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The Five Best Self Inflating Air Mattresses Money Can Buy

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From camping to unexpected guests, a high-quality air mattress is essential for any home. However, blowing up an air mattress is tough on your arms if you use a manual pump. Sadly, it's even harder on your lungs and rather time-consuming if you need to blow it up. The sensible solution is to grab a self-inflating mattress with a built-in pump. Not only are these faster, but they are often made of superior materials. Here are the five best self-inflating air mattresses money can buy.

5. Simpli Comfy EZ Airbed

The Simpli Comfy air mattress has a built-in frame bed that comes with a suitcase-like wheeled self-storage container built-in. The queen size bed is made for quick and straightforward operation. A patented motor on this model sets up in less than three minutes, and it's incredibly quiet. Better still, you don't need to mess with awkward fold-out feet as this bed will set itself up as it fills. The soft flocked top makes it more comfortable than cheaper, bare-plastic mattresses. Safety is key. All air mattresses are lightweight, which can be an issue, especially on smooth floors where they tend to shift with the slightest bump. Simpli Comfy is designed with a Suction Cup Stabilizer for convenience and safety to keep this bed in place. Simply Comfy believes in its products and backs them with a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. According to, Ode Magazine featured this mattress as one of the best air mattresses around. Simpli Comfy lives up to its name and hype with forty internal coils and a thick polyvinyl chloride outer body that is waterproof.

4. Intex 64447ED Dura Beam

Intex is well known among air mattress makers as a reliable go-to brand, and the Intex 64447ED Dura-Beam air be is one of the most unique options on this list. Like all airbeds, it is comfortable, lightweight, and convenient. However, this unusual mattress has a feature few other air mattresses can boast. There is a built-in plush headboard. Not only does the added headboard make this bed more comfortable to sit on, but it also helps keep pillows in place even when the bed is freestanding away from walls. With this ingenious feature, you won't wake up from a night of camping and need to fish your pillow out from between the side of your tent and the bed anymore. Plus, the whole bed uses Enhanced Fiber-Tech technology for better durability and comfort. An included carrying case makes it easier for you to put the Dura-Beam away when it's not in use. Moreover, it also means this particular mattress is incredibly portable, and you can take it everywhere with ease. Once you reach your destination and set up the bed, the eighteen-inch height makes it much easier to get in and out of bed as well.

3. Simmons Beautyrest Hi-Loft

Simons is another well-known and trusted name in mattress technology. The included electric express pump will inflate or deflate your mattress in seconds with no pumping or blowing involved. Meanwhile, the patented one-touch control system is ideal for adjusting to the perfect fill and automatically changes from plush (soft) to firm (hard). Simmons recommends inflating and deflating the mattress several times in the first week. While many companies fail to mention this, all air mattresses need this step to inflate correctly. Otherwise, the natural stretch of the PVC material may result in a feeling of deflation as you sleep on the bed overnight. Vitally this mattress meets all Federal Lead Safety Requirements. It can fit standard sheets for whichever size you choose and comes in twin, double, or queen sizes. Additionally, the Simmons Beautyrest Hi-Loft can easily hold up to seven hundred pounds, so you don't need to worry about visitor comfort or sleeping on the bed with a partner.

2. Aero Bed

The Aero Bed is the best overall option for an air mattress that sits on the floor directly. Not only does this excellent bed have a low-profile headboard to keep your pillows in place, but it also has a simple set-and-forget pump that will inflate your bed rapidly without worry. You simply choose your firmness and turn it on. The auto-shutoff won't allow you to overinflate this mattress. More importantly, the Secondary Comfort Lock pump will maintain your exact desired pre-set firmness overnight in silence so you can get the best rest. Plus, at twenty inches tall, this bed is easy to get in and out of, even if you're taller than average. The Aero Bed uses a laminated material that is incredibly durable, lightweight, and puncture-resistant. An integrated USB port lets you charge your phone or another device overnight. Most importantly, the treated sleep surface resists odor, mold, mildew, and fungus forming even in damp environments.

1. Ivation EZ Bed

The Ivation EZ Bed has made a lot of waves this year. The famous self-inflating air mattress went viral on TikTok, and it was sold out constantly. People Magazine even did a story about this wildly popular air bed. One thing that makes the Ivation bed so unique is that you can get it in king-size, which is rare in the air mattress world. However, the quick self-setup and convenient frame made this bed the star of the show. However, the Deflate Defender technology is also highly noteworthy. As anyone who's ever gone to bed on an air mattress and woken up on the floor knows, it's an awful feeling, and it can lead to backaches. With Ivation, you can get the space and comfort you need, and you don't have to sleep on the ground.

Final Thoughts

In summer, a self-inflating air mattress will keep you off the ground when you're camping, providing outstanding adjustable support for every body type. House guests don't need to worry about other peoples' preferences or trying to rest on a too firm or too soft mattress. Meanwhile, in the winter months, being higher off the ground can be an advantage for staying warm so long as you have a nice thick pad between you and the pocket of air below. Plus, an air mattress is a great economical solution for those with no furniture. Any one of these superb top five self-inflating mattresses will give you a great night's rest.

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