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What Makes Porsche Wheels Different From Other Cars?

Porsche Boxster S

Porsche is a German luxury sports car brand that has put a lot of research and thought into the design of the various components of their vehicles. The goal is to be different from the crowd in a sense that will gain the appreciation of consumers. Such attention to detail does make a difference. Porsche wheels are engineered to deliver the highest possible performance. Here is what makes them different from the rest.


We learned that Porsche does not manufacture its own wheels. It has contracted with Victor Equipment. The supplier designs and manufactures customized wheels that are made to fit each model of Porsche exclusively, according to Victor.

Forged precision fitment

Victor Equipment has recently introduced a new line of monoblock wheels for Porsche vehicles that are fully forged. Each wheel model is made specifically for individual width and wheel offset configurations that are required for the various Porsche models. The materials used in the creation of the wheels is a lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy. This specific material has a reduced weight that enhances the overall road performance on Porsche vehicles. The materials are stronger for handling extra loads for hard cornering. Victor Equipment has come up with a production method that is much shorter than previous methods of custom wheel forging that were considerably longer and more expensive.

Why customization is required

Porsche Wheels 1

Victor Equipment shared a few secrets about Porsche wheels with us. The reason that each wheel must be customized is that other components need to interact with them. For example, factory wheel lugs and TPMS sensors are considerations that must be made for the full and proper operations of all systems of the vehicle.

Safety is a key consideration

Porsche, explains that having the right tires for each Porsche model is necessary for the full benefit of driving pleasure, but it's also for safety purposes. The automaker has crafted these high-performance vehicles and every inch and the component does matter. The right wheels are a requirement and there is really no substitute when it comes to safety. Performance is also a factor as each part of the design is made to work conjointly with other systems of the vehicle. Porsche views the wheels and the tires as essential components for driving safety and for the ultimate in performance and driving pleasure

Advantages of forged wheels

Porsche's fully customized forged wheels are made of a solid piece of metal. Intense heating and pressure forge the wheels of one piece. This makes them stronger than cast wheels. The grain of the material is refined during the thermal cycle. It creates structural integrity while using less material than cast wheels. Although the equipment for manufacturing forged wheels is more expensive, it does create a stronger and more durable wheel. The performance is rated as superior along with handling. There is less likelihood of cavities, porous areas, or shrinkage occurring in the forged wheel, it's mechanically stronger and the wear resistance rating is higher, according to Tyres.Net.

The case for authentic Porsche wheels vs aftermarket wheels

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Porsche Chandler, points out a few very good reasons for buying Porsche authentic replacement wheels over cheaper aftermarket brands. A new set of wheels for your Porsche can be like the right pair of shoes to go with your brand-new outfit -- it completes the look perfectly. While most of us want to save money wherever we can, if you're driving a Porsche you've already made a sizable investment in your vehicle. The upkeep, maintenance, and repairs are not cheap. Going with cheap parts are likely to change the driving dynamics, and that's not what you paid for when you purchased your Porsche.

Install quality

Purchasing aftermarket products means that they are going to be installed by a technician that is not a Porsche trained and certified technician. There are concerns over the quality of the installation. New wheels for any Porsche should be installed by a service tech who is familiar with all of the ins and outs of Porsche vehicles to ensure that everything lines up correctly and functions as it was intended. Some Porsche models are technical and this is an important detail.


Unless the exact wheels that are designed for the model of Porsche you drive are installed, the performance is likely to be impacted. If you want to maintain maximum control and handling performance, it's best to go with genuine Porsche approved wheels. This includes the recommended tires that match the wheels. As we previously stated, the small details or changes can make a big difference in car behavior and performance.

Size and design

Porsche Wheels

Since each wheel is customized to fit the respective Porsche model, not just any similar wheel will do. Tiny differences in design standards can impact the quality of performance. If the differences are great enough they could even impact safety adversely. The behavior of the vehicle can change when aftermarket wheels are installed. These changes can interact with the suspension and steering geometry which could be a downside to going with aftermarket wheels. Some Porsche owners who installed aftermarket wheels also had to have their speedometers recalibrated.

Final thoughts

Porsche has a unique system for matching the wheels with each specific model that it produces. These precision-engineered wheels are essential to the performance of the vehicle and for the safety of the drivers and passengers. Replacing Porsche wheels with aftermarket products affects steering and the suspension of the car, which is usually not a good situation. These are just a few of the reasons why Porsche recommends avoiding aftermarket replacement parts and going with authentic wheels. They're made by Victor Equipment exclusively for Porsche and each wheel is customized with precision engineering to meet the requirements for exceptional handling and performance for the specific vehicle it's to be installed in. Safety and performance are the best reasons to forego the savings you might gain from going with an off-brand.

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