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Where to Get the Best Bloody Mary in New Orleans

Bloody Mary

One of the favorite alcoholic beverages Americans seem to appreciate is the Bloody Mary. The mix of tomato juice and vodka, when done right, brings forth a salty, spicy, and zesty zing to the palette that keeps fans of the drink coming back for more. The American version of this concoction owes its roots to 1920s New York, which became inspired by the influential trends that stemmed from Paris, France. Over time, there have also been variations of this drink where vodka would be replaced with tequila, thus making the drink become Bloody Maria for that Hispanic touch.

Despite the different alcoholic options, which also include beer and alternative tomato-based liquids, the original recipe of the Bloody Mary is strictly followed by fans who have no desire to make compromises to alter what makes this drink what it is. As is the case with any food or beverage recipe, each person has their own favorite. Bloody Mary, as a drink, is no exception. Some like their version of this cocktail to have a milder experience compared to enthusiasts who prefer something spicier. Each person has their own taste preferences, but in the end, it boils down to quality.

Bloody Mary, New Orleans Style

In the city of New Orleans, which is the electric pulse of Louisiana's south, its reputation as one of the most desirable locations to go for food, drink, and entertainment is hard to beat. Whether it's in the French Quarter or any other district that makes New Orleans what it is, the competition from business to business that caters to the industry of food and beverage can be as stiff as the drinks they create. In the world of Bloody Mary beverages, who among the establishments within New Orleans has what it takes to be considered among the best?

5. Stingray's Grill & Bar

In addition to serving up one at Stingray's Grill & Bar, a Bloody Mary that features a flavor mix that keeps fans of the beverage coming back for more, the infamous fried crab formation that serves as a garnish makes it postcard-worthy. "Crabby Mary" is as much an entertaining conversation piece as it is on the palette. With green, pimento pitted olives as eyes, plus pickled green beans as antennae and the deep-fried soft shell crab that sits on the glass, one better is sure there they're not just thirsty enough to enjoy the drink, but hungry enough to devour the tasty meal that's sitting directly on top of it. Not only is Stingray's one of the most recommended places to go for a good Bloody Mary, but a top option as a seafood destination. The locals love it, which should be enough for tourists to want to add this establishment as part of their itinerary. Stingray's Grill & Bar is located near the Esplanade Mall of the Kenner District, which is close to the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain. This lake sits behind Lake Borgne, which sits just behind a lineup of bays that lead straight into the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Maison Frenchman

Located on Frenchman Street, Maison Frenchman brings forth a Bloody Mary version called "The Works." It comes across as a salad jungle before getting to the spicy lushness of its highly favored drink. Tito's Vodka is the one and only alcoholic ingredient of choice the bartenders will stick to when putting together this masterpiece. Infused with that vodka is a mix of basil, garlic, jalapeno, and its gold standard Zing Zang mix. Add some bacon, bell pepper, celery, cheese, cherry tomato, cucumber, green onion, lettuce, okra, olives, pickled spicy beans, Tabasco, and Worcestershire, and voila! Who needs to order anything more at this point? Now, if you'd rather forego the salad and go straight for the drink, it's still an enjoyable enough experience where ordering just one may not be enough.

3. Coop's Place

Since 1983, Coop's Place from the French Quarter has served up what is officially classified as a favorite by a number of sites that recommend the best eats and treats. Considered as the "common man's" place to go to eat, drink, and be merry, Coop's Place is among the top choices among St. Patty's Day Pub crawlers, alongside its next-door neighbor, Molly's at the Market. The casual atmosphere, combined with its top-notch Bloody Mary recipe, keeps the people coming back with a level of customer loyalty that's rare to find even among the best in the business.

2. Molly's at the Market

Located in the French Quarter, Molly's at the Market is considered a favorite hangout when the annual St. Patty's Day Pup Crawl inspires fans of this occasion to pay it a visit. Fans of both the event and the beverage, Bloody Mary, will hit Molly's as if it's instinct. While vodka is the standard choice in a Bloody Mary, this location does offer alternative options, such as gin. These are the same people who run the grass-fed burgers from their Junction restaurant location, who also serve up this infamous Bloody Mary beverage in the exact same manner. Locals and tourists often mark Molly's as a favorite and are found on most sites that feature the best Bloody Mary locations within the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

1. Bobby Hebert's Cajun Cannon Restaurant & Bar

According to many New Orleans-based review publications, Bobby Hebert's Cajun Cannon Restaurant & Bar is the place to go for the ultimate Bloody Mary experience. The sports-themed restaurant not only has a stellar reputation as an "it" place to eat for locals and tourists but the ideal place to go for the Bloody Mary to be more than just an alcoholic beverage. Bobby Hebert has its own Bloody Mary mix that is infused with Abolut's pepper vodka. With it is a strip of bacon, a crab cake, and fried shrimp to literally make this drink more like a meal. The garnish mix of cocktail onion, lemon, lime, spicy green bean, and stuffed olives adds an artistic touch that may inspire someone to take a picture first before indulging in one of the most unique Bloody Mary drinking experiences there is.

Above #1

*Don't think we forgot about Igor's.  It's on a level so high we don't even rank it.

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