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The 7 Most Expensive Mattresses in the World

There's nothing like a good night's sleep to help your overall health. Your body and mind need sleep to repair and rebuild themselves after rough days spent working, playing, and relaxing. Your bed, particularly your mattress, is the primary thing helping you get a good night's sleep. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a great mattress, it can not only prevent you from getting the rest you need but also be the catalyst for causing an array of skeletal and muscular problems. For example, neck and back problems are one of the most common issues related to insufficient support in mattresses. 

Mattresses come in a wide variety of qualities and price ranges to match. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay big bucks for a top-of-the-line mattress to get a good night's sleep. Buying the most expensive mattress can be a rewarding way to help your body relax at night with ease.

For some, buying what seems like the most expensive mattress in the world means paying $1,000 or more. That said, there are some who will pay several thousands of dollars for the very best. Have you ever wondered just how high mattresses can go in price? You're not alone. 

In fact, there are several mattresses that can cost a small fortune, and we’ve done the research to find them out. Here are the most expensive mattresses in the entire world. Are they worth the price? They’re dreamy if you can afford them because they’ll help you sleep better than ever. 

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The 7 Most Expensive Mattress In the World

If you’re trying to find the most expensive mattress for your home, there are many options to consider here. We have to warn you, though, that these are truly expensive items. Some might cost as much as a car, so make sure that you know what to expect here. Let’s take a look at these seven expensive mattresses to see if you can afford them, as they all have various amenities you may love.

7. Royal Pedic: $3,000 – $9,000

Abe Kaplan is the founder of Royal Pedic, a high-end mattress company that he started in Los Angeles, California, in 1946. According to the Royal Pedic website, it’s a “Southern California based, family-owned and operated luxury handcrafted mattress maker” that uses great materials. 

Kaplan started by learning about the high-end mattress business in London during the 1930s and 1940s and later headed to America to find his niche in the market. Here, he began selling his exquisite and very expensive mattresses to some of the most notable actors and actresses, even presidents.

He owned the business with a partner until 1984, when it was purchased by the Kelemen family, who still operate the business today. They have continued with the tradition of using only the finest materials and craftsmanship for each of their mattresses. Even their cotton mattresses are great!

Over the years, the company expanded its business to include newer materials and a wider range of products from which to choose. These include latex mattresses, pillow tops, pillowtop pads, and an entire organic line of products that might fit your interests well. 

No matter what you choose from Royal Pedic, you are guaranteed that it is made entirely of cotton. They’re also handcrafted and hypoallergenic. You can expect to spend between $3,000 and $9,000 on a mattress from Royal Pedic, making it one of the most expensive mattresses available today.

6. Duxiana: $13,000

Duxiana focuses on getting their customers to sleep and keeping them well-rested by promoting great posture while they are in bed. One problem many people face when sleeping is finding that they can't get comfortable because their spines get out of alignment. Even a body pillow isn’t enough to help. 

As a result, this creates the perfect scenario for waking up with neck and backaches. Even worse, many people may experience long-term health problems related to poor sleep posture. In this way, your posture is as important when you’re asleep as it is when you’re awake. 

Thankfully, Duxiana's mattresses are designed to be the "vehicle" for better wellbeing. The Duxiana mattress is designed to distribute your weight evenly so that your circulation works at its maximum. This process also helps to improve your posture and minimize severe neck and back pain. 

Even better, it keeps your posture in the correct sleeping posture all night long. When your spine is supported in this way, you can totally relax and sleep more easily. Just for reference, your spine should remain perpendicular to your hips and shoulders while you sleep, which is what a Duxiana mattress does.

Even better, Duxiana offers the DUX Bed, which is all about deep sleep. In fact, their sleep systems will let you get the rest and the relief you deserve. If you think the DUX Bed could give you the best night's sleep, all you have to pay is $13,000. For many people, that’s more than worth the cash.

5. Hypnos: $15,000

Hypnos is a British company that got its name from the Greek deity Hypnos. Currently, it’s run by the fourth-generation Keen family, which gives it a continuous and friendly feel compared to other companies. Over the years, they have created many luxury mattresses for diverse clients. 

During this time, they’ve perfected the art of helping people get the best night's sleep by creating luxury pocket spring beds by hand. Have you ever slept in a great hotel and found the mattress very comfortable? There’s a good chance that it was Hypnos, as they’re common in these facilities.

Hypnos believes that everyone deserves the best night's sleep to help facilitate better dreams and a healthy life. The company uses traditional skills in combination with ever-changing innovative technology and only the finest materials to create the most comfortable mattresses.

As a matter of fact, Hypnos is very certain that they do have "the most comfortable beds in the world." Although other mattress companies may disagree with them, it’s clear that they are the most prestigious mattress company in the UK, a country with a long history of great mattresses.

In fact, we know that they’re a great company because they have received the royal's stamp of approval on that. That kind of recommendation is something to pay attention to here. So, if you want a Hypnos mattress, you can expect to pay about $15,000 for one: yowza!

4. Vi Spring: $20,000

For over a century, since 1901, Vi Spring has been designing and constructing luxurious, high-end mattresses. They are a company that wants to make your bed to your specifications. According to their site, "Our story begins in 1988 with British engineer James Marshall…(he created a) supportive mattress with coiled springs wrapped in muslin" to help his wife sleep well at night in Canada. 

Since then, they've produced one of the most expensive mattress in the world, costing nearly $20,000 at its most expensive. However, this firm thrives on creating a better night's sleep for their customers. They take your sleep very seriously and will do whatever it takes to ensure you rest well.

In fact, Vi works to find just the perfect combination of mattress spring size, resilience, and tension. Over the years, it is said that this company has perfected it. Even better, they've continually looked to expand their offerings over the years to create consistently great and comfortable mattresses. 

For example, the name derives from the Roman numeral 6 (VI), as they find that a mattress's optimum number of coils is six. Over the years, many people have copied this six-coil design. Furthermore, this company has a high standard of making their mattresses by hand with great materials. 

They source only the finest materials and guarantee that their mattress will not only change your night's sleep but will change your life. That guarantee comes with full-money-back options, meaning you can get all the money you spent on the mattress back in your account. 

So while you will have to pay about $20,000 to sleep on a Vi Spring mattress, it's money well spent. In fact, if money is no object for you, it may be worth the extra money to get such a luxurious mattress like this. Amazingly, though, it's still not the most expensive mattress in the world!

3. Kluft: $30,000

Kluft has been a world-class leader in luxury mattresses for about the past decade. That's quite a bit different from other makers here, some of whom have been in business for over a century. What exactly does Kluft do to stand apart from other manufacturers of great mattresses? 

Firstly, they thrive on perfection and use the latest, most innovative technology, the finest materials, and excellent craftsmanship to create some of the most luxurious and comfortable mattresses in the world. Unlike mass-produced mattresses, each mattress from Kluft is crafted by hand. 

Even better, each mattress is hand-stitched to ensure the highest quality possible. Furthermore, the company holds some exclusive patents on their mattresses. These patents illustrate that Kluft takes your comfort very seriously and works hard to ensure that you're happy. 

As a result, the company designs some of the most beautiful and sought-after mattresses and some of the most expensive. You'll pay about $30,000 to sleep on a Kluft, which is more than some cars cost these days. However, many think the perfect night's sleep is worth the money. The choice is yours!

2. Hastens: $67,000

Hastens is a Swedish-based mattress manufacturer that has over 150 years of experience in the mattress-making business. It falls well into the Swedish tradition of excellent craftsmanship and creates a unique sleeping option that will set you back good money to afford. 

After all, each mattress is handcrafted, and each one takes about 150 to 160 hours to build. That may sound wild, but Hastens is known for making very intelligent and skilled decision choices for its mattresses. For example, it uses all-natural materials for its mattresses to keep them safe. 

These include options like cotton and horsehair, both of which are sourced ethically without harming the animals from which they’re taken. Furthermore, the company also uses unique techniques in their mattresses, such as the 10-turn pocket spring system that provides maximum comfort. 

Furthermore, each spring is hand-tied to the next using a durable yarn that keeps them stable. Before the frame is even set into place, it is lined with Flax to provide extra comfort, stability, and insulation. Furthermore, extra Flax is put between the springs to reduce noise: you won’t hear any creaks!

Even better, the outer layer of each mattress has a unique look that is different from other mattresses on the market. This surface uses a blue and white checked cotton fabric that’s soft, comfortable, and durable. The craftsman who makes it double-quilts the material, which ensures that there are no misshaping, puckering, or other issues.

Once the mattress is complete, the craftsman signs a brass plaque and attaches it to the bed. That’s a true sign of quality that makes these amazing handcrafted beds well worth your time and money. Prepare to need to shell out about $67,000 for a mattress that will last a lifetime.

1. Floating Bed: $1.6M

The most expensive mattress in the world is so much more expensive than the previous listings that it’s hard to understand at first. Here, you have the most exclusive and expensive bed in the world today. But what exactly makes this the most expensive mattress in the world?

Well, the floating bed is not only a bed but a visual piece of art. There’s something pretentious at play here, isn’t there? Absolutely! This bed or mattress was invented by a Dutch architect named Janjaap Ruijssenaars and is designed to feel as if you’re floating on air while you sleep.

It will make you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud with almost no firmness pressing into your body as you relax. This alone will help you get a restful and peaceful sleep. The floating bed is said to be the most luxurious bed in the world and one that not many can afford. 

In fact, it’s this unique nature and its rarity that makes it worth $1.6 million. But what makes it float? The bed only gives you the impression that it is floating or levitating in the air. However, it is really suspended by way of a magnet system. This allows it to hover approximately 16 inches off the ground.

It’s hard to imagine many people forking out big money to buy this mattress. Let’s be honest here: it’s not exactly commercially available. In fact, there’s only one Floating Bed, so unless you’re willing to fork out a lot of cash to buy the original, it’s probably not something you want to investigate too closely.

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