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The 10 Best Gorilla Watches Money Can Buy


In fashion, a brand name is very vital and can either make or break your style. Going for renowned brands makes you stand out and gives your style a touch of class and sophistication. When it comes to watches, there are several brands in the market, with each majoring on their unique element. Among the notable watch brands is Gorilla Watches. According to its site, watch prestige and passion for horology are its foundations. The distinctive design of the watches borrows heavily from the iconic models of the 60s, and 70s sports watches with a touch of muscle cars as their inspiration. Should you decide to get a gorilla watch, below are the ten best available in the market.

Hugger Orange

10. Hugger Orange

The Hugger Orange timepiece is a nice casual watch that is orange in color, as its name indicates. It has a sporty look that makes it suitable for a day away from the office. It features a layered case construction, with titanium and aluminum being the key materials that make the watch durable.It is scratch-resistant, and its lightweight frame won't cause your wrist to strain. At $790, this watch is yours.

Galaxy Blue

9. Galaxy Blue

Combining features of a skeleton and a sports watch, we have the Galaxy Blue timepiece. It is an elegant accessory for a casual outfit with its mildly screaming color making it versatile for both dark and bright attires. It is very durable due to its sturdy titanium and aluminum casing, and it is also scratch-resistant. It is a self-winding watch with water resistance of up to 100 meters or 10 atmospheres in pressure. Its strap is also durable and lightweight, making it comfortable on your wrist. The watch goes for $790.

Phantom Black

8. Phantom Black

The Phantom black is a definition of class in a casual sense. It pays homage to street fashion in its distinctive design featuring camouflage straps. Its hydrophobic coating gives it water resistance qualities that make it long-lasting. Its rubber straps, coupled with its light weight, make the timepiece comfortable on the wrist. It is scratch-resistant and has an anti-reflective coating on either side. Its screw-down crown boosts its water resistance qualities, as it withstands water up to 100 meters. You can have the watch at $880.

RS White

7. RS White

Gorilla Watches' RS White is an excellent unisex timepiece that men can have as a casual or sporting accessory. As a ladies' accessory, the watch brings out a touch of masculinity, and you can don it as office wear or for a relaxed day out. Its simplicity works for the watch in making it a versatile accessory. Its layered construction features a polished ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, anodized aluminum, and a forged carbon case. The watch is self-winding and water-resistant up to 330 feet. Get this lightweight watch, weighing 110 grams at $880.

Stinger Yellow

6. Stinger Yellow

If you love bright colors, then you can get the $790 Stinger Yellow. It stands out due to its bright yellow color and is a good fit if you are an artist who wants to stick out from the pack. It has a retro look reminiscent of 70s sports watches, more so the ones used in the auto-sporting scene. It is very durable due to its layered casing, with a brushed anodized aluminum flange.

Acid Green

5. Acid Green

The Acid Green Gorilla Watch has a unique look, with a hyper car color scheme. It has a multi-layered dial, which looks like a blend between sports and a mechanical watch. It also sports luminescent hands and numerals. The watch features a comfortable rubber strap, and it is also lightweight at 110 grams. With $880, this self-winding and water-resistant watch joins your other accessories in your wardrobe.


4. Spectre

If you are looking for a unique watch to up your fashion sense, then the Spectre is a timepiece to consider. Its design is a blend of sturdy material and an excellent color scheme of red and black. The Superluminova color-filled dial enhances the nighttime reading of the watch. It is durable due to its forged carbon case with matte black ceramic bezel for protection. You can don the watch as both sports and formal wear. Get this water-resistant timepiece for $1350.


3. Bandit

According to Watchtime, a watch review site, the Bandit pays homage to the Pontiac TransAm Firebird, famously driven by Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit, a 1977 movie. The black and rose gold color scheme makes the watch very distinct and classy. It has a skeleton minute hand that adds to the classy essence of the multi-layered dial. It features sturdy rubber straps with water resistance feats up to 10 atmospheres or 330 feet. The watch goes for 1350 USD.


2. Truffelhunter

The Truffelhunter takes on a unique color scheme of white, pink, and grey that is reminiscent of the Porsche 917 prototype racecar. The sports car lent Porsche wins in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. The watch features a sapphire crystal and a titanium screw-down crown, with an anodized aluminum case. It features a skeleton hour disk with white Superluminova. It also sports a comfy Bicolor Viton rubber straps.

Drifte Elise

1. Drifte Elise

Drift Elise is a limited edition timepiece from Gorilla Watches and has a sweeping second hand and luminescent hour discs. Its layered construction brings anodized aluminum, sapphire crystal and matte green ceramic bezel as materials of choice. The wristwear is comfy due to its rubber straps and light weight. It is water resistant for levels up to 100 meters. Only 30-40 pieces are out for production per month, and they come at a price tag of 3250 USD.

Final Thoughts

Gorilla Watches is one of the unique watch brands that borrows its style from the 60s and 70s, and also from the auto-sport scene. Above are some of the best Gorilla watches that you acquire from its online store. The watches are very durable and will do justice to your casual style.

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