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The Five Best Lounges at Denver Airport

Airport Lounge

Denver International Airport was rated the third-busiest airport worldwide in 2019 when it had over 69 million travelers. It is, therefore, no surprise that it is the largest airport in the US and second-largest in the world after King Fahd International Airport. With so many travelers passing through the Denver Airport, it makes sense to have many lounges to cater to the passengers’ needs. Currently, it has six lounges, and the five best lounges at Denver Airport are listed below.

5. Centurion Lounge, Concourse C

In February 2021, American Express opened their 14th Centurion lounge at Denver International Airport to take advantage of the consumers expected to travel by air that summer. The vice president of Amex Experiences and Travels, Alexander Lee, said that Denver International was one of the most frequented airports by Amex Premium cardholders. Therefore, as reported by CNBC, the credit card company wanted to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its members. Centurion Lounge at Denver Airport is the second-largest in the Centurion Lounge network. It spans over 14,000 square feet and is located above Concourse C. It is accessible by Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders, and those with the Delta and American Express Reserve Card. However, only travelers connecting a flight through Denver or departing from the airport can access it. Those whose final destination is Denver are not. Travelers are treated to a craft beer bar, live-action cooking station for customized meals, a game room, power accessible seats, family room, phone room, general lounge, and work bar.

4. Delta Sky Club, Concourse A

According to Value Penguin, accessing the Delta Sky Lounge at Denver Airport has undergone a few changes. Therefore, you can only access it if you have executive or individual membership. Executive membership is expensive since it costs $845 per year, but you get unlimited access in return and two guests per visit. Alternatively, you are allowed to redeem 84,500 miles in exchange for executive membership. On the other hand, individual membership costs $545 annually, but you can pay $50 per month or redeem 54,500 miles. The lounge is located on the fourth floor of Concourse A, center core, and opens daily from 5 am to 6 pm. Once inside, you will enjoy the food options – you can have a full breakfast, fruits, yogurt, or head to the self-service bar for beverages. It spans 4,600 square feet but still has great amenities, including numerous charging stations, a small business center, and seats. Of course, there are restrooms and showers and free Wi-Fi.

3. United Club West, Concourse B

Luxury Travel Diary explains that United Airlines has two clubs at Denver Airport – East and West. However, there is very little difference between them. All the same, most sources rated United Club West higher than Club East. The West club is located near Gate B30, and it can get crowded, so when it does, do not expect to gain access if you have a one-time pass; these are accepted in the early afternoon when it is less busy. One-time passes are for United Club members, first-class or business class passengers on any Star Alliance flight, Star Alliance Gold travelers, and Chase United Club Visa holders. There are lots of seats available and enough food though it is usually pre-packaged. For breakfast, you can expect to grab yogurt, peeled hardboiled eggs, sandwiches, granola bars, oatmeal, and smoothies. After 10.30 am, the food selection changes to include something you can eat for lunch. The lounge also has a full-service bar, and you have to scan the QR code to view the menu, but coffee, water, and tea are self-service. There are restrooms but no showers.

2. USO Lounge, Concourse A

The lounge is located on the third floor at Concourse A and is next to the American Airlines Club. You must pass through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screening checkpoint to access the lounge. For you to be allowed into the lounge you must have a current dependent, reserve, guard, or active duty identity card. When there is enough space, the USO lounge also provides access to retirees with military ID cards but having a driver’s license indicating that you are a Veteran does not qualify you to access the facilities. Among the amenities offered include food and beverages, which are all complimentary. It is important to note that USO does not provide alcoholic beverages. You also get free Wi-Fi, computers, a lending library, a children’s play area, video gaming, and a foosball table. Although there is a sleeping area with reclining seats, the lounge does not provide overnight accommodations. USO lounges are much-appreciated facilities. published an article detailing how it is the bright spot amid the chaos of any military personnel and even mentioned the one at Denver Airport as a favorite.

1. American Airlines Admirals Club, Concourse A

Since American Airlines aircraft takes off from Terminal A, the Admirals Club is located there. It has lots of signage to direct you to wherever you need to go, so you hardly need any help getting around the lounge. On Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, it is open from 4.45 am to 5 pm while the rest of the days it remains open from 4.45 am to 7.30 pm. It does not have a conference room, and the restroom is outside of the club. It has a serene environment, and the decorations are eye-catching. It has complimentary Wi-Fi and complimentary food and drinks. You get a variety of foods; for instance, you can find three types of cereals, cakes, and breakfast rolls, as well as a full-service bar. The kids’ play area has teddy bears to keep the young ones at ease. Access is available to Admirals Club members, Oneworld Emerald and Sapphires connecting on a qualifying flight, and AAdvantage Platinum elites traveling internationally on qualifying flights.

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