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10 Things You Didn't Know About Baltimore Orioles Owner Peter Angelos

Peter Angelos is the owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He acquired the team in early August of 1993, after sale of the team was forced in a bankruptcy action levied against the former owner. The cost of the team was high for the era. Angelos and his partners in the transaction shelled out $173 million, which was $50 million over what any other team had cost at that time n history. The portion he kicked into the kitty earned him 60% interest, making him the boss. It's common knowledge that he calls the shots, but there is much more a10 bout the man that people are not aware of. Here are ten things we bet you didn't know about Peter Angelos.

1. Peter Angelos was scathed by the sports press

From the time that Angelos became controlling owner of the Orioles, he's gained a lot of attention for his handling of the team, but there hasn't been much that is positive. Sports Illustrated used harsh words to describe his handling of the team, citing his behavior as petty, alleging he's cowardly and largely unaccountable, concluding that he was "baseball's worst owner." Even the Baltimore Sun got involved, citing that his "pride in his own judgement" was behind his actions that were undermining the decision makers that he had set in place for the Orioles.

2. He doesn't argue or defend his positions publicly

A sports journalist pointed out that Peter Angelos would not respond to journalists' requests to hear his side of the story. He wouldn't ever argue or defend his positions publicly. In 20 years of asking for interviews, Angelos remained stoic and wouldn't give journalists the time of day.

3. He was a trial lawyer who genuinely cared about clients

Many people don't know that Peter Angelos had a very hard job. He was a trial lawyer who dealt with many cases that were heartbreaking. He represented innocent people who were harmed by asbestos exposure and other situations. People close to Angelos confirmed that he raked in a lot of cash through his practice, but he cared very deeply about "the little man" and did everything within his power to help them.

4. He's a hard worker still, even as he is approaching age 90

Peter Angelos could be found working hard when he was in his early 80s and would show up early and stay up late to be at the Orioles' spring training facility. He was doing work on Oriole Park to make it look better for the season. When asked if he was ready to call it a day, he simply just kept working an onlooker reported. This is how Peter managed his professional life as a lawyer, putting in long hours and leaving no stone un-turned in a case.

5. Peter Angelos is not a trusting man

The only person that Peter trusts is himself. This revelation comes from a co-worker who spent ten years working with him on a professional level. In the business that he was in, everything that went on in the law firm, went through him first and he didn't trust anyone. He had seen a lot in his career that other people didn't. He knew things other's were not privy to, and this affected his level of trust in people.

6. Peter Angelos had to grow up to be tough

Angelos was ten years old when he moved to Baltimore. His father was a Greek immigrant who owned a tavern in East Baltimore. Peter worked at the tavern as he was growing up and he learned how hard life could be. This wasn't a gentle environment and being in this environment exposed Peter to the seamy side of life early on. In order to protect himself, he learned how to box at the Baltimore Athletic Association.

7. He ran for local government positions

Peter Angelos is definitely a mover and a shaker. He ran for the position of mayor as well as for city council president prior to that. He was friends with the D'Alesandro family who occupied mayoral positions in Boston. When Thomas pointed out that they were friends and asked why Pete was running against him, his response was typical of Peter Angelos' straightforwardness when he replied, "Tommy, I just think I'd do a better job"

8. Peter Angelos is blunt, but there's a very good reason for his no nonsense attitude

Angelos calls them like he sees them. His lack of trust in other people is a learned survival mechanism and Peter Angelos has this down to his own private science. He grew up in an era that was very hard and only the strong would emerge on top. He remembers how things were as he was growing up. He gained yet more insight through his years as an attorney. Peter will never change because it's how he'l lived his entire life.

9. What does Peter Angelos care about?

Despite the fact that he's got a gruff demeanor and can be heard uttering obscenities on regular occasions, He made his mark by working as legal representation for real people who were in need of help. The law firm that he began in 1961 started a business that would help to define him as a person. The years spent as a lawyer gave the world a good picture of what Angelos really cares about. I'ts the people, not thee corporations.

10. He was a peasant who worked his way upwards

Peter Angelos firmly understands that if you want to enjoy success, you're going to have to work at it and be dedicated to your mission. He struggled to get through law school, but managed to accomplish this feat. He put himself through school and used the education to begin his own business and after he got rich, he even bought a baseball team. His office was set up in a blue collar sector of Baltimore. He knows very well what it is to go without, he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead he worked hard to get where he is today.

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