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The Top 20 Ford SUVs of All-Time

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Virtually any driver on the planet is well aware of the Ford brand. In America, the company is synonymous with classic automobiles, dating back to the Model T. The company has enjoyed a long and illustrious career. So many great vehicles have been made through the years by Ford that it is easy to forget about them. As a society, we seem fixated on the latest and greatest model and version that comes out. We should not forget the tremendous legacy of cars and trucks that have been driven for millions of miles on America’s highways. In fact, let’s take some time now to revisit some of the best that the Ford brand has to offer. Here the top 20 SUVs of all time that Ford has produced (not in any particular order).

1. 1992 Ford Bronco

1992 Ford Bronco

Keep in mind that the Bronco was first introduced to the world back in 1966. It made a splash from the beginning, but the 1992 version was extra special. It was the fifth generation of the Bronco and it came with a major design upgrade that was well received by Ford customers. This design would be a remake of the F-series model that was popularized in 1977. Both the exterior and interior of the vehicle would be overhauled, and gas mileage was vastly improved as well.

2. 2004 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

2004 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

This is a version of the Ford Expedition that is still being driven in large numbers today. It comfortably holds between seven and nine passengers, depending on how you configure the seats. The 5.4 liter engine is quite powerful, giving you between 15 and 17 miles per gallon of fuel consumption on the highway. Drivers have remarked how light the vehicle feels when going at high speeds. The seats are also rated as being very comfortable for this class of SUV, and it has a five-star crash-test rating.

3. 2003 Ford Escape SUV 4WD

2003 Ford Escape SUV 4WD

The Ford Escape is a mid-size SUV that was designed to take the place of the Bronco. The 2003 version has been the most highly rated in this line. It comfortably seats five passengers and gets a respectable 20 to 25 miles per gallon on the open highway. You will find the exterior of this version came in various colors, and the interior is filled with optional extras. Look around to find the one that suits your driving style the best.

4. 1988 Ford Bronco II SUV 4WD

1988 Ford Bronco II SUV 4WD

The Ford Bronco II was introduced to the world as a two-door SUV manufactured by Ford beginning in 1983. The 1988 version is seen as the crown jewel of the line of vehicles. It uses a different chassis than the Ford Bronco, as this one is based on a Ford Ranger platform. This gave the SUV more of a mechanical and structural feature that could easily be reproduced. It was marketed to the world as a compact SUV, which would make sense seeing as it only has two doors.

5. 1986 Ford Bronco

1986 Ford Bronco

The 1986 version of the Ford Bronco was designed as a 3-door wagon type SUV. It was a powerful four wheel drive vehicle, complete with a manual four-speed gearbox to maneuver. In comparison to modern day SUV’s, this Ford Bronco was relatively slow with its top speed of 86 miles per hour. It was able to get roughly 16 miles per gallon in fuel consumption.

6. 2001 Ford Expedition SUV

2001 Ford Expedition SUV

The 2001 Ford Expedition is another SUV that has received positive reviews throughout the years. It weighed an impress two and a half tons, so it was certainly a beast of a vehicle on the road. With five doors, it was easy to access and could seat up to nine passengers. Drivers also appreciated the four wheel drive option with this version. It drove equally well on the highway and off-road.

7. 1985 Ford Bronco II

1985 Ford Bronco II

You might find it interesting to know that the original sticker price on the 1985 Ford Bronco II was just over $11,500. This would get you the five speed manual version, but there was also a four speed automatic option available. Air conditioning was also available as an optional feature, as were power seats. A radio was included, but no tape player. While modern day SUV owners might find these features to be lacking, they were precisely what made the 1985 Ford Bronco II was of the best SUVs ever made under the Ford brand.

8. 1993 Ford Bronco

1993 Ford Bronco

This model year of the Ford Bronco saw a 4-wheel anti-brake system come standard, and power brakes were built into the vehicle. A standard feature was also power steering, which was certainly a welcome addition. This SUV was also four wheel drive and came with a chrome front and rear bumper, along with skid plates. The bucket seats in the front were vinyl, and the 15-inch wheels really had this version sitting high off the ground.

9. 1989 Ford Bronco II SUV 4WD

1989 Ford Bronco II SUV 4WD

1989 was a special year for the Ford Bronco II. This was a four wheel drive vehicle with power breaks and power steering. The front contained bucket seats, while the back was bucket seats. Both contained cloth upholstery. The 15-inch wheels were standard, and this version also came with tinted windows. Upgrading to the XLT model would get you air conditioning, a leather steering wheel, and captain’s chairs in the front.

10. 1994 Ford Explorer SUV 4WD

1994 Ford Explorer SUV 4WD

There were quite a few models for the Explorer brand in 1994, but the most popular was the four wheel drive version. This one came with an AM/FM radio and a power four-wheel anti-brake system. Drivers also appreciated that added power steering for easy maneuvering of the city streets. There was vinyl upholstery throughout the interior of the SUV, and the front contained bucked seats. The 15-inch wheels were comprised of steel, and there were intermittent wipers include on the front windshield.

11. 2003 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

2003 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

The Expedition has been around since 1997 and is still going strong. The 2003 version seems to have been extra special. This is was a ground breaking model for its time, and it came with a number of major features that were popular with people who wanted a larger SUV to drive around in. It came with a roof rack, which was especially amenable to the camping crowd. This model also came with a multi-function remote and keyless entry system for added security.

12. 2002 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

2002 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

The 2002 model of the Expedition has proven to be another popular SUV in the Ford family. It came standard with dual front airbags, which appealed to many families. It also came with a cassette player standard, which is certainly the icon today. It could comfortably seat nine and got respectable gas mileage when compared to models manufactured in the 1990s.

13. 2005 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

2005 Ford Expedition SUV 4WD

The 2005 version of the Ford Expedition came standard with dual front airbags. Cassette tapes were still in use at this time, but CDs were quickly overtaking the market. As such, the SUV came with both a cassette and CD front loading options. There was a 4-wheel Anti-Brake System installed, and consumers appreciated the multi-function remote keyless entry system.

14. 1991 Ford Bronco

1991 Ford Bronco

There are still many people driving around in a 1991 Ford Bronco today, and for a good reason. This was a true off road vehicle. It was a four-wheel vehicle that came with front air conditioning and a leather steering wheel. Another great feature with this model was the cruise control, and the fact that the steering wheel was tilt adjustable. The captain chairs in the front seats were a great feature as well, as where the power door lock. There was also privacy glass, power windows, and a rear defroster included with the 1991 Ford Bronco.

15. 2002 Ford Escape SUV 4WD

2002 Ford Escape SUV 4WD

This was the second year for the Ford Escape, and the four wheel drive version got rave reviews. It came equipped with dual front airbags, and this model has both a cassette and single disc CD player installed in the dashboard. There was also a roof rack, making this a great SUV to escape the city in, and there was a multi-function remote keyless entry system that came standard with the 2002 Ford Escape.

16. 1987 Ford Bronco II

1987 Ford Bronco II

The 1987 Ford Bronco II really takes us back in time. This one only came equipped standard with an AM radio, which was fitting for its rugged off road look. This model did come with both power brakes and steering, which drivers certainly appreciated given its heavy size. There were also 15 inch steel wheels included standard with this one, and the windshield wipers in the front were intermittent. The windows on the 1987 Ford Bronco II also came tinted.

17. 2004 Ford Escape

2004 Ford Escape

Owners of the 2004 Ford Escape quickly grew to appreciate it because of its variety of features that were included standard. This, of course, included front air conditioning and expanded to safety enhances such as dual front airbags. The cassette player was replaced with a single disc player installed in the dash, and there were power brakes and steering. The exterior mirror was also power controlled, which was a nice added touch. The standard upholstery on the front bucket seats was cloth.

18. 1985 Ford Bronco

1985 Ford Bronco

The 1985 Ford Bronco is now a collector's item, and there is a good reason for that. It was a durable SUV that was far ahead of time. The 15 inch wheels enabled this vehicle to really be driven almost anywhere. There were cloth front buck seats that go excellent ratings from a comfort perspective, and the power brakes and steering were both well appreciated. There was only an AM radio included standard on this model, and there were intermittent front windshield wipers along with tinted windows.

19. 1990 Ford Bronco

1990 Ford Bronco

There are many reasons why the 1990 Ford Bronco has also made this list. It included an AM/FM radio. The anti-brake system was powered only in the rear of the vehicle, but there was also power steering included standard. The four-wheel drive capability included in the Ford Bronco really made this one fun to drive. It was both durable and rugged. You could run the kids back and forth to their various events in the city just as easy as you could head camping in the woods. The 15 inch wheels made this all possible.

20. 2001 Ford Escape SUV

2001 Ford Escape SUV

With the 2001 Ford Escape, you would get front air conditioning included standard, along with dual front airbags. The entertainment value escalated as well, complete with an AM/FM radio and a single disc CD player installed int he dash. There are a number of other added features that made this SUV so sought after as well. It also included power window, a rear defroster, and wiper in the back.

So, there you have our list of the top 20 Ford SUVs of all time. Which are you surprised were left off the list? Which have you owned, and which would you like to still get your hands on today. You will notice that many of these classic models are still being driven today. You never know when one might just pass you by on the open highway one day soon.

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