The 10 Best AAA Membership Discounts

The American Automobile Association, also referred to as AAA or Triple A, is an organization that provides some excellent benefits and discounts for its members. Many people don’t take full advantage of all the discounts on services that come with the card. It provides much more than roadside assistance. AAA isn’t a single entity, but rather a group of auto clubs and the deals that you’re eligible for may vary from one region to another. When one deal expires, there are usually more that are offered in their place, so it pays to stay on top of what’s being offered in your area. We’ve put together a collection of ten of the best AAA membership discounts that could save you money right now if you’re a member.

Choice of membership tiers to enhance your savings

Before going into the discounts available, it’s important to note that there are three main membership tiers with AAA. The basic gives you 24/7 roadside assistance and you can use the services up to four times in a calendar year with no out of pocket expenses. It also includes local towing, bicycle repair and extraction from snowdrifts, mud and standing water. The basic membership costs around $50 per year.

The Plus membership gives you more repair shops to choose from with heavy duty extrication, long range bicycle towing and repair. The Premiere membership allows for five or more roadside assistance calls with extended range towing, more repair shops to choose from and RV coverage for an extra fee.  Here are some other awesome discounts:

1. General Retail discounts

AAA offers discounts with a variety of retailers worth checking out. You could received up to 45% off on Under Armour purchases, 40% on Nike sneakers, 50% on Hanna Andersson kid’s clothes, 40% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s, and up to $200 off specific items at online store.

2. Travel Insurance Discounts

All members are entitled to a level of complimentary travel insurance with their plans. Classic plans include up to $100 per person or $500 a family for trip interruption protection, up to $100,000 in travel accident coverage and for the Plus plan, up to $200 per person or $1,000 a family in trip interruption protection and up to $200,000 per traveling party in travel accident coverage. Premium members receive up to $300 per person or $1,500 per family in trip interruption protection and up to $300,000 per traveling party in travel accident coverage.

3. Locksmith Service discounts

In addition to roadside services, members received a discount on locksmith services of at least $75 for basic members and more than $100 in discounts for the higher tiers. This is a good solution for lockouts, lost keys, etc. This applies to vehicles and for residences, but garages are excluded.

4. Dining discounts

Members also qualify for dining discounts. Some are specific for certain restaurants in a chain, location or independent restaurants that participate with the organization. Certificates for these discounts are in the amounts of $10, $25 or $60% discount. To find out which deals you qualify for, simply go to the AAA website and select the Restaurant Certificates tab, go to the dining drop down menu, key in your zip code and the list will come up.

4. Food and Drink Grocery discounts

AAA also offers between 15% to 25% off on certain food and beverage items from participating grocery stores. Most of the offers apply to online shopping but there are some participating local grocers and all you need to do is present your membership card when making the purchase to get your discounts. Just a few examples include discounts at, discounts on Try the World gift basket for gourmet snacks service, discounts on Stonewall Kitchen specialty food products, money off your first order at Peapod grocery delivery service and a ten percent discount on purchases made at Kelly’s Coffee & Fudge Factory. There are plenty more so it pays to go online and find out where you could be saving money.

5. Automotive products and services discounts

Membership also provides discounts as well as freebies with select auto repair shops, retailers and service providers. Some examples include discounts on Hertz rental cars, on Carfax reports ordered online, a free battery replacement once a year, roadside fuel delivery with no out of pocket expenses and no limits, bike repair services, battery testing, a free day of car rental, a complimentary Carfax report and more.

6. Health and wellness discounts

AAA members also qualify for health and wellness discounts including up to 50% off on products at GNC, up to 10% off on memberships and classes at YogaFit Studios, up to 45% off on apparel and outdoor products, up to 30% off of certain services and products at LensCrafters and up to 25% off on services and products from There are also discounts for signing up with LA Fitness clubs.

7. Pet Product savings

AAA membership also entitles you to savings on certain pet products. For example, you can save up to 10% on pet health insurance policies with Pets Best, or on yard cleaning services in certain locations. You can save up to 20% on food for dogs or cats at Petco, or on dog travel and outdoor items at Kurgo. You can also get free shipping on all medication purchases for your pets from PetCareRX and VetShop.

8. Discounts on electronics

Members also receive discounts on certain electronics that can save up to 35% on specific products. These are varied and you need to check the AAA website for the deals that are available in your area. If you’re planning to buy any electronics products, it’s a good idea to find out what items are on the members website for your area. You’ll need to bring your AAA membership card along for point of sale discounts, or have it ready to get the number if the deal is found in an online site. AAA regularly partners with Sprint on plans, with GameFly, Dell, Microsoft and HP.

9. Car rental discounts

Another popular discount you can get with AAA membership is on car rentals. You can save 10% on Dollar Rent A Car, up to 20% with Hertz Car Rentals, and sometimes they offer a free three day car rental when you participate in certain programs.

10. Discounts on Hotels

Travelers can save a lot of money by using the discounts that are offered on hotel accommodations through AAA and their partners. There are over three dozen participating hotels that offer between 5% and 15% in discounts on bookings and some even offer a percentage increase on the loyalty points you earn if you’re a member of their programs. Examples of some participating members are Best Western, Canopy Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and more.

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