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The 10 Best Places to Get a Lobster Roll in Maine

Bob's Clam Hut

What could be better than a lobster roll, stuffed with sweet, tender chunks of lobster and served with just the right amount of mayo and lemon to enhance that tasty meat? And where could be a better place to eat it than Maine, home to some of the freshest, tastiest, and most succulent lobster rolls in the US? If your idea of food heaven involves a roll, some butter, a dash of mayo, and plenty of glistening chunks of fresh lobster, check out our pick of the ten finest places to find the best lobster roll in Maine.

The Lobster Shack

10. The Lobster Shack at Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth

If stuffy, formal restaurants bring you out in a rash, give them a miss and head for the delightfully casual The Lobster Shack at Two Lights instead. With an outdoor dining area facing out onto the ocean, this unassuming lobster joint offers spectacular views, stellar service, and an extremely tempting array of lobster dinners and lobster rolls. The portions are more than generous, with each roll packed to the heavens with juicy chunks of fresh lobster meat and a good dollop of pickle chip garnished mayo.

Shaw's Fish and Lobster

9. Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf Restaurant, New Harbor

New Harbor is an authentic fishing village packed with fishermen, boats, and enough seafaring jauntiness to raise the spirits of even the most cynical landlubber. You won't have any problem finding somewhere to grab some seafood, but if you're craving the best crustaceans in town, head for Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf Restaurant. Served in a buttered hot dog roll and accompanied with just the right amount of mayo and lemon, their lobster rolls attract over 10,000 hungry customers every year, and for very good reason.


8. Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, South Freeport

With its jovial ambiance, stellar service, and picture-perfect ocean views, the Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster is a must-visit destination for anyone within driving distance of South Freeport. The whole menu is a treat for seafood lovers, but the juicy, succulent lobster rolls are unquestionably the star of the show. Enjoy with a side order of golden fried “onion middles” for a meal to remember.

Eat Bite Into Maine

7. Bite Into Maine, Cape Elizabeth

If you're in the mood to tuck into one of the tastiest lobster rolls Cape Elizabeth has to offer, make your way over to Bite Into Maine, a very special food truck that's taken the classic Maine lobster roll and elevated it to all new heights of glory. Authentic lobster rolls are available for the purists, but if you're happy to put aside tradition and try something a little more creative, opt for one of their more inventive treats instead - the choice is flabbergasting, but the one featuring coleslaw, celery salt and just a touch of curry will blow you clean away.

Young's Lobster Pound

6. Young’s Lobster Pound, Belfast

Young’s Lobster Pound doesn't mind if you eat in or take out. It doesn't care if you order lobsters dead or alive. It'll even turn a blind eye if you want to bring along your own beer, wine, and appetizers. All it cares about is that you bring yourself, your appetite, and an appreciation for some of the finest crustaceans the sea has to offer. Juicy, authentically prepared lobster rolls compete for attention with grilled baskets of scallops, steamed clams, and shrimp cocktails on a menu packed with seafood treats - if you're feeling partially peckish, opt for the ‘Shore Dinner,’ a belly-busting platter of steamed lobster, clams, crispy potato chips, butter, corn on the cob and coleslaw with your choice of lobster stew, fish chowder, or clam chowder.

Five Islands Lobster Co., Georgetown

5. Five Islands Lobster Co., Georgetown

Five Islands Lobster Co. is crowded, has no indoor seating, and gets so overrun in summer, you'll find it quicker to catch your own lobster than get served. And yet the positive reviews keep on piling in. The reason is simple - the lobster rolls. Simple, sweet, and tender enough to make a grown man weep, they're worth every second of the wait to get inside. Enjoy with a handful of crispy onion rings, a beer, and a side order of gorgeous ocean views from the terrace.


4. McLoons Lobster Shack, Spruce Head Island

Set on a working lobster wharf, Spruce Head Island's McLoons Lobster Shack serves up a winning combining of freshly caught seafood and stunning ocean views. Named as one of the best places for a lobster roll in Maine by, this charmingly authentic, family-owned lobster shack will please even the most hardened purists with its traditional approach to the classic Maine lobster roll. There are no fancy condiments, no wilted lettuce, and no flabby chunks of lobster. Instead, there's a perfectly constructed buttery roll, plenty of fresh, lean meat, and enough sauce to enrich the flavor of the lobster without overwhelming it. Perfect.


3. Eventide Oyster Co., Portland

While the best lobster rolls are often the simplest, there's a time and a place to get fancy. If you're in Portland, that place is Eventide Oyster Co. and that time is any point you feel like indulging in some of the finest seafood in Maine. Rather than stick to the usual toasted bun and melted butter accompaniment, this hip oyster bar has decided to pack its lobster in a Chinese steamed bun and serve it with a brown butter vinaigrette. The result? Lip-smacking. While you're there, be sure to try some of their local oysters and a craft beer or two.


2. Margaret's, Northport

Ranked as the number one spot in Mid Coast Maine to grab a lobster roll by Trip Advisor reviewers, Margaret's is a must-visit for anyone within traveling distance of Northport. Even if you're not, it's worth making the trip anyway - with juicy, succulent lobster rolls on the menu, along with a smorgasbord of other seaside treats like ice cream cones, old-fashioned sundaes, rootbeer floats, and hand-scooped milkshakes, you won't regret the extra gas.

Bob's Clam Hut

1. Bob's Clam Hut, Kittery

If you're a fan of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," you might already be familiar with Bob's Clam Hut, the Kittery seafood shack that once sent Guy Fieri to crustacean nirvana with its delectable seafood offerings. Named by Eater as one of the best places in Maine to tuck into a lobster roll, this Route 1 staple does lobster rolls as they're meant to be - straightforward enough for the juicy meat to shine through, served on a buttered toasted roll, and accompanied with a generous portion of golden fries. Simple, succulent, and tasty enough to order seconds.

Liz Flynn

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