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The 10 Best Lakes to Visit in Kentucky

Kentucky Lake

Kentucky is known for its many massive reservoirs and immense water schemes. They offer many advantages, for example, serving as energy production and flood control plants. Their recreation opportunities, such as resorts along shores and sprawling state parks, are among the beautiful sceneries. Kentucky has many beautiful lakes with many activities, such as Powerboats, pontoon boats, and great mansion-style houseboats where you find room on the water. What makes these lakes more attractive is that Kentucky has packaged these lakes as tourism products. According to the crazy tourist, Kentucky boasts of beautiful natural and man-made lakes with state resort parks packaged for the tourists. At these lakes, visitors can also enjoy land-based activities such as hiking, cycling, and golfing. The ten best lakes in Kentucky include:

10. Nolin River Lake

Nolin River Lake is on the North of Mammoth caves National Park in the west-central part of Kentucky State. Its selling point is the caves where visitors can retire into Nolin Lake State Park for accommodation after visitors have visited. Land-based activities are available for hikers and mountain bikers. Other activities include camping at the about 60 sites available, beachfront activities, and boat launching. Another important attraction on the lake's northern end is Moutardier Recreation Area. The attraction, which features a campground, is important to visitors who want to engage in canoeing, fishing excursions, and hiking.

9. Rough River Lake

Rough River Lake is a massive reservoir that covers over five thousand acres. The park, Rough River Dam state resort park, is much developed, becoming the central spot for Lake Activities. Many activities are available, including pontoon boats for rentals and public boat launches. Land-based activities include hiking trails, disc golf, and a permanent orienteering course, according to Planet Ware. Some of the activities visitors can engage in at the lake include fishing expeditions, swimming, and hiking. Most people visit for fishing since it is home to a wide variety of bass.

8. Herrington Lake

Herrington Lake is another lake situated in Kentucky and is the deepest lake. It is accessible at about a 30-mile drive from Lexington. Herrington reservoir covers about 2,300 acres, and it was a result of a dam on Dix River. Fishing is one of the popular activities to do at Herrington Lake. The harbor offers boaters a calm entrance to the water.

7. Taylorsville Lake

Taylorsville Lake is an artificial reservoir that runs across Spencer County. It is situated about 1/2 way between Lexington and Louisville cities. Taylorsville Lake covers an area of about 3,000 acres. Many people tour the lake over the weekends. Taylorsville lake state park offers speed boating, many rentals for waterskiing and floating boats, among other facilities. The other thing people visit Taylorsville is fishing. There are several fish species, such as bluegill, bass, and crappie.

6. Green River Lake

Green River Lake is a natural reservoir found near Campbellsville in the Central part of Kentucky State. It has an acreage of 8000 acres providing several free access points for the public. The Green River Lake State Park offers a harbor with classic rental boats such as pontoon and fishing boats. There are also nature trails available for visitors, with bicyclists and horse lovers finding them very interesting. The Campbellsville town would also interest you in visiting the area with beautiful outdoor activities and a hospitable local community.

5. Barren River Lake

Barren River Lake is a reservoir covering an area of 10,000 acres found on the Southern side of Kentucky State. It is managed by the United States Army corps, specifically the engineers. It features the Barren River Lake State Resort Park, where amenities such as lodges and campgrounds are available. Pontoon and fishing boats are also found here, and other land activities such as nature trails and golfing

4. Buckhorn Lake

Buckhorn Lake covers about 1200 acres and is located in the southeast of Kentucky State. It neighbors Appalachian hills and a national forest called Daniel Boone. The major feature here is Buckhorn Lake state park providing accommodations, and The Bowling town Country Kitchen restaurant that gives a view of the lake as you enjoy the local cuisine. Lake-lovers activities include floating and fishing boats for visitors and marina boat launch and beach activities for the public.

3. Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley lies on the opposite side of Lake Kentucky with an acreage of about 58,000 acres. On its part, it also offers several attractions for visitors. On its shoreline, you will find several locals and visitors finding accommodation facilities with related amenities such as shopping malls. The accommodation depends on the visitor’s preference as you can find hotels offering five-star services or those countryside cabins or camping sites for the adventurous visitors. There is the Lake Barkley resort state park where you can enjoy accommodation facilities and activities such as hiking. Lake Barclay Marina will provide you with beautiful waterfronts and pontoon boats if you are a lake-lover.

2. Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland is an artificial lake on the river Cumberland. The reservoir is a government property established to address the issue of flooding along with the river and electricity production. However, the lake has become a great source of government income in tourism earnings. The major tourism feature on this lake is houseboats which can be either the small exclusive boats or the bigger ones that can host up to 18 guests. These floating boats are available for rent by visitors. There is also a state park offering lodging facilities and cottages.

1. Kentucky Lake

This lake found on the Tennessee River is one of the biggest reservoirs in Kentucky State. The area covered by the lake is about 640 square kilometers. According to explore Kentucky Lake, it is ranked number 25 on the list of the largest lakes in the U.S.A. The major contribution of the lake is on the generation of electricity with its hydro plant. In addition to this, it is has a significant contribution to the state by providing a site for recreation and vacation for visitors. The lakeshore stretches for more than 3680 kilometers, where there are leisure sites, camping areas, and sections for entertainment by the public. The lake has two major sections, and the eastern part features more natural topographies, while the western side has more synthetic attraction features such as harbors and waterfronts. Some of the things you can enjoy at this lake include speedboats and floating boats as exciting features for those on vacation or the general public.

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