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Where to Find the Best Indian Food in Nashville, TN


When thinking about food in Nashville, Tennessee, it is probably dishes such as biscuits and gravy, burgers, and BBQ food that will come to mind first. However, if you are dining out in this city, you will find there are many more options than the traditional dishes of Tennessee. There are restaurants serving cuisines from across the globe, and one of the most popular is Indian. If you are a fan of this type of cuisine, then here are the best places to find Indian food in Nashville, Tennessee.

10. Chaatable

Chaatable is an Indian restaurant on Hill Center Sylvan Heights in Nashville. It stands out from the competition due to its modern, funky décor. The restaurant boasts a colorful and playful interior with some interesting decorative touches. While the décor is appealing, it is not the only reason to dine at this restaurant. Chaatable has a menu that differs from the standard fare you find in most Indian restaurants, and the dishes are given creative names. The highlights of the menu are the vegetarian dishes and the street food-based options. Chaatable is also known for its creative cocktail list, so make sure to order a cocktail during your visit.

9. Swagruha

Indian street food offers a completely different dining experience than you can find in most Indian restaurants in terms of both the options and the flavors. To sample some food inspired by the street of India, one of the best places to dine in Nashville is at Swagruha, which is based at Nashville’s Farmer’s Market on Rosa L Parks Boulevard. Examples of meals you can order from this establishment include goat curry, butter chicken, vegetable samosas, and vegetable korma. Swagruha is open from Monday to Saturday, with later opening times on Fridays and Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays.

8. Best of India

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Best of India aims to represent the best of Indian cuisine. Trip 101 says that this restaurant on Charlotte Pike is true to its name, as it prepares authentic Indian food that is freshly prepared to order for customers. One of the reasons the restaurant is so popular is because of its affordable lunch buffet, which offers a vast array of dishes for the diners to sample. Best of India is also known for its friendly service and fast takeout service.

7. Sitar

Sitar is an Indian restaurant on 21st Avenue North, Nashville. Its popularity is down to a combination of outstanding service and delicious, authentic Indian cuisine. The chef at this restaurant has devised a comprehensive menu of appetizers, curries, tandoori specials, vegetarian options, and seafood dishes. There are also decent beverage and dessert menus. Some of their specialties are tandoori roti, scallop patia, and pakora. If you want to try some of the amazing Indian food at Sitar, you will find it on 21st Avenue North.

6. Saffron the Indian Kitchen

Saffron the Indian Kitchen is one of the restaurants listed by Kev’s Best as one of the best places to get Indian food in Nashville, Tennessee. The menu consists of dishes using the authentic flavors of India and traditional cooking methods. You will find Saffron the Indian Kitchen on Broadway Place.

5. Sindoore- Indian by Nature

There is something for everyone on the menu at Sindoore-Indian by Nature on Donelson Pike. The menu has vegan, meat, and seafood options, and there are dishes at all spice levels. The flavorsome North Indian dishes are made from scratch using fresh produce. Sindoore- Indian by Nature has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of its food and the diversity of the menu, so it is a popular choice amongst the locals.

4. TAJ Indian Restaurant

Those who want to treat themselves to a fine dining experience should consider booking a table at TAJ Indian Restaurant on Nolensville Pike. There is a diverse menu of traditional Indian dishes, and they specialize in biryanis. Alongside the traditional options, there are some interesting Indo-Chinese dishes. It is a great place to eat for people with special dietary requirements. Not only are there plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu, but the chef will accommodate allergies and intolerances whenever possible.

3. Bombay Palace Restaurant

If you are trying Indian cuisine for the first time, then a good option in Nashville is Bombay Palace Restaurant on West End Avenue, as the helpful staff will guide you through the menu and make suggestions based on your preferences. Another reason for newbies to the food to choose this restaurant is it has an extensive lunch buffet. It means you can try small amounts of lots of different dishes to find out what you like. The dishes at this restaurant are freshly prepared to order, and the vibe is casual.

2. Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

One of the top restaurants in the area for plant-based food and one of the best places to get Indian food is Woodland Indian Vegetarian Cuisine says Eater Nashville. It showcases how vegetables are used in innovative and delicious ways in Indian cooking, and there are dishes from various regions. You do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy a meal at this small restaurant on West End Avenue, Nashville, and dining at this venue is an opportunity to try something different. Although is closed on Mondays, it is open every other day for lunch and dinner service.

1. Chauhan Ale and Masala House

Ashton Real Estate Group lists Chauhan Ale and Masala House on 12th Avenue North as one of the best places to get Indian food in Nashville and describes it as a rising star in the city’s food scene. The restaurant opened in 2014, and its menu is influenced by different regional cuisines. There are also dishes on the menu that are a fusion of traditional Indian flavors used in Southern dishes.

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