blö: The World’s First Wearable Cooling Device and Diffuser

If you’ve ever felt the need to cool off, but needed your hands free to keep working out (or whatever you may be doing), there is a device coming onto the market soon that may be for you. Doubling as a portable essential oil diffuser, the low-profile, wearable cooling device blö can help you to keep your body temperature down on hot days. It has been on Kickstarter for approximately two months, and reached its original $5,000 goal in less than 24 hours. In fact, the funds raised now exceed $270,000 worth of pledges! This product is truly a Kickstarter success story. But what exactly is the blö?

How it Works

The blö is described as a hybrid of an air conditioner and a fan. It makes use of a small, motorized blade to create airflow. However, it uses a cooling agent – peppermint oil, to be specific – that negates the need for a huge blade with massive airflow to cool you down. As the air is sucked through the device, it passes over the peppermint oil. While the oil is not necessary to use the blö, it greatly enhances the cooling sensation provided by this device. Plus, it helps you to cool down much faster – which is the end goal of the device anyhow!

The blö also does not focus on producing maximum airflow. Instead, it cools a small portion of your body. The rest of the body will follow suit as that particular area gets cold. This process is called ambient cooling, and is greatly promoted by the use of peppermint oil.

How It’s Worn

The blö can be worn in pretty much any position. It was originally designed to be worn at the base of the neck, as cooling this area can lead to the rest of the body becoming cool much faster. However, it works just as well when worn on one’s front or lower back. The low-profile of the device means that you can easily blend it in with any outfit you might be wearing. The clip part of the blö is also strong enough to walk around – or even rock climb – with the device attached, negating any worry you may have about it falling and breaking.

The Specs

The blö, first and foremost, uses a small motor to create the necessary airflow. This ensures the lightest weight possible – an essential aspect of any similar wearable device. The airflow itself can also be adjusted, with three settings – low, regular, and turbo. This allows the wearer to adjust the blö to their specific cooling needs. This cooling device uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. You won’t ever have to buy any disposable batteries to use the blö. The battery life is a respectable 4-8 hours (depending on fan speed), and it charges quickly; it only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get a full charge. Plus, you will always know when it has completed its charging cycle due to the blue LED signal light.

Other Uses

Aside from using only peppermint oil, this device can be used with other essential oils. One such oil recommended by the manufacturers of the blö is lemongrass oil. This oil repels mosquitoes and relaxes the senses – a perfect combination for anyone wearing this device in the outdoors. Plus, inhaling essential oils can provide health benefits such as decreased blood pressure and easier regulation of sympathetic nervous system dysfunctions.

Price and Packages

The blö is still on Kickstarter, with seven days (as of December 30th) left in its campaign. After the devices go on sale, they will be listed at about $80 apiece. However, if you jump in and pledge on Kickstarter soon, you can score some pretty awesome deals on these innovative devices. For only $29, you can receive a single device (including a power cable). $59 and $74 pledges will receive two and three devices respectively. An $89 pledge will get you a single device, 15ml of peppermint oil, some essential oil inserts, a portable blö Powerbank for easy recharging on the go, and a blö-branded T-shirt or tank top.

The deals get better and better. Most notably, you can spend just $280 or more and receive a 10-pack of blö devices – which would list at $800 if they were sold individually. The blö also comes in four colors: black, sky blue, royal purple, and pink. You may choose the color of your device after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

The Verdict

After the devices ship in February 2018, we will get some firsthand reviews on how well they work. From the campaign, it seems that they do work pretty well. Especially considering the candid reactions of random people who tested the device. Overall, it is a nifty design with much potential versatility – especially if you already use essential oils.

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