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The 10 Best Bar Cabinets Money Can Buy

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Forget bar carts. They might have spent the last few years on everyone's wish list, but the world has officially moved on. If you want to keep up with the times, it's time to get serious about storage. Bar cabinets let you stow your wine, and your liquor, glasses, and accessories out of sight, but well within reach. Choose the right one, and you'll end up with a piece of furniture that's as attractive as it is functional. To set you on the right path, we've rounded up the 10 best bar cabinets on the market.

10. Crate & Barrel Fayette Bar Cabinet

Looking for something classic? Chic? Dripping with enough French elegance to impress your guests? Then say hello to the Crate & Barrel Fayette Bar Cabinet, a 1920's inspired cabinet that's sophisticated enough to inject a hefty dose of je ne sais quoi into any room it finds itself in. The exterior blends a fluted mango veneer with brass legs and a marble worktop. Open it up, and you'll find three adjustable shelves together with a stemware rack and in-door bottle storage.

9. Tracey Boyd Boro Star Bar Cabinet

Just because a bar cabinet is practical doesn't mean it can't be attractive. The Boro Star Bar Cabinet by Tracy Boyd manages to be both. The hand-painted doors take their inspiration from Japanese textiles, and are lovely enough to add a dash of sartorial elegance to even the dingiest bachelor pad. Inside, you'll find a mirrored interior and enough shelving for all your storage needs.

8. Serena and Lily Caledonia Woven Bar Cabinet

Priced at around $3988, the Caledonia Woven Bar Cabinet from Serena and Lily isn't exactly light on the wallet. Fortunately, it's not hard on the eyes either. Woven seagrass doors compete for attention with a gorgeously sleek oak frame. Slender legs add elegance. Inside is where things get really interesting, though - boasting multiple glass shelves for storage along with a large draw to hide away your wares, it's as practical as it is pretty.

7. Anthropologie Deluxe Tamboured Bar Cabinet

Anything made of rosewood is going to look attractive, but the Anthropologie Deluxe Tamboured Bar Cabinet is even prettier than you'd expect. The rosewood veneer doors are elevated to new heights of gorgeousness with the addition of brass-accented marble hardware and feet. Open up the doors of this 50's inspired cabinet, and you'll discover an excellent range of storage solutions, including a stemware rack and enough room for a dozen wine bottles.

6. Southern Enterprises Larson Corner Bar Cabinet

Sometimes, you have to be prepared to spend big to get the best. Other times, you don't. If you choose to flash your cash in the direction of the Southern Enterprises Larson Corner Bar Cabinet, you'll come away with a ton of change and a supremely attractive bar cabinet. Generously proportioned at 49 inches tall and 35 inches wide, it's big enough to give a home to a sizable collection of bottles. Visually, it's a stunner, with sharp angles, antique brass, a mirrored interior, and a very snazzy fold-down door that does double duty as a countertop.

5. AllModern Papillion Wood Bar Cabinet

If you're in the market for a bar cabinet with the wow factor, look no further than the AllModern Papillion Wood Bar Cabinet. The bold, camel bone veneer sunburst design on the doors is guaranteed to draw attention. The striking, industrial meets mid-century modern design is complemented with circular door handles and angular iron legs. Just as appealing as the aesthetic is the superb storage possibilities - with two shelves, storage for up to six wine glasses, a deep drawer, and a wine rack, you'll have plenty of space to store your booze.

4. South Shore Bar Cabinet

Recommended as one of the best bar cabinets on the market by, the South Shore Bar Cabinet is a multi-functional cabinet that comes with enough storage space and enough appeal for you to show off your drinks collection in style. The specialized storage compartment comes with an adjustable shelf and a deep enough drawer to hold up to twelve liquor bottles comfortably. On top of that, there's a built-in rack that can hold up to eight wine glasses, a very convenient spill-proof top, a handy drawer for accessories, and a towel holder.

3. Walker Edison Furniture Company Mid-Century Modern Bar Cabinet

Named and praised by as one of the best bar cabinets around, this bar cabinet by Walker Edison Furniture Company proves you don't have to spend a fortune to get the goods. The mid-century modern design is chic enough to flatter any decor. Functionally, it's a winner, with two spacious interior shelves that can hold up to 250lb of bottles, glasses, and other odds and ends. If you want, you could even use it as a home for your TV (providing your TV doesn't measure more than 30 inches). Adjustable rubber feet and cord management add extra utility.

2. Blu Dot Shale Bar Cabinet

If you're short on space and tight on money, don't even bother casting your eyes in the direction of the Blu Dot Shale Bar Cabinet. At $3899, it'll make a serious dent in even the biggest wallet. As for the size, at six feet tall, four feet wide, and two feet deep, it's a beast and a half. But if your bank balance is as big as your bottle collection, it's ideal. With a 10 bottle rack, 3 interior shelves, a stemware rack, and four cavernous drawers, you'll have no trouble stowing away the contents of an entire liquor store. It's not a bad looker, either.

1. Design Within Reach Line Bar

According to HiConsumption, Nathan Yong designed his collection for Design Within Reach as a means to impart some calm into even the busiest of environments. There's no guarantee that the Design Within Reach Line Bar is going to turn your home into an oasis of tranquility, but even if it doesn't, it's going to do wonders for your decor. With a sleek modern design and just a touch of Asian flair, it's a gorgeous-looking thing. It's not short on practical appeal either, with enough shelves, stemware racks, and drawers to keep your bottles and glasses tidily tucked away. If you're looking for a good-looking cabinet with excellent storage potential, it won't disappoint.

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