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The Five Best Morocco Beach Resorts

Morocco is called the Kingdom of the West and the place the sun sets. The North African country has a long coastline where the land meets the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The country has lush forests to the north, central mountains and luxurious beaches with large sand dunes. The Mediterranean climate with breezes off the water provides the perfect place to relax in a luxurious setting. Here are our picks for the top 5 Moroccan Beach Resorts.

Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort

Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort Morocco

Located along the beautiful El Jadida with more than 2000 acres along more than 4 miles of beach, Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort includes Morjana La Table, Market Place, Sel De Mer Seafood Restaurant, La Cave Rustic Bistro, George Steakhouse and Jockey Club. The site hosts a casino and an active nightlife with night clubs and bars. There are outdoor beach and pool venues for dining and snacking on local and international food, pastries and more. Mazagan Resort features a luxurious spa with a fitness center and on site shops as well as a relaxing pool. The Resort has an 18 hole golf course designed by South African golf professional Gary Player. The course is filled with sand dunes and valleys to add enjoyment to your golf game. Guests of the Resort can relax by the pool or at the beach. There are many fun activities to enjoy at the beach including jet skiing and surfing. The resort also offers horseback riding and biking trails.

La Sultana Oualidia

La Sultana Oualidia

Located on the Atlantic coast, Oualida is a small fishing village filled with oyster farms and exotic birds. The city is just a couple hours from Marrakech and Casablanca. La Sultana is a lovely elegant resort located in this peaceful oasis. Guests of the La Sultana check into highly appointed guest rooms featuring ceilings with rows of Oleander, stone walls, marble floors, painted wooden furnishings and natural materials. Each guest room features a private terrace and a private Jacuzzi. La Sultana's restaurant offers a variety of foods including fresh seafood and grilled meats and vegetables grown in the resort's garden. The resort's spa is centered in a cathedral like building with a high ceiling, columns and a central heated swimming pool. The spa also includes an outdoor pool, sea water filled Jacuzzi's and a fitness room. Guests can enjoy a variety of beauty and wellness spa treatments. When staying at La Sultana Oualidia, guests can enjoy the pristine beach that is protected by the lagoon. The resort offers surfing lessons, kayaks, fishing excursions and bird watching and oyster farm tours as well as a private picnic on a private beach.

Banyan Tree at Tamouda Bay

Banyan Tree at Tamouda Bay

Bringing the traditional luxury of Banyan Tree Resorts to Fnideq, Morocco, the resort at Tamouda Bay is a luxurious yet family friendly resort located on the north coast of Morocco. Guests are treated to privacy and luxury as well as French modern and Moroccan decor in private villas. Villas overlook the pool, garden or ocean. Each unique villa offers a serene view. There are international, Thai and Moroccan options for dining whether for breakfast lunch or dinner. Restaurants include Ting Hana, Saffron and the Azura Beach Restaurant. The Volubilis bar provides nightlife with ambiance. The Banyan Tree at Tamouda Bay includes space for business or events. The resort features an indoor and outdoor pool. Pristine beaches offer the best sunsets as well as sea activities. The resort also offers activities including a Kid's Club, cooking workshops, biking, picnics, and excursions including a private trip to the scenic Isla De Perejie just off the coast of Morocco.

Melia Saidia Beach Resort

Melia Saidia Beach Resort

The beautiful Melia Saidia Beach Resort is located along the Mediterranean Sea on the northeastern coast of Morocco. The village of Saidia is known as the "Blue Pearl". The resort is close to many exciting places in Morocco including the historic city of Fez. The Melia Saidia Beach Resort offers guest a variety of luxuriously appointed guest rooms and suites. Each one is decorated in contemporary style with art and details inspired by Moroccan architecture. The Melia Saidia guest rooms offer scenic views of the garden or the sea. The Resort features several restaurants and bars offering the best of Mediterranean, Asian and international cuisine. Guests can enjoy the pristine beaches with fine sand and clear Mediterranean waters as they relax or soak up the fun that the sea and beach offer.

The Nord-Pinus Hotel

Nord Pinus Hotel Morocco

For one of the most unique experiences when visiting the Moroccan coast, The Nord-Pinus Hotel offers an exotic and comfortable experience. The boutique hotel is located at the spot of an eighteenth century palace that has been restored to showcase the magic of Morocco and the beauty of its coast. The intimate hotel is located in Tangier. One of the four suites sits at the highest point of Kasbah. Each suite is decorated comfortably and elegantly with the finest leather, cedar, marble and fine fabrics. The Nord-Pinus' restaurant serves locally grown produce and fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea offering wood fire and grilled fare. The rooftop bar overlooks the magnificent Straits of Gibralter.

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