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Why The Prime Rib is One of Philadelphia's Finest Steakhouses

The Prime Rib

Philadelphia has many excellent restaurants and bistros. Each of these will suit diners with different tastes as they each have their own unique selling points. If you prefer to dine out at a steakhouse, then you will find some great establishments in this city and this can make choosing one a difficult decision. Many locals would argue that The Prime Rib is one of the finest steakhouses in Philadelphia. Here is an overview of The Prime Rib and what makes it one of Philadelphia’s best steakhouses.

The Breakdown

The Prime Rib is a classic steakhouse that has been serving customers with mouth-watering steaks and seafood since 1976. With more than 40 years of experience, this steakhouse is well established as one of the top steakhouses in Philadelphia. They also have locations in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. What sets a good steakhouse apart from a bad one is its food. This includes the variety of the options, the quality of the ingredients, and how well the dishes are prepared. The Prime Rib consistently gets top marks for each of these elements.

The appetizers on the dinner menu includes an extensive list of soups, salads, cold starters, and hot appetizers. Some examples from this list include Maine lobster bisque, tuna tartare, escargots, and lettuce hearts with blue cheese dressing. From the entrees, the most popular option is the signature cut of roast prime rib. Not only is this cooked beautifully, but it is also a humungous slab of meat that will delight any meat lover. Other steak options include roast prime rib, prime filet mignon, prime New York strip, steak au poivre, Roquefort steak, or bone-in prime steak. Each of the steaks is cooked to the temperature requested by the customer and retains its juiciness and flavor. Other meat options include veal or pork chops, rack of lamb, chopped steak or several chicken dishes.


There is also a great selection of entrees for fish and seafood lovers. Some of the highlights of this section of the menu are the jumbo lump crab cakes, Brazilian lobster tails, and yellowfin Ahi tuna. If you are lucky, you may also sea soft shell crabs on the menu, but these are only sold seasonally. Regardless of whether you choose a meat or seafood dish, you can accompany your meal with one of the delicious vegetable and potato sides. One thing that diners have noted about the meals at The Prime Rib is that the portions are huge. Therefore, an appetizer and an entrée are enough for many people. However, if you do have enough room, there is also an excellent dessert menu available. Compared to many steakhouses, The Prime Rib has a large dessert menu. It also stands out as most of the desserts are homemade. There are some options that are typical of steakhouses, such as fudge sundae, key lime pie, pecan pie, and bread pudding. There are also some healthier options, such as fresh strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries.

The Prime Rib is also known for its outstanding wine list and has won the Wine Spectator Magazine Award of excellence for 25 years consecutively. The wine list consists of a broad spectrum of wines sourced from some of the best wine-producing countries in the world. Although the focus is on wines produced in the United States. As the list is so comprehensive, you will find the perfect wine to accompany your meal. In addition to the wines, The Prime Rib also serves soft drinks, spirits, aperitifs, beers, and cocktails. It is possible to host a private dining event at The Prime Rib in Philadelphia. The restaurant has three private dining rooms that can accommodate parties between 10 and 70 people. This means that there are rooms that are suitable for a variety of events, from a family celebration to a large business event. You can also hire the entire restaurant, and this is for a minimum of 50 guests and a maximum of 200 guests. The Prime Rib offers various menus depending on the size of your party and your personal needs. It is best to speak to the management to make arrangements in advance if you are hiring a private dining room.

The Vibe

Beyond the food and drink served by a restaurant, the venues décor and vibe can also impact on your dining experience. According to Thrillist, this restaurant exudes the glamor of 1940s Hollywood and delivers formal service in an upscale dining room. They say it is a breath-taking space that makes any meal feel special. Another element that adds to the ambiance is the live music that is played while you dine. The fact that this steakhouse offers entertainment sets it apart from many other steakhouses in Philadelphia. The customer service at The Prime Rib is also noteworthy. The staff is formal, yet also friendly and welcoming. They strive to ensure your meal and your dining experience are enjoyable, and they are more than happy to help with your meal and drinks choices. They are efficient and meals arrive in a timely manner.

To find out if you agree with the opinion that this is one of the best steakhouses in Philadelphia, you should try out The Prime Rib for yourself. You will find it within the Warwick Hotel on Rittenhouse Square on Locust Street. The restaurant opens at 4.30 pm every day. On Sundays and Mondays, The Prime Rib is open until 10 pm. From Tuesday through to Thursday, it is open until 11 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is a later closing time of 11.30 pm. These hours differ at the other locations. Although booking is not essential, it is recommended that you reserve a table at the weekends or if you are dining at this steakhouse as part of a large group. This will avoid disappointment and reduce the likelihood of you having to wait for a table and to enjoy your meal.

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