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The 20 Best Places To Live Off The Grid in Asia

Sumatra, Indonesia

If you're considering a move to Asia to get away from the crowds and get back to nature in an out-of-the-way locale, there are some great choices available. The best off-the-grid locations are remote and get you out of the mainstream of the busy cities and suburbs, but they are also near resources that help you to enjoy your excursion into the wild more comfortably. Here are the 20 best places to live off-the-grid in Asia, that are perfect for nomadic excursions.

Qinghai Province, China

20. Qinghai Province, China

Remote Lands recommends the Qinghai Province in China because it is a region that has a low population and is rarely visited. The landscapes are vast and include float meadows, towering mountains, and massive valleys. Choose an area near Qinghai Lake or freshwater. This is the largest lake in the country. You may occasionally see a sheep or Yak herder, but you won't run into many travelers in this off-the-grid location.

Gansu Province, China

19. Gansu Province, China

China's Gansu Province offers wide open spaces and mountainous regions that take you to worlds that have not been visited since ancient peoples inhabited the region. Venturing deep into the rural landscape will take you to remote locations that still harbor elements of evidence from the Neolithic period. Labrang Town is a remote locale in the Tibetan region that looks as though it has not been touched by modern society. It's best to begin your excursion to the city of Xian and move on to Labrang Town to keep an open line with civilization before hiking the scenic trails in the countryside.

Hustai National Park, Mongolia

18. Hustai National Park, Mongolia

Hustai National Park is an area in Mongolia that takes you back in time. A rare horse once lived in this region, native to the area until declared extinct in 1969. Examples of the takhi were found and bred and it has been reintroduced to its native home. This is a remote area that is filled with many hiking trails and places to explore that are only seen by occasional nomadic herders. There are still ancient graves in the area that dates back to the days of Genghis Khan. You can see wild horses running free on the hills and mountains as you step into the forest-steppe that is good for hiking.

Central Hokkaido, Japan

17. Central Hokkaido, Japan

If you're looking for an excursion that takes you off the grid in the country of Japan then a trip to Central Hokkaido is highly recommended. This is an area that is home to Mt. Taisetsu, Akan, Abashiri, Tokachigawa, and Sapporo. It's a remote region that doesn't see many travelers and it's the perfect region to explore the more remote areas o the countryside of Japan in peace. If you're looking for adventure, you'll find plenty with the nearby volcano that steams and grumbles. There are also great areas to hike around Mt. Taisetsu, but you'll need to have your snowshoes. There are also places to ski or canoe and there with ample wildlife in their natural setting to enjoy.

Boun Neu, North Laos

16. Boun Neu, North Laos

The Northern part of Laos is one of the most beautiful parts of the country for those who want to get away from civilization. Not far from the Laos border with China is Boun Neu. This is a city that is a good starting point for your excursion into the local mountainous region where some tribes of people still lice, untouched by modern civilization. There are also local villages nearby. You can learn a lot about the culture of Laos from the people nearby, then travel to Phongsaly which is a remote location that gives you solitude and repose from all trappings of modern civilization.

Putao, Myanmar

15. Putao, Myanmar

Putao is a remote region in Myanmar that is isolated from the rest of the world. Here you will find diversity in the landscape in a place that is untouched by the modern world. The Lisu are the local inhabitants of the area, but you can wander through the remote area from one village to another or bypass the human aspect of your venture and lose yourself in the beauty and solitude of nature. There are plenty of things to do if you get lonely, and the villagers are there to help you enjoy local activities including hiking biking, or even rafting on the Nam Lang and Malikha Rivers.

Koh Mook, Thailand

14. Koh Mook, Thailand

Now Boarding with Kids recommends Koh Mook as a somewhat off the grid locale that is safe and fun for the entire family. this is a family-friendly place that is off the beaten path, but there is a dock for arrivals and departures. this is a mall island that does have a resort, but to get there you must walk through local school grounds. You can opt o take your luggage from the dock with a golf cart if you prefer. Although there are amenities nearby, this is a place that is still off the beaten track and not largely invaded by tourism. It's a remote location that gives you to privacy you crave for exploration with the convenience of a resort for creature comforts.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

13. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

The Perhentian Islands including Besar, the larger, and Kecil, the smaller of the two are both off the beaten path from tourism. These islands are hidden paradises. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape without the intrusion of modern society. The Tuna Bay Resort is nearby and can accommodate families with comfortable sleeping quarters restaurants and all the comforts one could want, but you can take it off the grid and explore the natural surroundings without interference from crowds of people.

Nusa Lembongan, Bali

12. Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Nusa Lembongan is one o the few places in Bali that you can get away from other people as the area tends to be a tourist hotspot. this is the one place that you can still find a traditional beach without all of the fuss. There is a great place to stay there. The Tamarind Resort is a nice place to stay, but you'll have to access it by Ferry from the main island. The trip is only about 30 minutes if you leave from Sanur. It's in the central part of the island so it gives you a great starting place for exploring the island on your own.

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

11. Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

This is a great place to go when you're looking for a place that is off-grid and away from the traditional tourist crowd. Don't be put off by the fact that it's a little tougher to access. This just means that there won't be as many other people around. You'll need to travel o the island via plane then boat, but when you see the pristine white beaches and the peaceful natural surroundings, you'll be glad that you made the extra effort. You can stay at the Sol Beach Resort for feature comforts and choose from the beachfront bungalows, and then strike out on your own to explore the rest of the island.

Con Dao, Vietnam

10. Con Dao, Vietnam

Con Dao is another out-of-the-way place to go in Asia. It's located in Vietnam's northern region. There isn't a lot of advertisement for this area that once housed a prison colony. There are even a few very nice places to stay in Con Dao and relaxing views of the natural surroundings of the temperate island. There is a rich and deep history connected with the island if you're interested in learning more about it. If not, it's a lovely place to explore the remote areas of the island at your leisure.

Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

9. Pulau Tioman, Malaysia recommends Pulau Tioman, Malaysia as one of the better destinations for getting back to nature and away from the crowds. It's a little island located in the South China Sea. This is an island that is teeming with waterfalls and dense jungles. The inhabitants are sparse so you can explore for hours without running into another person. Enjoy the local wildlife in their natural habitat including giant monitor lizards, or watch the colorful fish as they teem in and out of the coral reefs. There is a nice resort nearby to stay in comfort with full amenities and equipment rentals to enhance your enjoyment of the remote location in style.

Hsipaw, Myanmar

8. Hsipaw, Myanmar

This is the second location that is recommended in Myanmar. Although there are Shan and other villages throughout the region you can choose to stop by or keep exploring without interruption. It's still a paradise with places that offer the solitude of being off the grid. Hike to natural hot springs enjoy the views of the waterfalls, and if you get lonely, stop by one of the local villages for some friendly hospitality. The locals in the community tend to invite guests that are total strangers to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

7. Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

Pom Pom Island is a small circular island of the most idyllic beaches located in the Celebes Sea. It's in an out o way location that has just a few resorts for your accommodations. Aside from that, the area is largely untouched by human development. You can explore the surrounding area without running into tourists if getting off the grid is something you're looking for. This is an area that is highly rated for world-class scuba diving and you'll love the colors of the coral reef along with the sparkly white sandy beaches. The wildlife is teeming on this island both on land and in the sea.

Ko Kut, Thailand

6. Ko Kut, Thailand

Ko Kut is a lush island that is located in the country of Thailand not far from its border with Cambodia. While you won't find any decent internet access on the island, with a few exceptions, it is a place where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy your privacy. The best place to say on Ko Kut is the Suan Maproa Ko Kut Resort where you will find comfortable bungalows on the beach. There are also great restaurants on the island. The population is at 2,000 residents who mostly work on their jobs for tourists, but it's not a big island and it's on a path that is less traveled. You'll love the jungle interior with hidden waterfalls, ancient monasteries, and remnants of an ancient past, but you won't find many people around.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

5. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is an Indonesian paradise that is made up of islands with sparse populations of inhabitants. This island chain extends into the sea offering a choice of isolated and some, even deserted getaways that are definitely off the grid of civilization. If you enjoy natural scenery with steep jungles and sandy beaches with calm and serene lagoons, this is a place to consider. It's brimming with ocean and land wildlife and there are some amazing places to dive into clear and sparkling waters. The best place to stay in the area is in Tporkreng at Alter Native Stay as a home base for your adventures.

Palawan Island, Philippines

4. Palawan Island, Philippines

The Philippines offers a few areas that are still undisturbed by the modern world. Palawan Island is a part of the Western Philippines and it is shared with Malaysia. The rock formations seem to rise directly out of the sea with dense and lush jungles to explore. There are a few fishing boats in view, but this place is filled with areas where you won't find anyone else to invade your privacy. It's also a good place for divers with old shipwrecks at the bottom of the bays. There is plenty of fishing, water sports and if you want to use wheeled transportation you can rent a tricycle from the Macapuno Beach Resort.

Easter Island, Polynesia

3. Easter Island, Polynesia

The Travel recommends Easter Island as another Asian getaway that is somewhat off the grid. This is an interesting volcanic island that offers some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the world. Here you'll find almost a thousand ancient statues that date back to the 13th and 16th centuries.

Konohana Family, Numundo

2. Konohana Family, Numundo

In Numundo, the Konahana Family has built a community that prides itself on living off the grid in a completely self-sustaining lifestyle. This is a spiritual place that focuses on living naturally in a village that encourages people to lie together and follow universal laws to create a harmonious existence. It's a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Sumatra, Indonesia

1. Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, Indonesia may sound like a familiar place. It's the home of some of the most unique coffee production in the world. This also happens to be an island that is off the beaten path. It's a paradise that welcomes backpackers and adventurists who are merely there to experience the natural surroundings and leave it untouched by the trappings of modern civilization. It' one of the most beautiful areas in all of Indonesia with crystal clear lakes and a volcano crater with fascinating landscape features.

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