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10 Things You Didn't Know about The Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT

There’s a new watchmaker in town, and for once they’re not Swiss. Amsterdam based Batavi Watches is a tiny (for now, at least) microband hoping to make big waves with its very particular watchmaking style. Keen to show the world the value of old-time traditions, it’s kicking things off this year with its first piece to hit the open market, The Batavi Kosmopoliet GM. With a vintage style reminiscent of the iconic pieces of the 60s and 70s, the watch is already generating a big buzz. Find out more with these ten quick facts.

1. It’s the first watch from Batavi

Amsterdam watchmakers Batavi has a lot riding on the Kosmopoliet GM. The piece represents the first of its designs to hit the market… although not its first attempt to break in. As The Time Bum reports, the brand has already had two false starts: the first with a quartz Chrono and the second with the Noordzee, a fit-for-purpose dive watch with a lot of potential, but apparently, not enough stamina to make it to launch. With the Kosmopoliet GM, Batavi is hoping for third time lucky… and on paper at least, it very well might be.

2. It’s been funded by a Kickstarter campaign

If you’re already aware of the Batavi Kosmopoliet GM, it’s likely as a result of the Kickstarter campaign that’s behind its launch. Keen to realize their dreams but lacking the funds to do it, the team at Batavi decided to ask for a little help from their friends, their families, and every small business backer and watch enthusiast around the world. Their idea clearly worked; by April 2020, the Kickstarter had generated enough funds to allow them to start planning the launch.

3. It’s got classic dimensions

Over the last couple of years, watches have been getting bigger and bigger. Fortunately for those whose wrists are starting to feel the strain, we’re starting to see a shift back to more elegantly proportioned pieces of yesteryear. The vintage-inspired Kosmopoliet GM is a case in point, featuring a classic, crowd-pleasing stainless-steel case measuring a very reasonable 39mm in width and 12.55 in thickness. The case and polished, angular lugs, meanwhile, blend classic good looks with a very modern flair.

4. It’s got a 50-hour power reserve

Considering the average watch comes with a power reserve of 40-42 hours, you can’t help but be impressed by the mighty 50-hour power reserve of the Batavi Kosmopoliet GM, a gift that, as Time and Tide Watches notes, comes courtesy of the robust Calibre 2893 at its heart, a reliable self-winding movement with 21 jewels and an operating frequency of 28,800 (4Hz) vibrations per hour.

5. The dial is available in three options

if you want choice, choice is what you get with the Batavi Kosmopoliet GM. Rather than ply all its customers with the exact same piece, Batavi has added some variety into the mix. From launch, you’ll be offered a choice between three different dial and bezel combinations: the “Medina”, which features a sunburst black dial and a retro, faded blue and pink bezel; the “Amsterdam”, which brings us a sunburst navy blue dial offset with a light and dark blue bezel; and the “Los Angeles”, which offers the eye-catching combination of a sunburst maroon dial and an ultraviolet purple and grey bezel.

6. It’s a gamechanger

Despite having the look of an iconic 1970s timepiece, the Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT isn’t afraid of striking new ground. According to Bezel, its Medina Kosmopoliet GMT (which, as you’ll remember from earlier, is the option with a sunburst black dial and a faded blue and pink bezel) is the first-ever watch to feature a 24-hour bezel with Arabic numerals. If you want something that no-one else has, this might be just the one for you.

7. It’s got great legibility

The Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT might draw its inspiration from the legendary watches of the mid-20th century, but technology has moved on a fair way since those days. Fortunately, Batavi has moved right with it. In an effort to make the Kosmopoliet GMT as user friendly as possible, Batavi has utilized the luminous appeal of Super-LumiNova C3 (the brightest of all the Super-LumiNova variants available) on all three dials, circular hour indexes, GMT hand, and sword-like handset, making telling the time in even the dimmest of conditions a piece of cake.

8. It comes with a 2-year warranty

Batavi might have grand ambitions, and the Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT might be a very handsome beast, but ultimately, both brand and watch are new to the market - and whether we like it or not, that comes with risk. Luckily for cautious consumers, there’s back up in the form of the 2-year international warranty that comes as standard with each piece. As part of the warranty, Batavi Watches will repair or replace any assembly or manufacturing defects that (although you might want to bear in mind the warranty won’t cover damage or cosmetic imperfections that results from mishandling or misuse).

9. The features are extensive

Interested in the Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT but want to know the full spec before you hand over your cash? Then courtesy of the brand’s official website, you have it…. Model: Kosmopoliet GMT. Dial: Sunburst sandwich. Hands: Polished sword hands. Lume: Swiss SuperLuminova C3. Glass: Double domed sapphire crystal. Bezel: Sapphire crystal, 120 clicks bi-directional. Functions: 2nd 24h time zone. Material: Stainless steel. Dimensions: 39mm diameter; 12.5mm thickness. Caseback: See-through sapphire back. Movement: Swiss Automatic Eta 2893-2. Power Reserve: 50 hours. Water Resistance: 200 meters. Standard Bracelet: Premium stainless steel (sidelinks polished). Accessories: FREE strap change tool. Lug Width: 20mm, lug to lug is 48mm. Designed: The Netherlands. Manufactured: Hong Kong, Belgium, The Netherlands.

10. It’ll be available from summer 2020

If you’re keen to get your hands on a Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT, you’ll have to wait just a tiny bit longer. The watch will be ready for delivery from summer 2020… although as yet, what the price will be remains a mystery.

Photo credit Fratello Watches

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