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The 10 Best Headphone Stands Money Can Buy

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Workspaces and gaming areas tend to get cluttered quickly. One of the best accessories you can add is a high-quality headphone stand to keep this useful audio equipment safe from damage and out of the way when you're attending to other tasks. We've reviewed the most efficient stands that are easy to install, provide other useful features, and have positive consumer recommendations for durability and value. Here are the 10 best headphone stands that money can buy for your consideration.

10. Eurpmask Headphone Hanger Stand Price: 12.99

The Eurpmask Headphone Hanger Stand maximizes your desk space with an easy-to-install clip mounting system that eliminates the need for messy adhesives. It clips to the side of a desk or shelf, and can even flip over for mounting on the underside. It features a built-in cord clip for securing cables. It's affordably priced and fits most headphone brands and sizes. You can find this stand on Amazon.

9. Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones Stand Price: $21.99

The Avantree Neetto Dual Headphone Stand is large enough to store two sets of headphones securely. It comes with a sturdy base to give it a superior balance. The feature we love the most is the extra storage space that is built in to hold headphone cords and keep them safely and securely tucked away. There is also room to store other small odds and ends. This tree is compatible with most headphone brands. You can find this super stable headphone tree at Amazon.

8. Flint Headphone Stand Price: $50 to $79

The Flint Headphone Stand is more of a high-end luxury stand that features wood construction. It's one of the most attractive stands we've seen that will complement almost any decor. It is available in a choice of Beech or Walnut finishes. It is designed to support any brand of headphones in style. The stand is made of sustainably sourced hardwood and features durable craftsmanship in a carved form that gives it a rustic-chic aesthetic. You can find the Flint Headphone stand on the Verishop website.

7. Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Price: $29.99

The Avantree Universal is durably crafted of wood and aluminum materials for an attractive aesthetic that will fit into almost any decor. This handy unit is a good value for the cost. It securely holds one headset and fits Bose, Sony, Jabra, AKG, and JBL brand gaming headphones. The stand is sturdy and comes with a cable holder that holds larger cables securely in place at the bottom. It is also compatible with various phones to hold them securely in place without scratching the device. You can find this item on the Amazon website.

6. Omega Headphone Stand Price: $44.99

This headphone stand features a contemporary modern aesthetic. The Omega is made of premium wood with a minimalist design for a clean appearance that fits in with most decor. It's made to fit most standard headphones as a universal holder. It's made of walnut wood with an extra smooth finish to protect your electronics from damage. You can find this item on The Modern Stationary website.

5. Grovemade Wood Headphone Stand Price: $150

The Grovemade Wood Headphone stand is made of quality solid hardwood material and stainless steel for a sleek aesthetic that stands out as an attractive yet functional focal piece for your home or office. It also features leather components with natural vegetable tanning. Each stand is handmade in Portland, Oregon, or Littletown, New Hampshire. It is universal and fits most headphones. You have your choice of either American Black Walnut or Eastern Hardrock Maple finishes. The Grovemade Wood Headphone Stand is a bold statement piece for your desk. We focused on the form and the build quality to make something worth keeping on display, and something heavy enough (2.25 lbs) to hold still while in use. You can find this wood headphone stand on the Grovemade website.

4. Samdi Leather Headphone Stand Price: $44.28

The Samdi LeatherHeadphone stand is a universal gaming headset holder that is designed to fit all headphone brands and sizes. It is made of high-quality materials for durability with rubber feet that add stability to the bottom. It comes in a variety of color choices. The holder is made of genuine leather material and is available in black, white, blue, azure, brown, watermelon red, dark green, and grey. You can find the Samdi Leather Headphone stand on the Walmart website.

3. K&M Tabletop Headphone Stand Price: $33.99

The K&M Tabletop Headphone stand is a solid headphone holder with simple elegance and a sturdy base. The body is made from a single piece of metal for added stability. Rubbery plastic material covers the headphone holder to protect it from damage. Four adhesive rubber feet at the bottom of the stand protect your desk or other surfaces from scratching. You can find the K&M Tabletop Headphone stand on the B&H website.

2. Kennerton Huginn Wooden Headphone Stand Price: $109.95

The Kennerton Huginn headphone stand is made of natural materials in an eco-friendly manufacturing process that uses special glue that contains no harmful ingredients. It is made of ecologically clean oak species crosswise cut, designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg. Each product is a handmade masterpiece and no two are alike. Eco-friendly varnish made of natural ingredients and beeswax protects the attractive finish. The stand is compatible with all headphone brands and sizes. You can find the Huginn Headphone stand on the Audio 46 website.

1. Woo Audio HPS-H Compact Aluminum Headphone Stand Price: $60

This headphone stand is one of the most popular because of its convenient compact size, high quality, and value for the cost. It's ideal for the home or office. It fits almost anywhere and is designed to hold small to medium-sized headphones to keep them safe and secure. It is an attractive and functional accessory. You can find the Woo Audio HPS S-H Aluminum Headphone stand on the Audio Advisor website.

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