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5 Most Expensive Hot Tubs You Can Buy Today

If you've had an entry-level hot tub for a long time and you're ready for an upgrade, there are many models and manufacturers to consider. Maybe you've enjoyed the basic features of hydrotherapy and having a place to relax with your family, but now you're ready for the advanced hydromassage, high-quality build, and accent lighting that could make your hot tub experience that much better. You're ready for most expensive hot tub that money can buy.

In this article, we'll be discussing some of the most expensive hot tubs in the world so you can decide if you're in the market for a luxury hot tub that really delivers. If you hope to buy a luxury hot tub sometime soon, you're in the right place. This article will discuss features, price points, and basic information about the most expensive hot tubs so you can make an informed buy decision.

How Did We Compile This List?

We started our research in much the same way that you might begin your own research if you wanted to look for a high-quality hot tub for your home. We looked at websites of hot tub dealers and manufacturers looking for high-end, high-quality products. You can follow our research method yourself if you'd like to dive deeper than this list. Here's what we did:

  • Keyword search. We started by searching for keywords like "luxury hot tubs" and "best high-end hot tubs." There were many paths to follow because there were many hot tub manufacturers to choose from.
  • Compared and contrasted. We compared the costs and features of different models. A typical hot tub can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $16,000, but since we were looking for luxury, we looked at products that fell outside that range.
  • Researched the biggest names in hot tub manufacturing. Some companies are known for producing high-quality products that you can count on. We knew that to determine which hot tubs should top the list of high-end hot tubs, we would become intimately familiar with the companies that made them. How long have they been in business? What are the defining features of their products? We asked ourselves these questions and more. 

Most Expensive Hot Tub 

Finding the most expensive hot tubs, we sorted through some of the world's most reputable hot tub manufacturers, including Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, Sundance Spas, and others. As you're looking for a spa of your own, it's important to explore options from different manufacturers and hot tub models. Below are some of the most impressive hot tubs available. 

5. Jacuzzi J-485™ Designer Hot Tub with Open Seating

This hot tub has an open-seat design with corner accent lighting, elegant cabinetry, and an illuminated waterfall for excellent neck, shoulders, and back relaxation. 

  • Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
  • Features: Illuminated waterfall, low-profile foot dome, three distinct therapy seats, open seating, Smart tub app, pro-finish cabinetry
  • Design: Modern hardwood, smoked ebony or brushed gray with choice of different shell interiors 
  • Price: $22,490.00 MSRP 
  • Exclusivity: The J-485™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub provides three distinct therapy seats including the FX-12 Therapy Seat for deep-tissue massage, the RX Jet Therapy Seat to administer Swedish-style hydromassage for improved circulation, and the MX2 Jet Therapy Seat for full-back benefits. 


In addition to the three therapy seats that offer improved circulation, Swedish-style hydromassage, spiral-action jets that provide deep-tissue massage, and body-supporting jet therapy seats for full-back benefits, the J-485™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub offers a wide-sheet waterfall that relaxes the shoulders and neck. With excellent accent lighting to create a heavenly experience, the J-485™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub also features open seating for configurations of many types.

With the pro touch control and optional smart tub app, controlling your hot tub's status and adjusting the temperature becomes easy. You can monitor your hot tub from a distance, track maintenance reminders, and more using the app. The J-485™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub also features pro-finish cabinetry that draws the eye and creates an attractive focal point in your backyard, with attractive lighting options. 


The Jacuzzi J-495™ is the largest model the Jacuzzi brand offers, making it excellent for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. 

  • Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
  • Features: Wide-sheet waterfall design, high back, extra large capacity, open seating feature, pro-touch control and SmartTub App, side-by-side bench seating, MX Jet Therapy seat and RX Therapy Seat
  • Design: Featuring cabinet in wood, gray or black as well as varying shell colors
  • Price: $26,217.00 MSRP
  • Exclusivity: Extra large capacity and high back seating

The Jacuzzi J-495™ features a wide variety of premium Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ jet combinations and includes a unique bench seat for two people. With a high-back design that allows for an extra-wide illuminated waterfall, this hot tub is a solid luxury hot tub with a range of options designed to improve user experience. The wide-sheet waterfall is backlit for extra beauty and is designed to produce massage-like sensations on the neck and shoulders. Open seating makes it easier to enjoy your time in this hot tub because you can use it with many friends and family in a range of configurations. The ProTouch control and optional SmartTub App make it much easier to control the temperature and other settings of this hot tub and allow for easy maintenance as well. 

Unique bench seating allows for easy interaction with others in the hot tub, while side-by-side massage jets deliver deep tissue massage. The MX Jet therapy seat uses hydromassage technology to alleviate back pain and tension in the muscles, while the RX Therapy seat offers high-performance hydro massage with Swedish-style back coverage. In other words, this is an excellent hot tub for entertaining and for using with a spouse, partner, or other family member. 

3. Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series

The Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series is an elegant example of a solidly built spa with a low-profile flat top rail and lounge seat designed to support the body.

  • Manufacturer: Sundance Spas
  • Features: SunCooler™ and Conversation Deck, Advanced i-Touch Glass Control panel, low profile height for easy entry and exit, and architectural corner lighting
  • Design: Wooden colored cabinet and interior shell of varying colors
  • Price: $28,538 MSRP
  • Exclusivity: Enjoy a full-on sensory experience similar to a spa with Silent Air™ injector jets and SunScents® Aromatherapy while you recline in the Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series. 

The Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series is defined by its aesthetic beauty and its elegant functionality, with sophisticated exterior cabinetry and corner illumination. The low-profile flat-top rail makes getting into and out of the hot tub easy, allowing for relaxation without difficulty. The lounge seat is molded to be fully supportive of your body and allow for instant relaxation. Wide seats in the spa allow for extra comfort. Users of the Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series also enjoy the presence of LED lighting for safety and sophisticated beauty. To ensure a spa-like experience, the Sundance Spas Claremont® – 980™ Series also includes Injector Jets that provide Aromatherapy. 

Cold storage in the SunCooler is convenient and provides a deck for extra seating and easy conversation with people outside the hot tub. The Advanced I-touch Glass Controls are intuitive and interface with a SunSmart app to allow for remote control of the hot tub. Meanwhile, lighting and waterfalls with color-changing LEDs create an environment where spending time is pleasant.

2. Bullfrog Swim Series

This swim spa allows users to build up their endurance and strength in a comfortable swim environment with space for a variety of water-based workouts while also providing room for relaxation and comfort. 

  • Manufacturer: Bullfrog
  • Features: Unique Swim Current System, JetPak Therapy System™, Premium Spa Lighting, Premium Controls, EnduraFrame™ Construction
  • Design: exterior timber colored, interior snow
  • Price: $35,395-$44,595
  • Exclusivity: The Swim Series by Bullfrog Spas allows users to build endurance and enjoy water-based workouts while also providing space for play and relaxation. The Swim Series offers more therapy options with a patented JetPak Therapy System™ than any other product in its category. 

The Swim Series by Bullfrog is a swim spa and hot tub combined in one elegant product, with space for a variety of activities, including swimming, play, and relaxation. This product is perfect for families with children and for adults seeking space for low-impact water-based workouts. With attractive aesthetics and a creative design, the Swim Series is a functional and sophisticated product for groups of all ages and configurations.

With 9 to 13 seats, the Swim Series is great for entertaining. It also features a unique swim current system with an anatomically tuned current system that allows for easy swimming. The current system creates a current shape that keeps the body and legs horizontal and allows swimmers to use their swim lane for long-lasting workouts. 

The Swim Series hot tub has a pre-programmed workout routine, or users can customize it for their fitness level. If you're in need of a hot tub that allows for workouts that boost cardiovascular health, improve your muscle tone, or help with weight management, this is an excellent product. The JetPak Therapy System™ gives massage and can be customized to the needs of the user.

The Swim Series also provides soft-feeling water with low chlorine levels for an easy and enjoyable spa care experience and uses advanced oxidation technology to create hydroxyl ions for a strong oxidation effect. Premium spa lighting and premium controls make for a streamlined, enjoyable, and convenient experience. The premium spa lighting creates a visual indicator that makes it easier to find the swim lane. Finally, the Swim Series strong EnduraFrame™ Construction is 100% wood-free, so no wood rot or warping can impact the unit. 

1. Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding (220/240V / 50/60Hz)

The Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding is a hot tub focused on a therapeutic experience for users and ensures superior hot tub performance through a combination of active and passive therapy seating. 

  • Manufacturer: Aquatica
  • Features: Aquatica VorteX Minijet, active and passive therapy seating, optional active therapy floating seat, advanced temperature control & recirculation
  • Design: Wood exterior, white interior shell
  • Price: $37,940
  • Exclusivity: The only hot tub in the world with active and passive therapy seating for the ultimate therapeutic experience. 

The Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding with floating hydromassage, and Vibe Infinity Spa uses chromotherapy with an infinity edge and multiple LEDs to create a minimalistic and luxurious experience for users. The edgeless water surface is unlike other spas. Using the Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa helps you clear your mind for a more relaxing and comforting overall experience. Integrated air jets provide a floating and weightless sensation to help relieve symptoms of muscle pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. People seek the Aquatica Vibe Infinity spa to improve blood circulation and relieve insomnia. 

The Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa also features different shades of light that radiate around the perimeter of the hot tub. This provides for light therapy that helps settle the mind and spirit, harmonizing the body with each color. Colors have different characteristics, so hot tub users can choose different colors for different effects. 

Recirculation and automatic filtration options allow for easy temperature control and a clean, enjoyable experience. The Aquatica Vibe Infinity Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding is designed for intense massage. It uses thousands of air bubbles to revitalize deep tissue and relax muscles. It's ergonomically designed with memory gel headrests, creating a pillow-like effect that enhances the experience. It includes a passive therapy seat for post-therapy relaxation to help ensure the best spa experience available. 

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