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The 10 Best Razors for Shaving Your Head


In 1992 TV Guide conducted a poll to find out who their readers thought was the sexiest man on television. Who won? Patrick Stewart. What that went on to prove, was that men were more than their hair. Bald can and is sexy. Today, for whatever reason, more and more men are choosing to shave their heads. Some started shaving their heads during the pandemic as going to barbers wasn't feasible, yet they had no desire to deal with their growing hair. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure: It's crucial to get a good, clean and smooth shave. Also, keep in mind that there's a big difference between electric shavers and manual razors, so know what you're looking for. In this article, we're concerned with manual razors, not electric shavers. As such, we've gathered some of the best razors for shaving the head on the market today.

10. HeadBlade MOTO Head and Skull Shaving Razor

This award winning razor deserves all the allocates it receives. The MOTO head shaver is built to be light, agile and easy to maneuver, following the contours of your head in smooth strokes. The HeadBlade Moto Head and Skull shaving razor is designed with a dual axis suspension which means the razor will hug your head, without skipping a beat. You purchase includes one HB4 blade, but can also accommodate HB6 blade cartridges.

9. Premium Omnishaver with Travel Case

This is a great razor for your head as it's small, compact and fast. In fact, according to their website, using their shaver will cut up to 75 percent off of shaving time per shave. Great for those on the go, the Omnishaver also self cleans while you use it. In other words, no longer to you have to stop in the middle of your shave to rinse off the razor to prevent clogging. It also self strops while you use it. The Omnishaver uses your very own skin as a strop, and will last longer than most of its competition.

8. Schick Hydro SkinComfort Dry Skin 5 Blade Razor for Men

The Schick Hydro SkinComfort razor is perfect for those of you with sensitive, dry skin. This razor is made with 7 Gel Pools. Each Gel Pool contains coconut oil, known to be an excellent emollient for skin, as well as smooths and hydrates the dry skin. This razor uses 5 blades, with each one having skin guard. These skin guards help prevent any skin irritation. It's Shock Absorb Technology adjusts to ensure just the right amount of pressure is applied as you shave. There's also a precision trimmer if needed.

7. Parker 96R Safety Razor

The Parker 96R is one of the best razors on the market, without question. All Parker 96R razors are assembled by hand and constructed from high quality brass with a chrome and graphite handle. For over 45 years, people have trusted the Parker company to make razors which provide a close and smooth shave, while eliminating razor burn and ingrown hairs. The knurled handle makes certain that your grip remains secure as you shave. Your purchase also includes 5 premium platinum razor blades. This razor is known as a "Butterfly open" safety razor, and works well with those who have smaller hands.

6. Gillette Mach3 Disposable Razors for Men

The Gillette Mach3 disposable razors are just the thing if you're looking for a way to shave yet have sensitive skin. This razor comes with Powerglide blades that have been coated reduce irritation and a head that pivots, allowing a good, clean shave along your heads contours. Each razor has three high definition blades along with enhanced lubrastrip to ensure your skin will not take a beating. Comfort and closeness is further guaranteed by Gillette's ergonomically shaped handle.

5. Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

Merkur has been making quality razors since around 1896. In fact, it's this model, the Merkur 34C which has been the first razor for many over the past decades. The handle is short and thick. The razor is built heavy as it is the weight of the razor on the skin which does the shaving for you. The blades used for this razor are standard, double edge blades, so no searching around for specific blades.

4. Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor

Gillette is a company which has been trusted for years to deliver the best shave possible, and the Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor is no exception. The "5" stands for the five antifriction blades which provide a smooth and painless shave. This shave is made even more comfortable with the addition of the lubrastrip. This razor also comes with a precision trimmer, which is great for styling. The handle has been ergonomically designed to give great control during the shave. All in all, a great razor from a great company.

3. The Single Edge 2.0 Razor

GQ magazine called this the best single-blade razor. Designed for those who suffer from uncomfortable knicks and scrapes obtained from multi-blade razors, the Single Edge 2.0 razor promises to give you a smooth, precise shave every time. The Single Edge 2.0 comes with three settings: Comfortable, sensitive, and ultra close. Try each setting until you find the one that works with your level of intensity. If you're worried that you'll have to spend time online looking for special blades, don't be. The Single Edge 2.0 uses 'non-proprietary blades, meaning you can find them anywhere, even you local drug store.

2. Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor

The MotionSphere feature of the Solimo 5-Blade razor is actually a multi-axis pivot. This ensures that the blade will provide a close shave as it glides over the contours of your head. Made for sensitive skin, it comes with a hypoallergenic lubricating strip which further soothes due to its vitamin E content. When you look at all the features you get for the price, you'll be wondering what kept you from trying the Solimo in the first place. These features include: The MotionSphere head and precision beard trimmer.

1. ATX Head Shaving Stater Kit

Our number one pick for the best razor to shave heads is the ATX Head Shaving Starter Kit. Like the name states, this isn't just a razor, but a kit which comes complete with everything you'll need to get you started.Your purchase includes: One ATX razor, four cartridges, one adapter, one 5 ounce bottle of HeadSlick mentholated shaving cream, and one HB4 Refill Kit. A nice perk is that the ATX works on any area of the body that needs a shave, not just the head. Cruelty free with no irritating colorings or scents, this razor is promised to give you a slick, smooth and comfortable shave.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our top ten list of the 10 best razors for shaving heads. Again, these are razors, and not shavers so if you're more in the market for electric shavers then know razors and shavers are different tools. Head shaving is a skill, and like all skills you need the correct tools with the features that will work for you. Such features to examine before you buy are the handle length, weight of the razor, lubricating feature, and grip. Also, there are some razors that have different settings which will help you adjust the pressure to your skin type. Finally, if you don't want own a razor that requires special blades, then look specifically for that, as some razors require special blades, whereas other razors can use blades you can purchase at your local drug store.

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