green paint will give your car a strong, clean look, especially when coupled with the black and bronze Ribbon Wheels. The interior should look amazing with the Sports Plus swats and the faux suede and leather materials that come with the Accelerate theme. The DBX has a starting MSRP of $176,900. While this price tag is rather hefty, the SUV delivers great family practicality and the world-class handling and power we have come to expect from Aston Martin.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Currently, the DBX's warranty is nothing to write home about. You will get limited powertrain and limited coverage but be charged extra for an extended plan. You will not get complimentary scheduled maintenance, and the limited and powertrain warranties will cover unlimited miles or three years.


The Aston Martin SUV boasts of a twin turbo V8 engine from Mercedes-AMG that produces 542 hp and pairs with all-wheel drive. It is oddly lacking in popular driver assistance features and is not as fast as other SUVs in its price range. Nonetheless, this model remains true to the Aston Martin standard of excellence. You will get all the practicality offered by a luxury SUV, coupled with top-notch power and transmission. No rival comes close.

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