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The 10 Best Graham Watches Money Can Buy

Orrery Tourbillon REF. 2GGBP.U01A

Few watchmakers can trace their lineage back to the 1600s, but Graham is the exception. Established in 1695 by George Graham, the brand combines the rich heritage and mastery of Swiss watchmakers with a quintessentially English style. The result is a line of watches renowned for their precision, technical excellence, and dynamic aesthetics. A favorite among athletes, adventurers, and just about anyone with an eye for innovative performance and bold design, a Graham watch is more than just a status symbol- it’s a classic piece that delivers on every front. If you’re willing to blow a hole in your budget to get your hands on one, check out our line up of the ten best Graham watches that money can buy.

Chronofighter GMT REF. 2OVGG.B16A

10. Chronofighter GMT REF. 2OVGG.B16A

If you prefer the understated look, then avert your eyes now. The Chronofighter GMT REF. 2OVGG.B16A is a classic example of how Graham likes to play around with traditional aesthetics to create something big, bold, and kind of wonderful. Even in a landscape of big watches, it's 47 mm steel case is, to put it mildly, huge: if its arresting good looks weren’t enough to pull the eye, its size will certainly do it. With a power reserve of 48 hours and an automatic bi-compax chronograph, it’s not lacking on the mechanical side either.

Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer REF. 2CVCS.U14A

9. Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer REF. 2CVCS.U14A

If you want a watch that looks as good as it functions, the Chronofighter Vintage Pulsometer REF. 2CVCS.U14A has your name written in big bold type all over it. Marrying the dynamic style of the Chronofighter series with a vintage aesthetic and a tremendous array of features (including 10 bar water resistance, steel fast-action start/stop trigger and reset pusher, Incabloc shock absorber, and a 48-hour power reserve), this blue beauty is guaranteed to be the new star in your collection.

Chronofighter Grand Vintage REF. 2CVDS.S02A

8. Chronofighter Grand Vintage REF. 2CVDS.S02A

Like most of Graham’s piece, the Chronofighter Grand Vintage REF. 2CVDS.S02A has a sense of fun that will appeal to anyone who buys into the idea that, as much as they have a purpose, high-end watches are essentially expensive toys for grownups. With its big, silver face, golden hands, and green pattern strap, it’s a watch that demands your attention…. and your money.

Chronofighter Special Series Sniper REF. 2CCAU.B34

7. Chronofighter Special Series Sniper REF. 2CCAU.B34

If you’re familiar with Graham’s Chronofighter series, you’ll already have a good idea of what to expect from the Chronofighter Special Series Sniper REF. 2CCAU.B34. If you’re not, prepare for a watch with big appeal and an even bigger attitude. And when we say big, we mean it. With its hefty 47 mm steel case, this is a watch that’s taken the trend for huge watches to the next level. It’s not all about the size, of course, and with its swiss designed chronograph, precision timekeeping, and superb array of features, this is a prime example of “big is best”.

Chronofighter Prodive Pro REF. 2CDAV.B01A

6. Chronofighter Prodive Pro REF. 2CDAV.B01A

If you’re a fan of the dynamic aesthetics of Graham’s Chronofighter collection, you won’t be disappointed with the Chronofighter Prodive Pro REF. 2CDAV.B01A. Featuring a sunshine yellow integrated yellow rubber band and a black dial with white and yellow indexes, this isn’t a watch for shrinking violets. It is, however, a watch for those who appreciate precision timekeeping, faultless functionality, and a sense of play.

Tourbillon REF. 2GGCP.S01A

5. Tourbillon REF. 2GGCP.S01A

The Tourbillon is a complex piece that perfectly illustrates what Graham can achieve in its more restrained moments. What it lacks in the macho-man qualities of the Chronofighter, it more than makes up for in elegant aesthetics and masterful design. Expect a 44 mm steel case, a blue sun-brushed dial with golden hands and a white pulsometer scale, a hand-sewn blue calf leather strap, and a faultless line up of features.

Chronofighter Vintage GMT REF. 2CVBC.S07A

4. Chronofighter Vintage GMT REF. 2CVBC.S07A

As A Blog to Watch reports, Graham is a brand that trades on “bold dude watches” – granted, the look isn’t for everyone, but if your sense of fun matches theirs, you’re in for a treat with the eye-catching Chronofighter Vintage GMT 2CVBC.S07A. The light grey sun-brushed dial with radial gradient, black snailed minutes and seconds counters is complemented perfectly by the hand-sewn, supple calf leather strap, while the Incabloc shock absorber, unidirectional rotating bezel with 24 positions, and automatic chronograph make it a force to be reckoned with on the features front. Unapologetically masculine in design and offering ultimate precision, this piece could take pride of place in even the best collection.

Swordfish REF. 2SXAK.G01A

3. Swordfish REF. 2SXAK.G01A

If you want your risk to make a statement, wrapping a Swordfish 2SXAK.G01A around it will do just that. Featuring a stunning green sun-brushed dial with Super-LumiNova indexes and a green rubber mesh pattern strap with a bronze pin buckle, this is one seriously good looking watch. With its Incabloc shock absorber, automatic chronograph with co-axial counters, and 10 bar water resistance, it’s not exactly coming up short in the function department either.

2. The Moon Special Edition Men's Watch REF. 2GGAW.B01A

Graham is a watchmaker renowned for big watches- big watches with bold features. If you prefer a subtler approach, there’s an alternative, an alternative that comes in the form of the supremely elegant The Moon Special Edition Men's Watch 2GGAW.B01A. With its classic sophistication, this is a piece that dazzles with its simple beauty. The 18k white gold (18K) crown is embellished with a close-set black onyx stone, while the dial features a constellation of 48 diamonds, a handpainted moon, and 18k white gold skeleton hands. Add to that a divinely supple hand-sewn black alligator strap, incabloc shock absorber, and a power reserve of 92 hours, and its easy to understand the appeal.

Orrery Tourbillon REF. 2GGBP.U01A

1. Orrery Tourbillon REF. 2GGBP.U01A

As Hodinkee notes, the Orrery Tourbillon 2GGBP.U01A is unlike any other piece from Graham. Forget the in-your-face styles of the Chronofighter series - the Orrery Tourbillon is an altogether more subtle and infinitely more complicated beast. With a design that harks back to the watches of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Orrery features a center tourbillon with a mechanical orrery and a mindbogglingly intricate case back displaying both the movement bridges and a 100-year calendar. With an average retail price of $330,000, this isn’t a watch for the fainthearted: it is, however, one for those with as much taste as money.

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