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What is the Most Expensive Kind of Marble?


When it comes to decorating your home, you have to bring your A-game to get to your intended level of beauty. One area that you need to pay attention to when improving the aesthetic essence of your house is the floor and walls.

While painting can do some justice, you may go a notch higher with marble. Marbles show off your level of sophistication, and you can hardly go wrong with it when beautifying your home.

The glassy essence they provide makes the surface smooth and can seal your trials when it comes to home improvement. If you are the kind of person who does not spare any effort when it comes to decoration, your question might be, which is the most expensive marble? To answer your question, we introduce you to the Lux Touch Marble.

The Lux Touch Marble

The name Lux already gives you a hint of how classy the flooring material is and maybe a slight hint at its luxurious aspect. It is an exclusive type of marble, reserved for only those who are not only capable of breaking the bank, but also owning it.

Its $1,000,000 per square meter price tag easily makes it the most expensive marble in the world. But why should flooring come at such a price tag? Let us have an in-depth look at this marble to deem if the steep price tag is worth.

Background Of The Lux Touch Marble

As from Top Tile Stone, the Lux Touch Marble is a collaborative effort by Pietra Firma and John Harwood designs. As from his online platform, you get an idea of the works that Harwood does in art and technology. It gives you a hint of what to expect when you come across the marble piece, that takes the tag of the most expensive in the world

The Design Of The Lux Touch Marble

One thing that makes this marble piece to stand out from the pack is its design. Its pattern is an introduction to what awaits you and makes it a good fit for both your floor and wall. From afar, you get the picture of a black and white design of the material.

When you get closer is when you realize you are proximal to a work of art and extravagance. Each square meter consists of black marble, more than 1000 pieces of finely cut diamond, 2400 pieces of mother of pearl and 400 pieces of abalone shell.

There are also 500 pieces of black onyx as evident from CMR. Most of the materials on a square meter of this marble piece are and attract high individual prices. That gives you a proper idea of how classy the flooring and wall material is. The $1 million per square meter price tag is worth it if you understand how pricey the constituents are.

Having It In Your Home

The Lux Touch is one of the rarest flooring materials and is at the moment restricted to five projects globally. However, if you dream of having it, you need to picture its unique essence on your floor.

The elements protrude from the marble, and you can feel the smooth bumps when walking on it, and this further adds to its uniqueness. It is a great wall piece, and you can have a square meter or more depending on your preference to decorate your living room, office or personal gallery.

The artistry employed to the marble makes it an excellent complement to any wall and other artistic impressions such as paintings or wall hangings. If you love rare stones and ornaments, then the Lux Touch will be an excellent addition to boost your collections.

Acquisition Of The Lux Touch

As earlier hinted, to have the Lux Touch to decorate your home's interior, you need to part with $1 million per square meter. For most this is expensive and as at the moment, it is only exclusive to five projects all over the world.

The artistry and its price tag make it one of the rarest decoration materials and should its production stop; its price will further appreciate. It will surely be a standard feature in future auctions where even a square inch will have participants bid crazy prices.

Other Expensive Marble Pieces

Aside from the Lux Touch Marble, other unique marbles can up your home's ambience while being a bargain attracting friendlier prices. Let us look at some cheaper options as compared to the diamond and pearl marble.

• Calacatta Gold Marble

The calacatta gold marble is a perfect decorative material if you want a touch of aristocratic beauty. It has golden veins and is an excellent complement to other marbles or decorations. It can go well with Belgian black marble or any of a darker hue.

• White Statuario

The white statuario is another affordable marble stone that you can opt for your flooring needs. It is white with faint grey veins punctuating it. It is an excellent option if you want a lively ambience in your house. It is also suitable if you have a beach house or an open designed house, where the sun rays can reflect on the marble surface for a heavenly look.

• Backlit Amazon Green Marble

The backlit Amazon green marble is a great flooring or walling material that takes on a greenish hue with a slight hint of fluorescence. It is excellent for a place with water surroundings such as a swimming pool, or residence with a seafront. All the above marbles go for roughly $1000 per square meter

Final Remark

When decorating your home, one option to bank on is marble. It is more durable and may boost the sturdy aspect of your house. You may go a notch higher and go for the most expensive marble. The lush touch takes the price of the most valuable piece and has an asking cost of $1 million per square meter. With diamonds, mother of pearl and abalone shell, it is not hard to see why it attracts such a value.

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