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Does Porsche Make a Limousine?

Porsche Make a Limousine

The German automaker Porsche is known for its speed and the unique design of its sporty vehicles. The brand is on the upper portion of the sportscar ladder. It was a bit of a shock when they delivered their first SUV. This begs the question, does Porsche also make a limousine? With Cadillac and most other car brands getting in on the market why not Porsche? The answer to the question is yes, there are a few Porsche limousines. Here's everything you need to know about the Porsche limos.

Does Porsche actually make a limousine?

You won't find a Porsche limousine that has rolled off the production lines at the factory.They're not in the business of making limousines. That doesn't mean that there aren't several Porsche limos around though. A few coachbuilders have undertaken projects to convert various models of Porsche vehicles into limousines, therefore, we confirm that there are quite a few Porsche limousines in existence.

1953 Porsche 356 Limousine Custom

1953 Porsche 356 Limousine Custom

The prestigious auction house RM Sotheby's, received a Canadian collection that included a white 1953 Porsche 356 Limousine Custom. This piece was a member of the Taj Ma Garaj Collection of more than 20 Porsche and W models. The auction was held in 2019. The limo featured a V-shaped windscreen and other components of the Porsche 356, including the trunk in the front along with the twin carburetored engine.

There have been a lot of changes made such as the stretch feature, several doors, and a soft-toop sunroof. A Reutter badge that is located in the rear end of the vehicle suggests that this is the company that customized the 356 to make it a stretch. It started out as a 1953 Porsche pre-A 356 coupe. The estimated value of the vehicle is between $150,000 to $250,000, depending on what a collector is willing to pay for the privilege of ownership. This is one of Porsche's first known conversions for limo service.

Current model Porsche Limousines

Limousine World offers two custom Porsche limousines.  The first is a Porsche Cayenne S-Rolls Royce Edition. The second, a Porsche Cayenne Pullman Premiere Edition. Both are available for rental through Limousine world. Here are the descriptions that might make you want to reserve one for your next formal event.

Porsche Cayenne S Rolls Royce Edition

Porsche Cayenne S Rolls Royce Edition

This is a more modern vehicle that features a 30 " custom extension vehicle that has been fully customized to deliver the ultimate in luxury and performance. This special Porsche Cayenne is a Rolls Royce Edition. This makes it the cream of the crop in limos. It's customized with all leather seats, window tinting to the rear compartment, a hands free intercom system, an electric privacy divider between the driver and passengers, and an upgraded suspension package.

The vehicle is powered by a 420 hp 3.6 liter DOHC 24-valve twin turbo V6 engine with an 8 speed automatic transmission with overdrive. It's an all wheel drive that provides a smooth ride for special guests with quality suitable for royalty, celebrity personalities, dignitaries and more. Custom fibe optics, dual seat-embedded LCD television screens, a hardwood center console, icebox and glassware, custom wood and stainless steel materials and more have gone into the interior. This is a sporty and luxurious ride designed to transport guests in style and comfort.

Porsche Cayenne S 54" Pullman Premier Edition

Porsche Cayenne S 54" Pullman Premier Edition

The Cayenne S 54" Pullman Premier Edition is a limo tht features the design and flawless exterior styling that identifies it as a Porsche. This vehicle is spacious enough to comfortable seat up to 14 passengers. There are 2 door entrances into the salon with 1 exclusive Jet door and 2 rear doors. The interior features newly designed leather seats with cushiony comfort. Guests aboard enjoy the convenience of 2 bars that are stocked with bottle holders, champagne glasses and an ice compartment for keeping beverages ice cold. The limo service provides water and soda, but guests are invited to bring their own spirits on board.

Other features include skylight lights that change and flicker as the limo goes down the road. They are completely adjustable so passengers can set the tone and the speed to suit the occasion. If you prefer a louder or more rambunctious party, synchronized strobe lights are tuned into the audio system for the wildest ride of your life. They feature neon tubes that provide a variety of different colors that move in sync with the beat of the music.

Passengers also have full control of the audio system that can be set for soft music or very loud music, whatever your preference happens to be. Music is provided but you are welcome to bring your own. There are also television screens that you can put on any setting to watch movies, display pictures or other media. You're welcome to bring along a flash drive to present whatever media you would like on the screens.This limo is made for partying and the owners expect a few wild ones. The floors are made of hardwood with stain-resistant treatment so spills are not a problem. The windows are fully tinted to give you all the privacy that you will need.

Final thoughts

These are the three top rated Porsche limousines so far. The tradition of converting this prestigious luxury sports car began decades ago with the 1953 Porsche 356, and it has continued to the present with the more modern versions of the Cayenne in the Rolls Royce Special Edition and the Pullman Premier Edition.

While technically Porsche has never made a limousine, the automaker has made some amazing vehicles that have been converted nd customized into stretches that are fit for the most important VIPs, dignitaries and royalty. If you have a special event planned and only the best will do, we've given you a couple of excellent options for the most exceptional limousines that the world has ever seen in the Pullman and Rolls Royce Porsche limos.

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