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The Five Best Squale Watches on the Market Today

The Squale watchmakers are based out of Milan, Italy and the company is known for producing watch parts for sale to watch companies. The business began in 1946 and the factory evolved into making watches in 1967. They have supplied their cases and other components for a variety of independent Swiss watch brands with the stipulation that the Squale logo be shown on each watch produced. In the 1970s, the Squale brand introduced its first diver watch with a 1,000 meters rating. The watches feature a sapphire crystal and an innovative bezel design that only moves under elastic pressure and rotates in both directions. Their watches have been favorites among law enforcement and the military. The name has since become synonymous with high quality, achieving accolades on an international scope. We've chosen the five best Squale watches to showcase for your consideration.

5. 20 Atmos Militaire-1545 SEL Bracelet - $550

The new version of the Squale 20 Atmos Ref. 1545 has received an upgrade in case construction, the crown system and the dial. This model features a 40 mm case that is enhanced with a thick and masculine bezel that gives it a superior grip and smoother bezel action. Deeper grooves on the crown enhance grip and the new innovative screw threads contribute to an improved screw down action.

The vintage dial is crafted in an off-black with a matte finish, featuring hands in the shape of black swords with SuperLuminova GL old radium luminous treatment, making it the perfect watch for fans of vintage diver watches with superb readability. This watch is produced in Switzerland and is powered with an ETA 2824-2, Swiss made automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The Bezel is a 120 click uni-directional with a screwdown crown located in the 3 O' clock position. The domed sapphire crystal is coated on the interior side with anti-reflective treatment for enhanced clarity minus thee magnifier featured by many other watches, which enhances its desirability among collectors.

4. 50 Atmos Black - 1521 - 026/A - $829.00

The 50 Atmos Ref 1521 is an essential vintage dive watch for all collectors. It features a uni-directional 60 click bezel with the screwdown crown placed in the 4 0'Clock location. The black dial is enhanced with white and orange hour and minute hands for easier reading underwater. This watch is powered by an ETA 2824-2 Swiss made automatic movement with a 42 hours power reserve. The application of a Luminous SuperLuminova coating on key parts gives the watch high readability in underwater conditions.
The case is made of 316L stainless steel with a polished finish with a 20mm lug, with a rubber strap that is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water and ultraviolet rays. A black colored Italian handmade leather strap is also listed as an option. The date is located at the 3 O' clock position. The case is a large 42mm that is 14.5mm thick with a flat sapphire crystal.

3. 30 Atmos Tropic GMT Ceramica SEL bracelet - $799

The Squale 30 Atmost Tropic ref number 1545TGC is one of the more recent Squale divers watches made. It is inspired by the production models from the 1960s with a nostalgic vintage appeal from the first GMT model. It is powered with an ETA 2893-2 Swiss made automatic movement that features quickset GMT along with a date function. The dial is black and the watch features a two tone bezel in a vintage design scheme in an off gray color on the upper half with a greenish blue color on the lower part. The ceramic materials give the watch a constant wet look. The 2 tone ceramic bezel is a Tropic style with the theme continuing into the deep black colored dial with radium SuperLuminova coating that glows in the dark, topped with a flat sapphire crystal that features a 2.5 times magnifier for ease in reading in underwater conditions. Anti-reflective coating has been added to the inside of the sapphire crystal for enhanced clarity. The casee is 42mm with 13 mm thickness with a bold and masculine personality and short lugs of 49mm with downwards curving for wearer comfort. The bezel is scratch resistant with a 120 clicks unidirectional rotation.

2. 20 Atmos 18K Yellow Gold-1545YG - $4,300

The 20 Atmos 18K Yellow Gold is crafted from a single solid block of 18 karat yellow gold with the finished product polished on the sides with a fine satin brush on the 20mm lugs and top. The 40mm case measures 44.5 with the crown and is 12.1 mm thick with an 18k screwdown crown and date function located at the 3 O' clock position. The bezel is an 18K yellow gold uni-directional 120 click with a deep blue inlay.

The dial is a champagne color with white index and white SuperLuminova enhancements in a classic diver design. The watch is powered by an ETA 2824-2 Swiss made automatic movement with a 42 hours power reserve. The flat sapphire crystal features a 2.5 time magnifying cyclop. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and comes with a 20mm leather strap featuring a Squale signed buckle. The total weight of 18k yellow gold in this swatch is 88 grams.

1. 101 Atmos Bronze LTD edition Polizia Italiana Di Stato Sommazzatori - $1,780

This unique Squale brand watch is limited to a total of 60 pieces ever manufactured. It was commissioned by the Polizia Italiana di Stato Sommozzatori for use by the Italian Police Ddive Unit. The new edition of this watch was made to commemorate their 60th anniversary. The later revival of this watch is limited to 25 examples and made its debut to the Italian Police Dive Unit on June 8th, 2018, in an agreement between the watchmaker and the Italian Police Department, and it is currently offered exclusively at Gnomon Watches.

This is a 1,000 meters watch featuring a 44 mm case with a lug-less design which is a nostalgic salute to the 1960s-70s era of vintage diver watches. It features an automatic helium valve escapement. One of the most outstanding features off this watch is the bronzo fiesta which is a departure from its traditional all steel construction. Marine grade bronze materials, known as CuSn8 are used in the construction and the watch will over time, develop its own unique patina. It features a snap on rotary bezel made from bakelite material that is made through a time consuming multistage coloring process. The SuperLuminova is hand applied. The dial is a cigar brown coloring that matches the case, and is applied to the hour markers. The strap is crafted from vintage looking genuine shark leather.

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