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The Five Best Bocce Ball Sets That Money Can Buy


Bocce is a bowling ball-type game that was first played in Ancient Rome as a non-contact sport. Traditionally, it's played on a flat surface that measures anywhere from 75 feet to 90 feet long and 8 to 13 feet wide. Whether players choose to play against each other individually or as a team is up to them. Fans of the sport of Curling look at Bocce as a similar game but with little balls on the surface instead of flat rocks with handles on ice. The primary goal is to either roll or underarm throw the ball from one end of the surface to the other in an effort to come closes to the jack, which is a smaller ball that is distinguished from the rest. Like many sports and games, there are variations, as well as preferred styles of play from casual to competitive.

Bocce Equipment

The sport of Bocce features eight balls that may come in anywhere from two to four different colors. They're also accompanied by a much smaller ball, which is otherwise known as the jack. Nowadays, a bocce ball set has been known to come with a measuring tape and scorebook. All of this, for the convenience of the organization, can be secured within a carrying case for storage. When traveling to a game, you can simply bring the bocce set with you. Like all sporting equipment, there are many different price and quality variables, all of which depend on how seriously you take the sport of bocce.

5. Japer Bees Bocce Ball Set Solid Resin

This set comes in varying sizes, whichever best suits what you're looking for in a bocce set and it's ideal for backyard play, or to take with you to a location where there's enough level ground to play with. This bocce ball set by Japer Bees has received favorable reviews overall and is consistently considered a best-seller among the likes of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other e-commerce based sites. The 107mm sets are designated as backyard quality, which is typically priced at $100 USD each. The 100mm sets are considered standard and are currently valued at $75.00 USD. As for the 90mm sets, there are three different types of sets you can choose from between the backyard multi-color set, the standard set, and the regulation set. Between $40.00 to $50.00 USD, you can choose between the three 90mm options with the highest priced being the regulation set. Regardless of your choice, each of the balls is made with high-impact solid resin so that there is no danger of chipping or losing the perfectly rounded shape for optimal gameplay. The resin is the Durabee polyresin formula that is actually used as a standard among the higher quality bocce ball sets. What sets this bocce ball set apart from the others on this list is the fact these balls are striped. There are four green and white balls and four red and white balls. Each carrying case of these bocce ball sets features the white jack ball and measuring tape. The carrying case is made of canvas material, which makes it durable enough to safely store the set when it's not in use.

4. Triumph All-Pro 100mm Bocce Set

Normally, this Triumph competition-grade bocce ball set is usually priced at $80.00 USD and the set comes with four blue bocce balls and four yellow bocce balls. Although considered pro-grade, this set is more ideal for casual, backyard play, or as a good training set to work with. The size of the bocce balls is 100mm and each weighs 2 pounds while the white jack ball measuring at 50mm. The blue nylon sling-bag carrying case does allow for easy storage. Locating the Triumph All-Pro 100mm Bocce Set is easy, especially with Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and many outlets that specialize in selling sporting goods.

3. St. Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set

This professional-grade bocce set by St. Pierre Sports normally sells at the $180.00 USD mark and is a favorite pick for players who refuse to compromise quality just to save a buck. This American-made set has balls made of a solid weight, which makes them durable enough for competitive play. This set features four dark green bocce balls and four dark red bocce balls, all solid in color. The jack ball is a bright yellow, which makes it easier to spot as opposed to the standard white most sets usually come in. The balls in this set are tournament-approved by the United States Bocce Federation. The nylon tote bag this set comes in is durable enough for travel and is easy enough to carry.

2. Perfetta Club Pro Solid Color Bocce Ball Set

Made in Italy, the Perfetta Club Pro Solid Color Bocce Ball Set is the only one that guarantees a 15-year warranty as they are classified as the most durable bocce balls on the market. For players who are more competitive and prefer a more professional setting, this is the one to go with. On average, this particular bocce ball set sells anywhere from $134.95 USD to $165.99 USD. There are two different types of carrying cases to choose from where you can either stick with the Perfetta original or Playouboule's Ultra Heavy Duty. For bocce players who take their set with them frequently on the road, Playouboule's case would be recommended.

1. Playouboule New Ultimate Patented 4-Color Lighted Bocce Set

From Playouboule is their new V5 plug light for their bocce set, which means the batteries are Li-ion as opposed to the previous lighted bocce sets that rely on alkaline batteries. So this means a 45-hour playability time as opposed to 15 hours. This is a patented technology, made available only with Playouboule. Lighted bocce ball sets come directly from Playouboule, so anybody selling these types of sets originally got it from them. They're not made by anybody else. Each set comes with eight colored balls, as well as the glow white jack ball, and tape measure. Directly from their own website, this set of bocce balls currently sell at $74.95 USD. This particular set is meant for casual game play, whether it be in the backyard or on a level surface suitable to play this game.

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