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The 20 Best Restaurants in All of Oklahoma

White Dog

Oklahoma's food scene is sizzling, offering everything from farm-to-table eateries to hipster hotspots, elegant fine dining restaurants to hole-in-the-wall joints. Whether you're hankering after down-home comfort food or something a little more gourmet, you'll have no problem finding somewhere to sate your cravings. If you're ready to chow down on some of The Sooner State's best cuisine, these are the 20 best Oklahoma restaurants to check out.

Kitchen Number 324

20. Kitchen No. 324: 324 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Ask any Okie to name the best place in the city for fried chicken pot pie, and they'll all tell you the same thing: Kitchen No. 324. It's not the only thing on the many (the fried green tomato Benedict is heavenly), but if any dish deserves to be on your bucket list, it's this golden, gravy-laden delight.

The Old Plantation

19. The Old Plantation Restaurant: 140 E Lake Dr, Medicine Park, OK 73557

At The Old Plantation Restaurant, it's all about good vibes, friendly service, and great steak. Whet your appetite with some plump coconut shrimp to start before moving on to a country-fried steak served with all the trimmings for main. Finish off with a slice of cherry pie ala mode for a meal fit for royalty.

Mugs' Grubhouse

18. Mugsy's Grubhouse: 215 West Chicago Avenue, Yale, OK 74085

The big cities don't have a monopoly on great food. Venture into the state's smaller towns, and you'll find a bevy of awesome restaurants worth the drive. Mugsy's Grubhouse is a case in point. Set in small-town Yale, this Western-themed steakhouse dishes up a winning combination of fun vibes, friendly service, and some of the best steaks you'll find in all of Oklahoma.

Tokyo Japanese

17. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant: 7516 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

If you want to take a culinary tour of Japan but can't quite stretch to the airfare, enjoy some of the finest Japanese food in Oklahoma City instead at the always excellent Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. With a giant selection of nigiri, sashimi, and California rolls on offer, it's a sushi lover's dream. There's also an excellent selection of soups, salads, noodles, and seafood entrees, along with a great kids menu that's sure to get little ones interested in something besides burgers and fries.

Eischen's Bar

16. Eischen's Bar: 109 S 2nd St, Okarche, OK 73762

Eischen's Bar might have made its name as the oldest bar in Oklahoma, but its built its reputation on its whole fried chicken, which easily ranks among the best in The Sooner State. Come for the history, stay for the food, which, along with the chicken, includes an incredible homemade chili and a gut-busting BBQ beef sandwich. The drinks are pretty good too.


15. Rustler's BBQ: 806 E Industry Rd, Henryetta, OK 74437

If you're a fan of BBQ, don't leave Henryetta without making a stop at Rustler's BBQ, a locally owned and operated restaurant with a reputation for dishing up some of the finest BBQ in the state. The huge selection of smoked meats, all of which are cured with the house's house-made rubs and slow-smoked over local pecan wood, will warm the cockles of your heart. Expect brisket, chicken, pulled pork, hot links, St. Louis style ribs, and a superb selection of tasty sides to boot.


14. FRIDA Southwest: 500 Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

FRIDA Southwest puts the fine in fine dining with its wonderfully elegant rooms and a creative menu inspired by the cuisine of Oklahoma, Santa Fe, and northern Mexico. Located in the Paseo Arts District of OKC, it combines outstanding service with top-notch food. The prices are on the high side, but so is the quality.

Key dishes not to miss include a sublime seafood tamale made from housemade green chile tamale, jumbo shrimp, lobster, crab, scallop, and sherry cream, and an incredible tasty tortilla soup made with pulled chicken, green chile tomato broth, avocado, crispy tortilla strips, and crema.


13. Jincy's Kitchen: 31392 South Qualls Road, Qualls, OK, 74451

Jincy's Kitchen is the kind of small, unassuming joint that you could easily drive by without even noticing. If you do manage to catch sight of it before it disappears in your rearview mirror forever, you're in luck. With a reputation for making some of the best Southern-style comfort food in Oklahoma, everything that comes out of the kitchen of this family-run restaurant is made from scratch.

Stop by to enjoy a hearty portion of chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy or some equally tasty catfish and hushpuppies. Round it all of with a slice of their famous pecan pie.

Palace Cafe

12. Palace Café: 1301 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120

Since James Shrader transformed this former down-at-heel antique store into an elegant dining space over a decade ago, Palace Café has become one of Tulsa's go-to destinations for fine cuisine. Shrader's contemporary Asian-American fusion menu is ablaze with fresh, seasonal produce and ingenious creativity, resulting in dream dishes like smoked pork tenderloin with grilled pineapple and homemade lobster ravioli with fresh basil and fennel. Vegetarians are well catered to, and there's also a ‘bento’ menu of tiny pre-appetizers for those with smaller appetites.


11. Packard’s New American Kitchen: 201 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Packard’s New American Kitchen's unique setting inside the original Packard car showroom of the 1920s is a great selling point, but the main people line up in their droves to get a seat here is down to the food.

Fresh, seasonal produce is very much the focus, resulting in a wonderfully vibrant menu packed with salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tortillas that sing on the palate. There's an excellent selection of veggie options, plus a good assortment of desserts that include a pistachio cheesecake mousse that shouldn't be missed.


10. Interurban: 1150 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman, OK 73072

As wisely notes, nothing beats amazing queso and a great burger - two things you can always guarantee at this local family-owned restaurant in Norman. The pulled pork nachos are also worth ditching the diet over.


9. Tally’s Good Food Café: 1102 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112

There's no shortage of place in Tulsas to enjoy that classic Oklahoma dish of a chicken fried steak, but you'll struggle to find anywhere that does it quite so well as Tally’s Good Food Café. After tenderizing the meat, they bread it, fry it, and top it with a hearty portion of cream gravy.

Unassuming, delicious, and impossible not to go in for a second round, it's the kind of down-home cooking that can cheer up even the most miserable of days. If you come by at breakfast time, opt for the French scrambled sandwich instead, a golden, flaky croissant stuffed with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and hash browns. Your heart might not thank you for it, but your belly definitely will.


8. Ike’s Chili: 1503 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74120

If you can't resist a hearty bowl of chili, don't miss a visit to Ike’s Chili. Named one of the best restaurants in Tulsa by The Culture Trip, this local favorite has been winning over hearts and appetites for over 100 years with its world-beating chili.

Each bowl comes topped with a lip-smacking combination of red peppers, onions, jalapenos, saltines, and cheddar cheese, Enjoy it straight or served over spaghetti, Fritos, or a hotdog - whichever way you have it, prepare to have your mind blown. Other items on the menu include burgers, smothered fries, hot wings, and Frito burritos.

The Metro

7. The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro: 6418 N Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Named one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma by Open Table, The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro has been serving up some of the finest food wine in Oklahoma City for over twenty-five years. Despite the focus on fine wines and even finer food, it's a friendly, lively place, with none of the stuffiness you'd expect of a swanky restaurant. Whether you opt for a glass of wine and some nibbles at the bar or sit down to enjoy a four-course feast in the dining room, a memorable time is guaranteed.

Burn Co. BBQ

6. Burn Co. BBQ: 1738 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119

It might not be the most elegant place to grab a bite, but if butter-soft basket, glistening pork chops, and plump, crispy chicken wings float your boat, Tulsa's Burn Co. BBQ won't disappoint. Everything is made fresh on the premises daily. Along with the mouthwatering in-house smoked meats, there's also an excellent selection of gluten-free dishes and a kids' menu for smaller diners. Be sure to get there early, as the lines are already snaking out the door within just a couple of minutes of opening.

The Loaded Bowl

5. The Loaded Bowl: 1211 SW 2nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

As Time Out says, Oklahoma may be known for its steaks, but the Loaded Bowl is a vegetarian-friendly godsend. Since starting life as the first vegan food truck to hit the road in Oklahoma City, the eatery has moved into its own premises and won a loyal following among the city's meat dodgers with its “conscious comfort food.”

Founded on a mission to provide healthy, seasonal fare in an accessible and affordable way, its menu is every bit as delicious as it is healthy. The loaded nachos, which come crammed with refried black beans, cashew queso, fresh pico, shredded cabbage, soy and lentil chorizo, sour cream, and guacamole, shouldn't be missed.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse

4. Cattlemen's Steakhouse: 1309 S Agnew Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Die-hard vegetarians might not get much of a kick out of Cattlemen's Steakhouse, but anyone who understands the joys of a perfectly aged steak shouldn't miss it. For over 100 years, this OKC institution has been attracting movies stars, presidents, rodeo stars, and every other variety of hungry diner with its meat-heavy menu, black-tie waiters, and Western-inspired decor. If great food and fascinating history are what you look for in a restaurant, consider it your new favorite.

3. Lost Spur Cafe: 2200 S Sawmill Rd, Tishomingo, OK 73460

If you want to experience a slightly different dining experience from the norm, take the advice of and set your sights on Lost Spur Cafe. Located in the largest western movie set in the state, the restaurant takes its diners back to a time of cowboys, dance hall girls, and gunfights.

Along with the entertainment, there are plenty of good eats to try on its southern-inspired menu, which features a sizzling selection of burgers, steaks, grilled chicken salad, beans, and cornbread. While you're there, be sure to take a look around the site, which boasts a sheriff’s department, telegraph office, barbershop, general mercantile store, stables, and hotel, all of which do an excellent job of showcasing the history of the state.

The Mule

2. The Mule: 1630 N Blackwelder Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106-2074

There's a time and a place for fine dining, but there's also time for indulging in some good old-fashioned comfort food. Since opening in 2012, The Mule's scrumptious combination of hot melts and cold beer has firmly established it as a Plaza District favorite.

One bite of their grilled cheese sandwiches will transport you straight back to childhood, even if their take on the classic is a lot fancier than what most of us grew up on. Don't miss the Macaroni pony either, an inspired cornbread-and-pork, mac and cheese extravaganza that's as close to carb heaven as you can get.

White Dog

1. White Dog Hill: 22901 Route 66, Clinton, OK 73601

It might be in the middle of nowhere, but as Only In Your State points outs, White Dog Hil in Clinton is the perfect place to transport you away from the busyness of life. Set in an idyllic hillside position overlooking acres of Oklahoma's beautiful scenery, the restaurant combines a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere with amazing views, friendly service, and the kind of food you'd happily travel miles to try.

There's also an excellent selection of imported and craft beers, together with a very impressive cocktail selection - try the Dreamboat, a lip-smacking blend of Prairie Wolf Coffee Liqueur, bourbon, cold brew coffee, Licor 43 Infused Cream, and dark chocolate that's every bit as dreamy as its name suggests.

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