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The 10 Best 50cc Motorcycles of All-Time

50cc Motorcycles of All-Time

The 50 cc motorcycle is a bike that is ideal for anyone that is just learning to ride. Although they're getting harder to find because so many riders demand more power and larger size, there is still a healthy market for these beginner bikes. These bikes also offer a simple and efficient way to get around and they're fun to ride. Although they're not known for their speed, new riders enjoy the thrill and feeling of freedom that they get from riding. Here are the 10 best 50cc motorcycles of all-time.

10. 2006 Aprilia SX50

2006 Aprilia SX50

The Aprilia SX50is one of the most popular 50cc bikes on the market today in the European sector. The small supermoto style bike is powered by a two-stroke engine and a 6 gear transmission. The Aprilia was first released as a production bike in the 50cc category in 2006 and it is still offered today. This is a sweet cornering little bike that is a little pricey, but still one of the best-selling models in Europe.

9. 2017 Rieju RS3-50

2017 Rieju RS3-50

The Rieju is an aesthetically pleasing little motorcycle that may be one of the more expensive bikes in the 50cc category, but it's sporty and stylish. Premium features include n electric stat with 17-inch wheels, disc brakes, upside-down forks, which tremendously enhance its performance and handling, and a lot of other goodies. It's a two-stroke six-speed that provides just enough power for getting around town or having fun on the trails.

8. 2019 Mash Fifty 50cc

2019 Mash Fifty 50cc

The Mash Fifty has the aesthetics of a classic small motorcycle. This is a stylish bike for those who prefer the scrambler look. It's a four-speed with an electric ignition and electric kick start. It's one of the more reasonably priced bikes in the 50cc category. It's fun to ride and offers reliable transportation. This is Mash's road version and there's also a Mash Dirt Track bike available for those who like to hit the track now and then.

7. 2018 Derbi Senda Racing 50 SM

2018 Derbi Senda Racing 50 SM

The Senda Racing 50 by Derbi is a bike that can achieve speeds up to 60 mph when it's unleashed from current regulations of 30 mph. This model features a lightweight frame that is designed for taller riders. This model has been around for a while with frequent updates, especially fterPiaggio acquired Derbi. The price is about average for this powerful little bike for its class. Riders just wish they'd deregulate it for full enjoyment of its potential in some countries.

6.2019 Lexmoto Aspire 50 E4

2019 Lexmoto Aspire 50 E4

The Lexmoto Aspire 50E4 is a modern little bike that is made for riding in style and comfort. The design features a luggage rack for taking along the necessities on a road trip. The gears have a digital display. It's powered by a four-stroke engine and doesn't mistake this for a scooter because it's a legit motorcycle. It's reasonably priced and designed for simple operation for new riders.

5. 2020 Sherco SM 50

2020 Sherco SM 50

The Sherco SM 50 is a small motorcycle that also has the capacity for achieving higher speed when the restrictions are lifted. This is a bike that Sherco designed from its knowledge of international competitions. The 50cc bike is supermoto style with dual-piston brake calipers and adjustable suspension. It's one of the pricier bikes in the 50cc class, but one that people are willing to pay a little extra for.

4. 2021 WK Colt 50

2021 WK Colt 50

The WK Colt has consistently been one of the more reasonably priced 50cc motorcycles. It is available in a dirt-bike version or an electric road-legal motorcycle. This is a cost-efficient bike that does not require fuel, a filter, or any fluid replenishment. It's environmentally friendly and provides a simple and comfortable mode of transportation. It is powered by a lithium battery with a range of more than 60 miles on a single charge.

3. 2015 Beta RR 2T50

2015 Beta RR 2T50

The Beta RR 2T 50 is a two-stroke single-cylinder bike that is beloved for its assertive and top-of-the-range styling. For a small 50cc bike it offers incredible stability and maneuverability. Its offered in the 50cc range in the standard Bet RR 2T 50 model or its two variants the Enduro and Sport designs featuring fuel-oil mixer, single-key security system ignition, and locking fuel cap and steering. There are also passenger grab rails on the bike. It's one of the more expensive 50cc bikes, but it's considered to be a cut above average. It's in the racing class of 50cc motorcycles.

2. 2021 Honda CRF50F

2021 Honda CRF50F

This bike is the smallest CRF made by the legendary Honda brand. It's considered to be one of the best options on the market for beginners and young riders. It's a great way to learn on a less powerful bike that makes learning fun and easy with its smooth transitions and three-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. It takes the need for learning the clutch out of the equation and saves it for a later time.

1. 2020 KTM 50 SX

2020 KTM 50 SX

The KTM 50 SX is a smaller motorcycle than the Honda 50cc. It features a two-stroke engine with a fully automatic single speed that provides higher power output. There is no need to worry about changing gears for young riders, so they can focus on mastering the throttle control, braking, and steering. This is a skill-building bike for young beginning riders made for younger kids. It's one of the best 50cc bikes ever made and it's still in production today for riders who want to get the kids going in the sport. It's a dirt bike-style that gets them accustomed to riding on trails and off-road.

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