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The 10 Best Restaurants in Nantucket

Straight Wharf

Nantucket is a stunning destination to visit, as it has charming architecture, a beautiful coastline, and diverse outdoor spaces to explore. There are also plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy during a visit to this island off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. While enjoying a vacation in this location, it is likely that you will want to dine out, and there are plenty of options from which to choose. Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Galley Beach

10. Galley Beach

Galley Beach is one of the premier beachfront restaurants in Nantucket, and it is a historical icon. Although the restaurant’s interior is modern and elegant, it also manages to feel cozy and relaxed. Due to its location by the water, diners benefit from impressive views across the Nantucket Sound as they dine. The chef creates delicious dishes using locally sourced ingredients, and the restaurant is famous for the standard of its food. Many people also head to this restaurant to enjoy a refreshing drink from the extensive cocktail menu. A further reason to visit this restaurant is that it is one of the best spots to enjoy the sun setting over the water.


9. Seagrille

EJ and Robin Harvey own and run Seagrille, a seafood-centric restaurant where fresh fish and seafood are cooked on the grill. In addition to the grilled seafood, there are popular dishes such as lobster bisque and chowder. Although the award-winning restaurant is all about seafood, it is surprisingly central rather than along the coast. Although the excellent food is why most people choose this restaurant, it also boasts an inviting interior and welcoming staff.


8. Millie’s

As far as casual venues go, you will not find much better than Millie’s, which you will find in Madaket. It is one of the island’s best-loved eateries, and it is named after a Nantucket legend. Madaket Millie was a woman famous for patrolling the shores for shipwrecks and for helping the other islanders. Millie’s is a casual eatery, and seafood features highly on the menu. There are many dishes that have a strong Bajan influence, as this is Chef David Scribner’s preferred style. In addition to the seafood, Millie’s is also known for its amazing tacos.

Bartlett's Farm

7. Bartlett’s Farm

As its name suggests, this restaurant is based at Bartlett’s Farm, which is the largest and oldest family-owned farm in Nantucket. Since the land was first farmed in the early 1800s, the family has developed their farm business to include a garden center, a market, and even a cookbook. Their restaurant serves dishes created only ingredients that are raised or grown on their farm. To reflect the changing seasons and the availability of ingredients, the menu at the farm changes daily. Therefore, you can visit several times and try something different at each visit.

The Proprietor's Bar and Table

6. The Proprietors Bar & Table

The owners of American Seasons also own The Proprietor’s Bar & Table. They have created an experience that combines some of Nantucket’s best views with culinary delights. The menu consists of dishes created using ingredients from the waters surrounding the island, local farms, and local artisan producers. They have adopted the same approach when developing a wine list, as many of the offerings are from New World Producers. Inside the restaurant, the walls are adorned with paintings of sailors returning from their voyages.

Centre Street Bistro

5. Centre Street Bistro

Local couple Ruth and tom Pitts are the owners and chefs at Centre Street Bistro. They have succeeded in creating a restaurant with a comfortable and intimate atmosphere and developing a creative yet uncomplicated menu of delicious food. Although everything on the menu is amazing, it is for the desserts that this restaurant is best known for, all of which are made by Ruth.

Le Languedoc Inn & Bistro

4. Le Languedoc Inn & Bistro

Le Languedoc Inn & Bistro is considered a landmark in Nantucket, and it was established in 1976. It is owned by couples Alan and Ann Cunha and Neil and Eddie Grennan. The dishes are predominantly created using fresh ingredients from Nantucket and New England, although many of the dishes have a French influence. Like many other restaurants in Nantucket, Le Languedoc Inn & Bistro specializes in seafood, although there are plenty of other options on the menu. The restaurant is known for its relaxing ambiance and the perfect presentation of food.

American Seasons

3. American Seasons

While many of the best restaurants in Nantucket are along the coast, there are also some excellent inland eateries. The Culture Trip recommends American Seasons, which is in the center of Nantucket. It is run by Chef Michael LaScola, who creates American favorites in an experimental style. Although the restaurant is set in one of Nantucket’s oldest buildings, the food is modern. The dining room is cozy and adorned with American memorabilia.


2. Cru

To enjoy a meal in a glamorous restaurant with ocean views, then one of the best options is Cru, which is in the heart of downtown Nantucket by the harbor. It is such a popular restaurant that attracts a trendy crowd, and you will need to make a reservation in advance. Although Cru is one of the pricier options, the quality of the food and the outstanding service make it worth the extra cost. One of the best features of the restaurant is its raw bar, which is one of the largest on the island.

Straight Wharf

1. Straight Wharf

According to Valentina’s Destinations, the best restaurant in Nantucket is Straight Wharf. It is in downtown Nantucket close to one of the piers. As it has been open for more than 40 years, it is one of the most established restaurants on the island. It celebrates Nantucket’s seaside culture, so there are plenty of seafood options on the menu, and there is also a prix fixe menu. Diners have the option to sit in the dining room or out on the decking.

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