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The 10 Best American Ironhorse Motorcycles of All Time

Best American Ironhorse Motorcycles

Ironhorse is an American motorcycle brand that was established by Bill Rucker and Tim Edmondson in 1995. The factory was at one time one of the largest custom motorcycle factories in America. The company was located in Dallas, Texas. The engines of Ironhorse motorcycles were all created in-house including the wheels and the seats. Ironhorse remained open until the Spring of 2008 when the company closed its doors forever. The stock was liquidated when the company filed for its second bankruptcy. It was sold to Textron, Inc, and the business liquidated. While you can't get a new Ironhorse, there are still some of these iconic bikes available on the used market. Here are the 10 best Ironhorse models of all time for your consideration.

10. 2006 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper

2006 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper

The Texas Copper is a model that was valued for its curb appeal as well as for its power. It presented a few riding challenges with handling around snakey S curves in the road due to its fat tires, but overall, it received high marks in consumer reviews. The Metzler tires were a perfect match and were standard fare from Ironhorse. The S 100 motor had a good rating for reliability unless the weather was really cold outside. A few defects were noted such as the alum pulleys and the speedometer, but overall it was a great bike.

9. 2007 American Ironhorse Big Dog K9

2007 American Ironhorse Big Dog K9

The Big Dog K9 is noted as one of the best-built choppers in the world by some owners. It features a classic chopper styling that some felt outclass the Texas Chopper. It was a top-of-the-line bike and this model was produced the year before the company went bankrupt. You can still find a few that were produced as late as 2011. The S&S engines were highly regarded for their power and the ease of finding replacement parts. It's a great collectible bike but was priced out of the ballpark for the average rider. The $35,000 price tag was a little steep.

8. 2003 American Ironhorse Slammer

2003 American Ironhorse Slammer

The 2003 American Ironhorse Slammer was a cruiser-style bike. It was equipped with a 2 cylinder 4-stroke 1762 cc S&S engine. It was paired with a 6-speed transmission and weighed a hefty 610 pounds without a lot of dressing. This was another of Ironhorse's most popular selling models, suitable for big guys who prefer a heavy bike.

7. 2006 American Ironhorse LSC

2006 American Ironhorse LSC

The American Ironhorse LSC is a chopper-style bike that is equipped with a V-Twin 2 cylinder 4-stroke S&S engine that generates 110 horsepower with 115 lb. ft. of torque. The engine displacement is 1820 cc with a compression ratio of 95:1. This popular model requires premium gasoline with an electric starter and a manual 6-speed transmission. The cost of $29,495 was a bit steep, but it was a custom bike that retains its value quite well. The dry weight of the bike is 520 pounds. It received an overall rating of 7 out of 7 possible points which are about as good as it gets.

6. 2007 American Ironhorse Judge

2007 American Ironhorse Judge

The Judge was a sweet cruising bike with an S&S engine featuring a displacement of 1640cc. It wasn't the most powerful engine but it was close in the lineup. This was a heavy bike that weighed 700 pounds, considering its appearance, which was sleek. Riders loved the power along with the curb appeal of this custom bike.

5. 2006 American Ironhorse Outlaw

2006 American Ironhorse Outlaw

The Outlaw is a cruiser that featured a V twin S&S engine. This is an attractive bike that came with a 24-month warranty from American IronHorse Dealers. It offered a lean aesthetic with an aggressive look that made it look like something you'd want to take out and race. The bike retailed for $29,895 but was easily a motorcycle that had the look of a verified outlaw ready to raise a little hell.

4. 2009 Ironhorse Bandera

2009 Ironhorse Bandera

The Bandera model received high marks for its reliability and even more for the fun factor of driving it. While riders were less impressed with the repair and maintenance costs, the design, and the aesthetics. They were less impressed with the price giving it lower scores for the value for the cost, but that didn't stop the bikes from selling. This bike had its share of repair issues, but the items needing replacement weren't anything that affected its overall reliability.

3. 2008 American Ironhorse Thunder

2008 American Ironhorse Thunder

The Thunder is a model that was a high-selling bike because of its shiny chrome beauty and its custom wheel rims. It was equipped with a five-gallon gas tank and make extra special with chromed foot controls. It was one of the most beautiful bike designs ever made by Ironhorse. This was a big motorcycle with an intensely loud exhaust that sounded powerful because it was. It was fast to redline when the throttle was cranked open.

2. 2004 American Ironhorse Stalker

2004 American Ironhorse Stalker

The Ironhorse Stalker truly gave off the sense that it was a stealth bike. The customized aluminum wheels offered a head-turning aesthetic with their one-of-a-kind design. There was a dark sophistication to this bike with all-black paint, but it came to life complements the heavy chroming. This gave it a monochromatic aesthetic. It had the appearance of a showroom bike from a science-fiction film, but in the real world, it was remarkably powerful and fun to ride.

1. 1998 American Ironhorse Roadster

1998 American Ironhorse Roadster

The American Ironhorse Roadster is a classic road bike. It came equipped with Ironhorse's standard fare with the S&S engines and the in-house designs. Perhaps the most notable feature is the custom seat with a ridged backrest. One of the most comfortable road bikes ever built by Ironhorse.

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