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The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs in the World

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With the majority of office chairs costing a couple of hundred dollars at most, the idea of a chair costing upwards of several thousand dollars might come as a surprise. But before you dismiss the idea, or the chairs, out of hand, consider how much time the average office worker spends parked in their seat every day. For those who want to make those 8 hours+ a little more comfortable than they’d otherwise be, spending a little extra on a chair designed to ease back pain and eliminate fatigue is well worth considering… although whether that extends to paying the vast sums some of the following chairs command is another thing entirely.

10. Humphrey British Industrial Swivel Chair. Value: $2796

With an antique leather cushion, a steel-cupped swivel base, and detailed leather straps, the Humphrey British Industrial Swivel Chair proves why classic elegance never ages. If you want to add a touch of vintage glamour to your office, this is the piece to do it- providing you can afford the $2796 price, of course.

9. Eames Executive Work Chair. Value: $3319

The Eames has an impressive history: first developed in 1960, it’s been providing business people with superb lumbar support, outstanding aesthesis, and a suitably hefty bill for over half a century. Available in a choice of either leather or fabric, it’s an elegant, timeless piece that’s more than deserving of that $3319 price tag.

8. Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair. Value: $3445

If you’re a serious business exec looking for a serious chair, the Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair ticks all the boxes. With a heft and clout lacking in many of the flimsier models on the market, this is one impressive looking beast. The level of support on offer, meanwhile, is in a league of its own- no wonder it’s advertised as the most comfortable chair Ekones have in their collection.

7. Arper Aston Executive Chair. Value: $3695

Whether you opt for the low-back, medium-back or high-back version, you won’t be disappointed with the luxurious seating on offer with the Arper Aston Executive. With a gas-operated height adjustment mechanism and a spring mechanism to tilt to your exact specifications, this is one chair that puts user comfort front, left and center. Just as impressive as its function is it's aesthetic: with a compact, contemporary design and a choice between buttery soft leather or the finest quality fabric, this is as much a treat for the eyes at it is for the back. Premium quality does, of course, come with a premium price: expect to pay around $3695.

6. Herman Miller Eames Executive Work Chair. Value: $4692

If you want a chair with timeless appeal, the Herman Miller Eames Executive Work Chair is certain to appeal. Stylish, refined, and unapologetically elegant, it’ll take pride of place in any boardroom… as, indeed, it should: at $4692 per piece, you’re going to need every cent of that executive salary if you want to bring this little number home from the showroom.

5. Vitra Grand Executive Chair Low-Back Chair. Value: $5240

With a low back, soft curves and a body made of the finest leather, the Vitra Grand Executive Chair Low-Back Chair is as easy on the eyes as its $5240 price tag is hard on the wallet. It’s not just a thing of beauty, though: thanks to Virtra’s exclusive “FlowMotion” mechanism, it’s as comfortable and ergonomic as you could wish for.

4. Vitra Skape Executive Highback Chair. Value: $6825

Curvy, voluptuous, and just a little bit sexy, the Vitra Skape Highback Chair has taken the concept of the office chair, thrown a whole lot of va-va-voom in its direction, and come up with a supremely desirable, supremely expensive piece. A favorite among interior designer’s the world over, the chair’s variety of upholstery and color options allows it to be customized to suit almost any space and style. Just make sure you have the funds in place before you get too carried away with the thought of owning one – at $6825 per piece, this ergonomic dream doesn’t come for cheap.

3. Wegner Swivel Chair. Value: $ $15,064

If you want a stylish office chair with unparalleled levels of comfort, you’ll find it hard to beat the Wagner Swivel Chair from Danish master craftsman, Hans J. Wegner. Before you get too comfortable in its ergonomic design (which has the Professor and Doctor of Medicine, Egill Snorrason, to thank for its back soothing, fatigue-reducing qualities) or too taken with its elegant combination of stainless-steel frame and wooden top rail (choose between ash, oak, or cherry), you might want to cast your eyes in the direction of its price tag. At $12500 per piece, this is one seriously expensive chair.

2. G Plan 6250 'Blofeld' Chair. Value: $16,000

If you’ve ever watched James Bond, you’ll be familiar with this next one. As Film and Furniture reports, the G Plan 6250 started out as a standard-issue office swivel chair, but after featuring in You Only Live Twice (the fifth film in the Bond franchise), it quickly took on cult status. After the line was discontinued in the 1980s (later to be reintroduced as ‘The Sixth-Two Chair’ in 2012) the existing pieces began to sell at ever-increasing values. The most expensive one so far is, of course, the very same chair that was used in the film: in an auction in 2014, it fetched a massive $16 thousand pounds.

1. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. Value: $1.5 million

If you thought our last entry was expensive enough, wait till you meet the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. With an eyewatering $1.5 million value, you’ll need to be sat on a pot of gold if you want this particular piece. Developed by Pininfarina, the luxury brand best associated with luxe cars like the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati GranTurismo, the piece utilizes the technology usually used in top-of-the-line vehicles to create a seat of supreme comfort, style, and utility. As Trendhunter notes, the revolutionary ergonomic design promises to relieve backache and reduce fatigue, while its use of Technogel, a very special type of polyurethane, effectively eliminates any stress on the lower lumbar region. Available in a choice of metallic blue, grey, red or anthracite, it’s undoubtedly a stylish beast… but worth the $1.5 million price tag? We’ll leave you to decide.

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