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The Five Best Coupe Glasses Money Can Buy

Coupe Glass

Also known as a champagne coupe or champagne saucer, the coupe glass gets its name from the bowl-shaped feature that sits on top of its long, narrow stem. Before the fluted glass, this was originally how champagne was served at the dinner table and among the more elite establishments that served high-end alcoholic beverages to the public. When the coupe glass first came out, it was highly popular as it served as an ideal method to serve the sweeter side of champagne and finer wine. However, its popularity waned as the consumers shifted from sweet champagnes and wines to something dryer and more carbonated. Because of this, the inability of the coupe glass to maintain the bubbles as the champagne is poured became obsolete.

Changing Tastes

With the demand for sweeter cocktails and even desserts making its way into the consumer base, the coupe glass has not only found a way to maintain its usefulness but has even become something of a trend among establishments who wish to class up what they serve. Whether it be an alcoholic beverage, a dessert, or even a decorative piece to show off, coupe glasses share a feature going for them the rest of the glassware family simply doesn't possess. The best of the best coupe glasses money can buy are those that not only prove their durability but show off a certain elegance that seems unmatched. While there are a number of companies that specialize in stemware, including coupe glasses that can have proven to be worth their weight in gold, the five included on this list stick out in design difference from each other.

5. RONA's Steelite Vintage Lace Coupe Glass

This stylish, beautifully engraved couple glass makes it the ideal canvas to create that one cocktail that has an extensive list of ingredients as its bowl shape can hold up to 8-ounces of whatever you put into it. The stylish etching not only adds elegance to the stemware but increases its durability. RONA has been in the business of making glassware since 1892 by founder Jozef Schreiber of the Viennas. Its glassworks in Lednicke Rovne, Slovakia is one of the world's leaders in the processing of lead-free crystalline glass. RONA's reputation for manufacturing quality glassware that is as elegant as it is durable has been known to grace the barware and tables of Buckingham Palace and the White House. A set of six of these particular coupe glasses average at $90.00 USD and can easily be found on a number of shopping sites, including Amazon.

  • Brand - RONA Steelite
  • Non-Lead Crystal
  • 8 fluid ounce capacity
  • Top Diameter - 3 3/4 inches
  • Base Diameter - 2 7/8 inches
  • Height - 5 3/4 inches
  • Dishwasher safe

4. Crafthouse SZ by Fortessa Tritan Coupe Glasses

Fortessa began embarking on the world of tableware production as of 1993 when brothers Eric and Scott Hamberger took their love of crystal and porcelain as a partnered business venture. For $60.00 USD, this set of four stylish coupe glasses has its non-lead crystal etched design crafted by Charles Joy of Fortessa Professional Barware. The crystal comes from the Schott Zwiesel Tritan crystal glass line, which features titanium to add to the stemware's durability, as well as zirconium to put emphasis on its brilliance. The Cratfhouse SZ by Fortessa Tritan Coupe Glasses are highly recommended as martini glasses, as well as making the ideal cocktail coupe as its design helps maintain the fizz lifespan of any carbonated beverage that is poured into it.

  • Brand - Crafthouse by Fortessa
  • Non-Lead Crystal
  • 8.8 fluid ounce capacity
  • Top Diameter - 8.5 inches
  • Base Diameter - 6.25 inches
  • Height - 6.2 inches
  • Dishwasher safe

3. NUDE Glass Big Top Coupe

The style of art deco going into the Youmeus Design of this piece of stemware makes it a standout favorite, especially among the most discerning tastes of coupe glass enthusiasts. The Turkish company known as NUDE has established itself for producing superior quality glassware that is highly sought after around the world. Headquartered in Instanbul, NUDE was first established in 1935 by Ataruk, otherwise known as the father of Turkey. The first of the NUDE series began in 2014 by Sisecam, stepping into the market of contemporary designed stemware that revolved around the world of coupe glasses. The circus theme this Turkish glassware company puts a modern spin by tapering the stem that's etched with a linear design. The typical pricing for a set of two glasses is $37.00 USD.

  • Brand - NUDE
  • Non-Lead Crystal
  • 8.25 fluid ounce capacity
  • Top Diameter - 8.5 inches
  • Base Diameter - 4.5 inches
  • Height - 6 inches
  • Dishwasher Safe

2. Godinger Champagne Coupe (Dublin Crystal Collection)

For consumers opting for the vintage-style coupe glass, the Godinger Champagne Coupe's Dublin Crystal Collection serves as the ideal style of choice with its bottom of the bowl design that features a series of diamonds seeming to spark up this lead-free crystal stemware. Since 1973, the Goldinger Silver Art Co. has specialized in handcrafted crystal, pewter, silver, stainless, and alternative metalware. The founders, Arnold Goldinger and William Lefkowitz take tremendous pride in their dedication to providing quality tableware and giftwares to customers throughout the world. The affordability of Goldinger's Dublin Crystal Collection has been known to fetch $40.00 USD for a set of four glasses.

  • Brand - Godinger
  • Non-Lead Crystal
  • 6 fluid ounce capacity
  • Top Diameter - 4.25 inches
  • Base Diameter - 3 inches
  • Height - 3 inches
  • Dishwasher Safe

1. NUDE Savage Coupe Glass

Surprisingly affordable given the mix of quality and elegance, the long and sleek NUDE Savage Coupe Glass stems from French bartender Remy Savage, whose lineup of glassware is noted for its stunning presentation. On average, a pair of these minimalist-style glasses sell at $37.00 USD and is often sold out due to its high critic ratings and popularity.

  • Brand - NUDE
  • Non-Lead Crystal
  • 7.75 fluid ounce capacity
  • Top Diameter - 4.25 inches
  • Base Diameter - 3 inches
  • Height - 6.75 inches
  • Dishwasher Safe
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