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The 10 Best Pellet Smoker Grills Money Can Buy

pellet smoker grill

People that are serious about outdoor grilling have a very specific method for doing so. Many of these individuals are equally specific about the types of equipment that they prefer to use. In a number of cases, that involves using a pellet smoker grill. The question is, how do you know if you're using one that is actually of the best quality? Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Below are 10 of the best pellet smoker grills that money can buy.

10. Traeger Pro Series 34 Wood Pellet Grill ($749.99)

This grill is precise and it's big. In fact, it's so precise that you can count on a variation of no more than 15 degrees from your desired temperature setting. It's also big enough to hold 40 burgers and then some. In fact, you can fit eight full chickens in the grill with relative ease. It also comes with an electronic auto start ignition and it's designed to be easy to clean.

9. Z Grills 700D4E 8 ($629.00)

This grill offers heat exclusively from wood pellets and it boasts one of the more robust designs of any grill on the list. It's also precise when it comes to heat control. That means that you don't have to worry about your food burning or not getting done enough.

8. Camp Chef Woodwind 24” Pellet Grill ($899.99)

This easy to clean grill is also easy to use, even for people that have never used a pellet grill in their life. That's largely because of the included meat probes (four of them) and the temperature control that you can also access from your smartphone. In fact, this girl can cook anything with precision at a temperature as low as 160 degrees, ranging all the way up to 500 degrees.

7. Recteq RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill ($1,199.00)

It doesn't matter if you're looking for space, temperature control or easy cleaning, this grill really does have it all. It's one of the more expensive wood pellet grills on the list, but many people would also argue that it's very much worth the cost because of its ability to allow you to cook confidently with ease.

6. Pit Boss PB820D3 Pellet Grill ($399.99)

This is the grill that allows you to do virtually any type of cooking you want. Whether you want to roast, braise, grill or even bake, this grill is up to the task. You can cook at any temperature ranging from 200 degrees all the way up to 500 degrees and it's large capacity gives you an opportunity to cook enormous amounts of food without taking forever in order to do it. It's also well made with a solid bottom shelf and casters on the wheels to make sure that it stays wherever you decide to put it.

5. Pit Boss 820 Square Inch Matte Black Pellet Grill ($266.47)

This grill is almost an exact replica of the one listed in the paragraph above, with one major exception. As is implied in its name, it is finished in a matte black powder coat finish as opposed to the copper finish featured on the product listed above. As far as the performance specifications, the two are synonymous. This one is slightly more affordable because of the different finish on the exterior.

4. Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet WiFi Grill ($2,199.99)

Who wouldn't love this grill? It has three different tiers on which you can cook, two meat probes and precision temperature control. It's easy to clean and you can cook a large amount of food at any one given time. One of the greatest things about it is that you can use an app on your smartphone that allows you to control the temperature directly from the grill itself or from the app. This gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on your food, even when you're not right there in front of it.

3. Recteq TR-1250 Pellet Grill ($1,599.00)

The two big things that set this grill apart are size and an ability to cook at extremely high temperatures. As its name implies, it offers 1,250 square inches of cooking space, meaning that you can cook practically anything you want. In addition, you can cook that food at less than 200 degrees but if you so desire, you can also crank up the temperature to 700 degrees. That's something that very few pellet grills offer.

2. Pit Boss Classic 700 Square Inch Wood Fired Pellet Grill ($336.00)

The grill offers both size and temperature control and also includes a wood flame broiler, giving you options that you simply don't have with a lot of pellet grills. That fact, coupled with its more than affordable price, makes it an appealing option and lands it squarely on this list.

1. Z Grills 1000D 8-in-1 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker ($649.00)

This is the grill that is truly capable of doing it all. It doesn't matter what you want to cook or how you want to make it, the grill is capable of accommodating anything you decide to do. Considering all of its capabilities, it's also exceptionally well priced. That's precisely how it ended up in the number one slot on this list.

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