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The 10 Best Kegerators Money Can Buy


After a long day, nothing beats a pint of cold beer fresh from the tap. If you want to skip the bar and enjoy a glass of frosty beer at home, a kegerator is the way to go. The market is filled with options, from space-saving countertop versions to commercial-sized units ideal for parties. If you're ready to take the plunge and blow some cash on one of the best beer dispensers on the market, check out our pick of the 10 best kegerators money can buy.

10. Bistro Bar Premiere

If you're in the market for a portable kegerator, you'll struggle to find much better than the Bistro Bar Premiere. To use, simply pop your favorite keg into the fully enclosed unit, top up the container with ice, then transport it to your destination using the attached 8-inch wheels. The entire setup takes less than five minutes from start to finish. To dispense the beer, you can either use the foot pump included in the kit or splash out on the extra CO2 adapter.

9. Krups B100 Beertender

Recommended by Hi Consumption as one of the best kegerators on the market, the Krups B100 Beertender takes cool to whole new levels. Not only does it have Heineken's seal of approval, but it's also made by one of the most respected equipment manufacturers in the industry. As you'd expect of a Krups product, the engineering is beyond fault. Designed to keep a tapped Heineken mini keg perfectly fresh for up to a month, it comes with a constant 37.4-degree temperature regulator to ensure a perfectly chilled draft with each pull of the handle.

8. Beer Meister Triple Tower Premium Series All Stainless

With an average retail price of around $2500, the Beer Meister Triple Tower Premium Series All Stainless is no one's idea of cheap. But if you're in the market for one of the best kegerators around and don't mind splashing out the big bucks to get it, it's definitely worth the blowout. Aesthetically, it's a dream, with an all-stainless exterior that will look the business in any setting. It doesn't disappoint functionally either, with an adjustable temperature range of 30 to 50 degrees, a 5 lb. CO2 tank, a triple faucet insulated 3" stainless steel tower, a drip tray, and enough room to be used for half kegs, tall quarter kegs, pony kegs, sixth barrels, and Cornelius kegs.

7. Nostalgia KRS2100

Recommended by Geek Wrapped as one the best budget kegerators on the market, the Nostalgia KRS2100 is proof that you don't have to spend a small fortune to enjoy a perfectly cold glass of beer whenever the feeling takes you. The dispenser is large enough to hold a full-size keg, and comes with the added convenience of an American Sankey double-tap that lets you pour 2 beers at the same time. In case you need to transport it, the 4 rolling castors will let you do it with ease.

6. Insignia Singe Tap Beverage Cooler

If you like to mix things up with different types of beer, the adaptable Insignia Singe Tap Beverage Cooler is an excellent option to consider. Its versatile layout will comfortably accommodate both half and quarter barrel kegs. It also has 2 wire shelves to keep cans and bottles cool. A set of locking caster wheels allows easy transportation. It looks just as good as it functions, with a smart design that's sure to add a bit of style to your home.

5. Kegco K309B-2 Kegerator

If you're particular about just how cold you like your beer, the Kegco K309B-2 Kegerator is an ideal companion to have around. It comes with a digital temperature control that lets you set the temperature to your likening at the touch of a button. Quick Cooling Technology lets you chill your beer in less time than it takes to pop a can. Included with the kegerator are a complete keg tapping kit and a CO2 tank.

4. Edgestar KC2000

If you prefer to keep things as simple as possible, the Edgestar KC2000 makes a very wise choice. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of some kegerators, but it does an excellent job of cooling beer... which, ultimately, is all most of us want from a kegerator. An uncomplicated design and bare minimum of components make maintenance a breeze, while the simple operation is easy enough for a child to master. Its narrow width is ideal for small spaces. It also comes with mounting equipment that lets you store it both inside and outside of the fridge, depending on your preference. If you need to move it around the house, the castor wheels make transportation a breeze.

3. Kegco 3 Kegerator Dispenser

If you're short on space but big on beer-guzzling friends, the Kegco 3 Kegerator Dispenser is a great option. Its convenient design doubles up as a refrigerator, letting you save on kitchen space while still enjoying your favorite beer on demand. Included with the kegerator is a complete keg tapping kit for you to attach to the keg of your choice. A removable drip tray with a dishwasher-safe plastic grill makes clean-up a breeze, while the attached casters let you transport it around with ease. Its sleek, stainless steel door is stylish enough to add some pizzazz to any setting.

2. AtosaKegerator Dispenser

If you're looking for a dual tap kegerator with excellent functionality and a sleek design, you won't be disappointed with the AtosaKegerator Dispenser. Easy to use, compact, and with a digital temperature controller that lets you fine-tune the temperature to your exact liking, it's a great way to keep your favorite beer perfectly chilled. Additional features include an R290 refrigerator magnetic door for easy opening and closing and a very convenient built-in bottler opener and cap holder.

1. Sunpentown BD-0538 5L Mini Kegerator

Recommended by Gear Hungry as one of the best kegerators on the market, the Sunpentown BD-0538 5L Mini Kegerator is ideal for people looking to save some space while keeping small, 5-liter mini-kegs perfectly chilled. Operation is simple: simple pop in your mini-keg, allow it to cool for the day, then enjoy. A disposable bike pump-style CO2 cartridge is provided for kegs that need pressurization to keep the flow going. An LED temperature display lets you keep an eye on the temperature, which is controlled via thermoelectric cooling technology.

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