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The 10 Best Hotels in Shanghai

PuLi Hotel and Spa

Regardless of whether you are visiting Shanghai for business or leisure purposes, there are plenty of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Some hotels are peaceful locations where you can relax and take a break from the stresses and strains of life. In contrast, others have a multitude of facilities and dining options to ensure that you have an enjoyable visit with plenty of ways to spend your time in the hotel. Finding the right hotel for the type of vacation you desire is essential to your enjoyment of visiting this amazing city, so here are the 10 best hotels in Shanghai to help you decide.

The Middle House Shanghai

10. The Middle House

The Middle House is part of The House Collection, which renowned for its statement design and architecture. All the rooms and suites are a generous size, and they each have a fridge stocked with craft beers and coconut water. In the hotel’s basement is the Mi Xun Spa, which offers treatments using the Cha Ling range, and boasts a yoga room, a gym, and a large heated pool. The on-site restaurant is Sui Tang Li, which serves Chinese cuisine. There is also a café for snacks and light meals.


9. Amanyangyun

Amanyangyun offers a different variety of accommodation to most other hotels in Shanghai, as guests stay in fully-renovated villas. The hotel also has an unusual history. Ma Dadong from The Aman group heard that the villas were at risk of demolition to make way for a new reservoir in 2002. He eventually bought the villas and rebuilt them to create luxury accommodation. On-site, there are three outstanding restaurants and a cultural learning center that offers classes in subjects such as music and calligraphy.

Bulgari Shanghai

8. Bulgari Hotel

Shanghai’s Chamber of Commerce was built in 1916, and this now partially houses the Bulgari Hotel, with the rest in an adjoining contemporary tower with 48 floors. There are 82 rooms in this hotel, including 19 suites. Guest can order breakfast around the clock, request top-of-the-range bringing to their rooms for a workout, and take advantage of the 24-hour butler service. This hotel also has an indoor pool, a spa, and several dining and drinking outlets.

W Shanghai

7. W Shanghai

A hotel recommendation from The Culture Trip is W Shanghai, which was built on the Bund in 2017 and it overlooks the Huangpu River. There are 374 guest rooms and suites that boast features such as suspended beds, LED wall lights, and food-shaped pillows. Some of the on-site facilities at this venue include a spa, several pools, and five restaurants and bars.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

6. The Grand Hyatt Shanghai

The Grand Hyatt Shangai is one of the top ten highest hotels in the world, and it is located within the Jin Mao Tower. One of the best features of this hotel’s rooms is the views, as there are floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views across the city. Although the hotel is in a central location in the Lujiazui financial district, where there are plenty of restaurants and bars, you do not need to leave the hotel to get something to eat and drink. There are ten excellent restaurants and bars on-site.

Mandarin Oriental Shanghai

5. Mandarin Oriental Pudong

There is something for everyone at the Mandarin Oriental Pudong. It is ideally located for business travelers, as it is in the business district. However, the amenities within the hotel mean it is also perfect for leisure travelers. There is a swimming pool, a spa, a sauna, a steam room/hammam, and a bar. The hotel also has several dining options. Yong Yi Ting is a Michelin-starred modern Chinese restaurant, while Fifty 8 Grill has an international menu. There is also a café, lounge, and cake shop on-site.

The Peninsula Shanghai

4. The Peninsula Shanghai

The Telegraph lists The Peninsula Shanghai as one of the best hotels in Shanghai. This hotel was built in 2009, and it sits on the bend of a river in the heart of the city. Guests enjoy their a la carte breakfast in The Lobby, which also serves afternoon tea later in the day. For dinner, there are two options. The first is to eat at Sir Elly’s Restaurant, which serves Mediterranean dishes and has an outdoor terrace. Alternatively, you can dine at Yi Long Court, which is a Cantonese restaurant. The hotel also has a bar, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a sauna, and a spa.

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

3. Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

The interior of the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel is stunning, as it combines innovation and tradition perfectly. Inspiration for the interior design at this award-winning hotel comes from Chinese traditions, yet it is trendy and sophisticated with all the amenities that the modern traveler expects to find in their room. Some of the facilities at this luxurious hotel include a gym, a spa, and a health club that offers an array of relaxing treatments.

Fairmont Peace Hotel

2. Fairmont Peace Hotel

Fairmont Peace Hotel is located in a prime position on Nanjing Road, which is the most famous shopping street in China. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who intend to enjoy some retail therapy during their stay. However, shopping is not the only reason to stay at this hotel, as it also has some of the best dining options of any hotel in Shanghai. There are no fewer than six high-quality restaurants and lounges at the Fairmont Peace Hotel, each of which features a unique menu.

PuLi Hotel and Spa

1. PuLi Hotel and Spa

According to The Luxury Editor, the best hotel in Shanghai is the PuLi Hotel and Spa. Although the hotel is in a convenient central location, most people who book into this hotel do so to enjoy the luxurious facilities and relax. The hotel has an urban resort vibe, and it boasts a state-of-the-art health club with an infinity pool with views across Jing’An Park. PuLi Hotel and Spa also houses a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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