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The 10 Best Wine Aerators Money Can Buy

Wine Aerator

Some aromatic wines benefit from exposure to air before drinking. Allowing the wine to breathe is necessary for some wine. Merely popping the cork isn't always enough. A wine aerator is the best way to prepare your wine to enjoy the best that it has to offer. It can reduce the tannins in the wine, changing the taste to unleash the optimal aromas and flavors for the ultimate wine experience. We've chosen the top ten best wine aerators that money can buy for your consideration.

10. Vivid Decanter & Aerating Funnel Set

Price: $64.95

The Vivid Decanter is a wide base aerator that oxygenates wine faster than most other units because of its wide base. This is a premium product, hand-made for lead-free crystal in Europe. It's a stylish addition to any bar or wine closet that is also highly functional. The aerator holds more wine for faster aeration in a large carafe with a glass stopper. This set comes with a decanter, an aerating funnel, and a stand. The decanter is 9.25" high and holds up to 47 ounces of wine. It's the ideal aerator for gift giving.

9. Tribella Wine Aerator & Pourer

Price: $39.95

Tribella's wine aerator and pourer is designed in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon, and made in China. Tribella patented a three-stream system for aerating wine as you pour it. It's a simple device that aerates the wine as it pours from the bottle. The tubes are made of stainless steel delivering a triple stream of wine. The wine breathes as it flows from the bottle, allowing the full aromas and flavors to develop. It saves time and allows you to enjoy the fullness of the wine immediately. The set is hand-assembled with an attractive polished finish It comes with a protective carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

8. KLT WP-014/WP-011 Mini Red Wine Aerator

Price: 15.99

The KLT WP Mini-Red Wine Aerator is a budget-priced item that works like a champ. It's loaded with features for the price. The aerator features a rotating wine pourer decanter cap with a quick 360 degrees rotation to aerate wine as it pours. The device is easy to clean and may be put in a dishwasher safely. It can usually be cleaned with a gentle rinse after use. It features an elegant and attractive sloped design to make pouring dripless, with a tulip flower special pour tube. It's made of food-grade plastic materials that do not alter the taste of the wine. This aerator is nicknamed the Wake Up Wine Tool because it instantly aerates to release the full flavor and aroma of wines.

7. Geoffrey Zakarian Wine Aerator with Gift Box

Price: $34.98

The Zakarian Wine Aerator is made for all standard-sized wine bottles. It features a one-touch operation for aerating wine in the bottle. Just put the device on the top of an opened wine bottle, and pour with wine. This aerator comes with a gift box and is perfect for the wine enthusiast in your life. It comes with a wine aerator, a charging base, a USB charging cable, and a gift box.

6. Coravin Pivot

Price: $99

The Coravin Pivot is a wine aerator they call a wine preservation system. It extends the life of wines through a pivot stopper and preservation devise that keeps opened wine inside the bottle fresh for up to four weeks. Each capsule holds 20 five-ounce glasses of wine. Pivot also includes an aerator to deliver the best aroma and flavor of the wine, unlocking each nuance, note, and feature. The Pivot stopper replaces any cap, glass stopper, cork, or screw cap. The stoppers are reusable.

5. Aervana Original 1-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator in Brushed Nickel

Price: $79.99

When only the best will do, Aervana's Original fits the bill. It is the Original 1-touch luxury wine aerator that operates with the single touch of a button to keep the sediment at the bottom of the bottle and aerate your favorite wines. The aeration process unlocks the fullness of the aroma and flavors of the wine. This aerator dispenses and aerates wine under pressure similar to a wine tap. This set comes with one stainless steel telescoping tube, a countertop storage stand, and an aerator. It operates via 6 AAA batteries to automatically dispense the wine.

4. Norm Architects Wine Breather Carafe

Price: $54.95

The Norm Architects Wine Breather Carafe is the easy way to dispense and aerate your vintages with class and sophistication. These carafes are made in a series of mouth-blown glass with the smoked version offering charm and style. It's a contemporary device that aerates your wine instantly to release its scent and the full array of tasting notes. The Wine Breather Carafe is an award-winning design recognized with the Good Design Award and the IF Design Award. The holding capacity of the carafe is up to 34 ounces.

3. Aervana Wine Aerator, Select Brushed Bronze

Price: $129.95

The Aervana in Brushed Bronze is a premium product that is made for those with discriminating tastes in style. The aerator is made with stainless steel material and features an ergonomic rubber grip. It instantly decants wine and dispenses aerated wine into the glass with a single punch of a button. This device eliminates spills and drips. It's the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list.

2. MEHMM Wine Aerator Decanter

Price: $20.99

This affordable yet practical wine aerator features a decanter, pourer, and aerator in one device. The wine air decanter oxygenates your wine to enhance the aroma and tasting notes. It's a gift idea that comes with a stand and a drawstring bag, and a presentation box.

1. Seenda Wine Aerator

Price: $7.93

We're not concerned about the price in our listing of the best wine aerators, but we couldn't resist including this ultra-affordable Seenda Wine Aerator. The aerator is a two-in-one device that aerates and pours wine through a no-drip spout to eliminate spills. You don't need to break the bank to enjoy quality products. It enhances the quality of the wine by aerating it as it pours. Insert it into a wine bottle, and it's ready to do its job.

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