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10 Benefits of Having a Hilton Honors Credit Card

For people who spend a lot of time traveling from place to place, Hilton Honors credit cards can make excellent choices for their particular needs and preferences. However, credit cards call for considerable research, particularly since Hilton Honors have just gone through a significant makeover in recent times. Here are 10 benefits that can be found by having a Hilton Honors credit card:

1. Convenience

When making bigger purchases, people need a better method than paying in cash. After all, carrying around hundreds of dollars isn't exactly convenient for anyone. Never mind the even bigger purchases that are sometimes made. Fortunately, there are credit cards, which are one of the most convenient payment methods that can be found out there, so much so that this can actually pose problems in certain cases.

2. Security

Another reason that credit cards are useful for making bigger purchases are the security features built into them. This way, their users are protected in case they have to make bigger purchases.

3. Credit-building

With that said, having a credit card is beneficial as well because it provides the user with plenty of opportunities to build up their credit scores. One example comes from them making their payments on time, while another example comes from them building an ever-lengthening credit history that makes their records seem more reliable.

4. Widespread Acceptance

Currently, the Hilton Honors credit cards are offered through American Express. While its credit cards might not be as accepted as either Visa or Mastercard, American Express still means widespread acceptance, so much so that most places that don't accept their credit cards tend to be on the smaller side of things.

5. Options

There isn't one Hilton Honors credit card. Instead, there are three separate Hilton Honors credit cards that offers more options for interested individuals, thus increasing the chances that one of them will be perfect for their particular needs and preferences.

6. Choice of Annual Fees

The basic credit card has no annual fees whatsoever, thus offering interested individuals the freedom to use it whenever and wherever they want instead of being pressured into making more use of it so as to justify the annual fee that comes with it. In contrast, the Ascend credit card has a $95 annual fee while the Aspire card has a $450 annual fee, which are compensated for via better benefits.

7. Introductory Offers

The Hilton Honors credit cards have introductory offers. For example, the Ascend credit card offers up to 100,000 bonus points so long as the user can spend at least $2,000 on eligible purchases in the first three months and then at least another $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first six months. Likewise, the Aspire credit card offers 100,000 bonus points so long as the user spends $4,000 or more on eligible purchases within a period of three months and no more than three months.

8. Bonus Points

Speaking of which, the Hilton Honors credit cards offer plenty of bonus points, with the ones with more expensive annual fees offering more bonus points on a per dollar basis so long as the user is making the right kind of purchases. Generally speaking, staying at a Hilton hotel bring in the most points, being 14 points per dollar, 12 points per dollar, and then 7 points per dollar. However, no matter what people buy, they can expect a bare minimum of 3 points per dollar.

9. Status Program

Perhaps unsurprisingly, having a Hilton Honors credit card comes with status in the status program. It is Silver for the basic credit card, while the Ascend and the Aspire credit cards come with Gold and Diamond status respectively.

10. Other Features

Each of the Hilton Honors credit cards has a number of features bundled into it, though these features can see significant variation from credit card to credit card. For example, both the Ascend and the Aspire credit cards offer access to airport lounges. Likewise, both the Ascend and the Aspire credit cards offer complimentary stays so long as certain circumstances have been met. In contrast, the Aspire credit card is the one credit card that gets travel credits, with one example being a $250 credit on incidental fees charged by an airplane and another example being a $250 credit on a Hilton hotel statement.

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