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The 10 Best Beaches in Istanbul

Uzunya Beach

The coronavirus pandemic has countries on lockdown, and Turkey was among the many countries that immediately took action to flatten the curve. The government is now proud of the success it has seen, and it resolved to reopen the country to promote both domestic and foreign tourism. Turkish Airlines began flying to the US with only three flights per week so if you had planned for a vacation before the pandemic, now is the time. Top of your bucket list should be visiting the beach since it is currently summer in Turkey. If you are not sure of where to go for a swim, here is a list of some of the best beaches in Istanbul to help you make a decision.

Burc Beach

1. Burc Beach

If you cannot get enough of beach games such as volleyball and soccer, or you have a soft spot for water sports, then you will not go wrong with Burc beach. It is only 15 km from the city center and covers a stretch of 2 kilometers. It provides guests with fun-filled activities during the day while in the evening, they can enjoy beach parties while dancing to the music played by the DJ. It is especially ideal for those who do not mind parting with large crowds since it can host up to 2000 guests. The demand of the beach has seen the prices change from 25TL during the week and 35TL on weekends in 2008, to the current 60TL in weekdays and 95TL on weekends.


2. Solar

Anyone who is particular about food and would prefer to bring along their food to the beach will be disappointed since Solar Beach dues not allow any food or drinks; they even check you as you enter. However, you will love the ambience, and the food is delicious and affordable as per the different reviews by past guests. If you have any valuables, you will be provided with a locker for safekeeping. The beach is spotlessly clean, and you can relax in the deckchairs and parasols. Its only downsides are that you may find the lodges a bit expensive with some going for as much as 700TL.

Caddebostan Beach

3. Caddebostan Beach

When looking for a place also to play fetch with your dog while having a picnic with your family and friends, Caddebostan beach should be your first choice. It offers a large lush garden for your relaxation while also giving you a perfect view of the sea. Best of all is that even when you do not have money to spare but still want to spend time on the beach, you have the option of a free entrance beach. You should note that the beach is divided into three, two of which provide free entry while you must pay an entrance fee for the other. However, even the free entry beaches are equipped with the necessary amenities, including changing rooms, showers, cafes, lifesaving stations and sunbeds.

Golden Beach

4. Golden Beach

As Istanbul Property Services informs us, with Golden Beach Club, you are spoilt for choice. It offers bungalows and hotel rooms for indoor lovers while those who prefer sleeping under the starry skies can still get their wish by pitching a tent in the camping area. The beach is along the European Black Sea coast about 15 km from Istanbul.

Elio Sedef

5. Elio Sedef

It is rare to have all positive reviews on Trip Advisor, but Elio Sedef is among the rare few whose guests have nothing negative to say about their visit. What you should like about is that it has maintained its high standards over the years, unlike most beaches in Istanbul. One of the things you should not miss out on is the fresh fish caught as you watch and prepared as you like it. Besides, some visitors believe the beach is ideal as a wedding venue, so if you are not sure of where to exchange your vows, Elio Sedef narrows your options. Your significant other will also enjoy soaking in the sun while lying on the sunbed and in the evening a beautiful sunset will culminate the day's events.

Madam Marta Koyu

6. Madam Marta Koyu

Lovers of camping should make a point of getting to Madam Marta beach, but if you hate a rocky beach, then it is not the place for you. The beach is named after one of Turkey's first ballerinas, Madame Marta, who loved the sea; she lived on Burgaz island according to The 500 Hidden Secrets. It is tranquil making it ideal for those who are looking for a getaway from the hectic life of the city.

Dalia Beach

7. Dalia Beach

Dalia Beach has been rated 4.1 from the 99 Google reviews meaning it is a very good place that beach lovers should consider. Most people remark on how beautiful it is during summer, and it provides an array of activities for the family with kids not being charged any entry fee. The lush lawns are ideal for spending time with the family dog too, while the nature is breathtaking. However, every good thing must come at a cost and the only downside to the place is the high price of food and entry fee.

Buyukada Beach

8. Buyukada Beach

Buyukada means "big island", and this is the largest and most popular island in Istanbul. It has more than enough activities to keep you occupied. If you love a stroll on the beach, then the wooden Victorian houses and leafy lanes will blow you away, and you can later go for a swim in the sea. According to The Istanbul Insider, lovers of bicycle riding are still well taken care of since they can rent a bicycle and explore the magnificent view of the island. However for you to fully enjoy your stay on the beach, schedule your visit during the weekday, since with the beach being so popular, it is usually overcrowded during the weekends.

True Blue

9. True Blue

Anyone who loves live music performances must visit True Blue, where even superstars like Katy Perry have had the honor of performing for guests. Besides, your palate is spoilt for choice with the assorted dishes that comprise both Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. The lovely sandy beach also provides you with a spectacular view of the sea, and if you like staying indoors, it has more than enough space to accommodate around 200 guests.

Uzunya Beach

10. Uzunya Beach

Just like all the other beaches, the entry fee is higher on weekends than during the week, but that has not stopped tourists and locals alike from visiting the beach. It has an indoor and outdoor seating area to cater to the guests' preferences; you can even ask for additional pillows at no extra cost. Unfortunately, you cannot take your pet there for a day out, and the only drawback has to be the prices which are a bit high compared to the rest of the beaches.

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